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Author: bbethel66 from Buffalo, NY
10 August 2003

ChalkZone is the second spin-off from Oh Yeah! Cartoons. But it's not anywhere near as entertaining as The Fairly OddParents.

This show should get points for having an original premise. It's about a kid named Rudy, who goes on many adventures in the chalk world. His chalk friend is Snap, and his real-life friend is Penny (who's the only other person in the human world who knows about the ChalkZone). In between playtime, all three are responsible for making sure ChalkZone is safe from destruction. They mostly have to prevent everybody else in the human world from discovering the ChalkZone.

Like all other Nicktoons, I've tried sitting thru it to see if I would like it, but somehow, ChalkZone doesn't have much to offer. The drawings aren't particularly brilliant, although the artwork between the real world and the chalk world are made to a good distinction. But the writing, characters, and music are just weak.

At least the show's not a nuisance like Rocket Power or As Told by Ginger. This show really means well, but ChalkZone just isn't my cup of tea.

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A bad series with a good premise

Author: Rectangular_businessman from Peru
9 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To be completely honest, I do think that the premise of "Chalkzone" was something very interesting and original: The idea of a world inhabited by beings created by the children's imagination is something rich and open to many good possibilities.

Unfortunately, instead of exploring those good possibilities, this cartoon ends being something quite generic and forgettable, with mediocre animation, boring and one-dimensional characters, lame jokes, and an overall lack of quality which is more than enough to consider "Chalkzone" a dispensable series at best.

Most of the stories of each chapter tend to pretty generic and dull, with many predictable clichés and uninspired attempts at "comedy". Occasionally, there are some moments in this series that show potential; however, most of the time the results left very much to be desired.

"Chalkzone" is bad, poorly done series, which was doomed to fail. I don't even hate this series, I just find it to be bland and forgettable. There isn't very much else that I could say about it.

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Erased but not forgotten

Author: jcook56050 from United States
12 March 2010

Growing up in the 50's and 60's exposed me to some of the masters of animation and the ever consistent ten minute gag. Back then an animator was lucky if they could create a few dozen cartoons in their entire career. They put love and creativity on cellulose, and kept us entertained no matter how many times we saw the same old cartoon. We heard classical music for the first time, laughed at corny jokes we may not have completely understood due to our age and inexperience, and generally had a great time. In that vein, ChalkZone is an intelligent, creative, and well thought out adventure with some very subtle commentary deeply embedded into a topsy turvy land located just beyond that 2D surface that anyone schooled before the "white board" knows as the chalk board. Students from my era knew just how dusty the tool of learning could be. We were all burdened at one time or other with cleaning the erasers. We all got called forward to write on that surface. Bad little boys would intentionally scratch their dirty fingernails across its dull green surface sending involuntary goosebumps up everyone's spine. Some of our teachers could draw an entire world on that board, and those images taught us things by graphic representation that followed us the rest of our lives. Here is a cartoon that mirrors an experience common to everyone of my era. We all suspected there might be a huge, strange world just on the other side of its flat reality. And, most of us drew those imaginary images in chalk when the teacher wasn't looking.

ChalkZone uses a simplified line image and characters to convey a fun experience on the other side of the chalk board reality. It was probably never meant for students whose primary education came from film, television, and pretty pictures in a book. Here you must imagine, define, and draw the solution to a problem. Here the animators were probably having far too much fun discovering what they could do with the lines. And, if you look closely, you'll see that every line drawn behind the board has a consistent chalk look. Look closely, listen carefully, and you'll see a gem of a production with a very wry wit and commentary on the world of adults through the unbiased eyes of children. It's all here; love, loyalty, insanity, order and chaos. If anything, the production may be a bit too cerebral in its own innuendos to please the Beavis and Butthead crowd. Here are cleaver story lines with much less absurdity than Spongebob Squarepants. This one fact may explain the incredible number of flatly stated negatives in the reviews listed here.

Finally, besides the subtle intelligence of clever animation, producer Bill Burnett has crafted a fine grouping of short songs as an aside to each adventure. Burnett is one of those rare song writers that delight in composing music that is serious, funny, absurdist and/or thought provoking. He doesn't mind composing in simple form while concentrating on the tune, not the orchestrated gimmick. Two of my favorites composed for ChalkTales are "Puttin on the Dog," a countrified, corny salute to the music of the hills, and a haunting, beautiful, yet sweetly short piece called, "Dream a Little Dream" that evokes some of the wonderful experiences to had in the land of nod. I was so taken by those songs, I went and visited Burnett's website at . You can also hear some of those ChalkZone songs on YouTube.

I highly recommend these toons to anyone who would enjoy visiting another less defined reality that depends on the creativity of children for its entire content.

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I decided to quit life and do drugs when I saw Chalkzone

Author: Yerkman from Right behind you!
20 April 2004

My summary lied. Don't do Drugs. Now that the public service announcement is out of the way, now I can say how bad this show is.

This show TRIES to be cool, but they stank. I bet even Satan hates Chalkzone. The animation is bad, the music is bad (Oh GOD the music is bad.)

The Voice acting is terribly cheesy, as are the jokes.

Now heres the worst part. In every episode they have a music video. The music is so bad, it's insulting to every insturment in the universe. NOW here is an example of Chalkzone music lyrics


Now Sing that ten times, and there is your song. Every little child I know despises this show, including everyone ELSE I know.

I give this show a -5 out of 10

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A boy gets hold of magic chalk

Author: atomius from australia
7 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now, for the originality of the concept behind this show you'e got to give it a few points for starters, but let's not be too lenient considering the amount of unfiltered droll 'entertainment' we are getting nowadays. The basic plot is that Rudy Tabootie, a young schoolchild and his friend Penny Sanchez go for adventures in a magical world of chalk drawings, Rudy being it's Guardian, and protecting the world from intruders and the creations of others (the world is made from every chalk drawing made) is his ultimate duty. Penny is a sidekick as well as Rudy's own creation, Snap, a blue and white character who often goes on adventures with the others or in a different combination. Usually all three are involved except the last of the three segments which involves Snap, before a musical style short. For entertainment, what can you say, nowadays we aren't in the golden age of television, but neither were we then. There is no golden age. More likely special fragments of all ages make us remember these especially. As one of this age, the show is alright, but when compared to more worthy feats of the past it lacks enough to take it from a good healthy six stars to a middle class five. And, as for the 'chalk style' artwork that represents the world, there is enough of this computer art about that they really should consider, in the future, using real chalk merged with the animation.

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Sheesh people, it's a CARTOON!

Author: BlackCat725 from Northeast Ohio
6 September 2003

I looked up ChalkZone because I wanted to check out who was singing on one of the songs, and geez, I couldn't believe the people who were ripping it up! I don't know/can't tell the ages so, I'm sure that makes a difference (I'm 44 and yes, I actually like Nick, even if I didn't have a 6 year old) Speaking of my 6 year old, he LOVES this show. We've decided that the theme song is the best one of all the Nick Toons, and we actually LIKE the "music videos". I think it's cute and different.

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It's got cool voices

Author: Atlantima ( from Texas
20 September 2002

I like Reggie Bullnerd; he's funny. Everything he says sounds funny b/c it's his voice. The songs are catchy and the humour is clean. The characters are believable and the plot is great. And by the way, "Fairly Odd Parents" is NOT hellish!

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Rudi and Snap? A dynamic, comedic duo!

Author: gogogadgetgir73 from Lynnwood, Washinston, USA
2 April 2002

ChalkZone first was a cartoon short series on Oh Yeah! Cartoons, which then became a NickToon. This show follows an elementary school boy artist named Rudy who has a special talent: he can draw a portal on a chalkboard and enter the world dubbed appropriately "ChalkZone". Once in ChalkZone, Rudy has the ability to interact with drawing that were once on chalkboards and have been erased. This show has a lot to do with the childhood theory of where drawings go after they are erased as well as teamwork to stop even the weirdest scenario.

This show was one of the more funnier ones than anything that any network could try and produce and that's no lie!

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Author: I_saw_a_squirrel
22 July 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alrighty. This show has (takes deep breath): horrid animation, bad writing, not new material, crappy character names, a futile love thingy, and (drum roll, please) it was made by the same creator of the equally horrid show; FAIRLY ODDPARENTS!


The show is about a kid named Rudy, who travels through the Chalk Zone with Penny (his futile attempt at love) and Snap, a drawing that Rudy drew. Stupid, if you ask me. All of the jokes are for 5 or 6 year olds. And even with that statement, I can't imagine why THEY find it funny, either. But, alas, there is a good side to it. Clasky-Csupo own 3/4 of the cartoons on Nick. But, fighting to keep Nick from becoming C-C fodder is: Invader ZIM (one of the strongest fighters, but will be canceled after Christmas), Spongebob Squarepants (another strong fighter, but will be canceled, too), Hey Arnold (another one, and will be canceled), The Fairly Oddparents, Chalk Zone, The Butt Ugly Martians (shudder), and that's about it.

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this show is pointless

Author: devil_girl15 from miami fl
9 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


it's a waste of time , first of all why do they say rudy tabbotee, and snap's voice is annoying, all he does is yell around, and penny is such a nerd she needs to criticize on everything in chalk zone, people who want to watch this show shoun't , nickolodeon has gone down in the late 90's nothing is good anymore except spongebob, and teenage robot, but that's it , good shows are the old "all that" "are you afraid of the dark" "you can't do that on TV" etc. so instead of wasting time with this worthless piece of s*** you should do what nick says everyday on commercials get out and play "lets just play" well that's what nick says. so just follow what they say everyday, so stop watching this stupid show

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