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Season 2

18 Feb. 2002
The Missing Piece
Something is missing! Dora and Boots set off to find it.
12 Mar. 2002
The Magic Stick
Dora and Boots find a magic stick and follow the wise old Tree Frog's instructions to take it to the top of the Highest Hill, where it can do tricks.
19 Mar. 2002
Rojo, the Fire Truck
Dora and Rojo, the new red fire truck go on a rescue mission to save a kitten stuck in a tree.
25 Mar. 2002
Lost Squeaky
Boots loses his squeaky bath toy (it bounces into the river when he drops it), so Dora and Boots have to go to the Gooey Geyser to get it back.
26 Mar. 2002
Doctor Dora
Doctor Dora makes a house call to sneezing Benny the Bull.
1 Apr. 2002
The Golden Explorers
Dora and friends, "The Golden Explorers", play a soccer game against "The Big Dinosaurs".
8 May 2002
El Dia De Las Madres
Dora must track down three key ingredients to make a Mother's Day cake.
16 Sep. 2002
Lost Map
The Map is taken by a bird to the Tallest Mountain. What will Dora and Boots do to recover it?
18 Sep. 2002
Pinto the Pony Express
Dora and Boots dress up as cowboys and ride Pinto the Pony to deliver cowboy cookies to Benny the Bull.
The Big Piñata
Dora and Boots join the fiesta!
20 Sep. 2002
The Happy Old Troll
Dora and Boots try to find something that can make the Grumpy Old Troll happy.
14 Oct. 2002
Super Map!
Map finds a cape and becomes a super hero.
5 Nov. 2002
Dora the Photographer and her assistant Boots enter a photo contest and set off to take pictures of wild animals, among them the fox Swiper.
18 Nov. 2002
Rapido Tico
Dora and Boots harry to the Snowy Mountain to retrieve a super duper toy fire truck that fell out of the mail package.
11 Dec. 2002
A Present for Santa
It's Christmas Eve, and Dora and Boots are going to visit Santa.
20 Jan. 2003
A Letter for Swiper
When the mail needs delivering, Dora and Boots step up to the challenge.
27 Jan. 2003
Dora, La Musica
Dora and Boots set out to join the musical parade but the evil Senor Shhh locked up all musical instruments.
20 Apr. 2003
Egg Hunt
Dora and Boots are on the hunt for cascarones - special eggs with confetti and prizes inside.
28 Apr. 2003
To the Monkey Bars
Dora has never been able to climb all the way across the monkey bars.
5 May 2003
Hide and Go Seek
Dora and her friends play 'hide and go seek' for special prize: to be introduced to new baby toucans.
12 May 2003
School Pet
Dora with Boots sets out to find her classroom pet hamster who escaped from the cage.
19 May 2003
Quack! Quack!
Dora and Boots venture in the magical coloring book to rescue the new duckling of Mami Duck.
14 Jun. 2003
Whose Birthday Is It?
There's going to be a birthday party today... but whose is it?
14 Jul. 2003
Leon, the Circus Lion
Dora and Boots meet a lion and help him get to the circus, where he wants to perform.

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