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Original, clever and funny!
V-Money7 July 2001
This is a great show. The characters are written very realistically and are given more complexity than your average cartoons. It follows a young girl who is not very popular nor an outcast through junior high. Ginger is a lot closer to your average pre-teen girl than most characters in live action movies. She is smart, thoughtful and awkward. Her best friends Dodie and Marcie are real treats too. They possess all of the sweet yet annoying traits that best friends are supposed to have in junior high.

Even most of the popular kids are well thought out. Though Miranda is a typical mean, rich kid, the most popular girl in school, Courtney has her moments of kindness and gets along well with the not so popular kids. Another real treat is Ginger's family. Her single working mom's a great wide eyed adult who always knows how to deal with her kids. And her brother Carl is always getting into trouble with his best friend, Hoodsie while executing some hysterically bizarre scheme.

This is a great show! Check it out if you like smart toons!
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Surprisingly clever and original
dustshadow2515 January 2008
Granted, a series about a girl and her friends in Jr High isn't the most original thing but As Told By Ginger gives a remarkably fresh spin on it.

It revolves around the dead common girl Ginger Foutley, whose only remarkable trait is a love for writing and literature, and her friends and family. The story lines are based on notes in her dairy. They are short, anecdotal but with often with a tricky twist in it. Characters are recognizable, well rounded out and come almost all with a darker side. Themes are regular stuff like peer pressure, friendship and boyfriends, but also things like divorce, depression and backstabbing. The red wire however is coping with change and matching old regular habits with exiting new stuff. The animation is a darker and more detailed version of what producers Klasky-Csupo usually produce. Things like composition and 'camera movements' are well thought out and clearly influenced by live-action shows.

It's a series you'll love or hate. Either you think of it as over-the-top preteen chatter or you'll take the time to sit down and watch a few eps as there's much more to see. And anyone over 18 will probably be drawn in mostly be the often-present melancholic sub-tone. One of the best Nicktoons, sit back and enjoy.
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great show
krustwell31 July 2002
granted, as a 31 year old male, i'm not exactly in the "target audience". but i've found myself watching a lot of Nick lately (Sponge Bob, Wild Thornberry's) and happened to catch this show.

i like it a lot. the premise might be a little old, but it's funny and there's usually a lot going on to keep you interested.

if i had kids, i'd let them watch this. and isn't that what it's really all about? somebody complained in another comment the show was "morals, morals, morals". why is that such a bad thing? if you can teach good morals in an entertaining way, what's the problem?

and to people who have a problem with the voice work: Tress MacNeille...look her up.
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Best thing out of Nick in awhile, IMO
scissorhands__emily17 April 2006
This show is pretty good and a lot better than shows like 'Zoey 101' and 'Romeo!', which are completely unrealistic. Although this is a cartoon I can still relate with stuff on it (I am still in school so I can def. relate) like having friends get jealous because your new boyfriend is taking all your time away from them, although these are usually the really attached ones. It's different than a lot of pre-teen/young teen shows because it actually deals with real things apart from school bullies and the same old clichés. Even though the main char. Ginger's best friend Dodie is really obsessed with becoming popular, I don't believe Ginger is. She is just an average girl whose everything gets mixed up because the most popular girl thinks she might be okay. If Ginger was so into becoming popular she would of immediately ditched her best pals and gone and become one of Courtney's clique. This show deals with real things, including death, first time using makeup or shaving legs (I know, not such a big deal as death, but the younger audience will still relate with these changes in themselves). I totally recommend this show for anyone that is open to watching pre-teenish shows, especially when they're good like 'As Told by Ginger'.
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Funny and Real!
republicablink8 July 2001
I love this show! I think its funny because its so ReAl! Ms. Foutly is a perfect example of a Jewish Motha (mother). I love the whole cast and plot. This has the best art of any cartoon i've ever seen! Also, watch Invader ZIM. fantastic shows!
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A great show!
breakzz30 April 2004
I love this show a lot, ginger is not perfect but i just love the way she handles her problems. Lois is the most amazing character in the show, she single-handedly supports the family and still find time to give Ginger some advice and to keep up with Carl. Ginger's friends might not 'likable' and at times i find them a tat annoying but they're always there for her when she needs them. The way they create Courtney comes to show that the most popular might not be the happiest. This show is simply the best! MUST SEE!! 5 STARS!
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A breath of fresh air
Djcool9955527 June 2004
While this show cannot compare to classics such as Rocko's Modern life or Ren & Stimpy, it is one of the best Nicktoons made in a while. It is one of those shows that captures your interest yet you can't explain why. Sadly, the Kid's network I grew up with is not the same as it once was, and there is little that todays kids will get to enjoy like I grew up with. However, compared to mediocre Catdog and plain awful Wild Thornberries, it is spectacular. As Told By Ginger is a small shimmer of hope in Nickelodeons future, which over the years has faded to black. One of the few good modern Nicktoons, hopefully it will fare better than the greats did.
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Great a 10 for this
ileadpunishers26 July 2006
i Really liked this show a lot i am now watching season 3 i watched them all :D i just watched the one Ginger is in the hospital i hope nickelodeon will send the wedding frame out to :D a 10 for this when this season is over i am going to record them on DVD :) and gonna stay up late now and then to watch 1 to 60 :)

So the makers of this Cartoon Your Great!

the Theme Song is really good



Bye BYe
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I love this show
ashelwood_678-110 July 2006
I really love this show. It is a great influence on kids and it tells them all you need to get popular is just be yourself. Thats what i think Ginger is doing. She doesn't try so hard to get popular as much as Dodie does. I am kind of like Ginger. I try to be myself and it works. People in the "in crowd" are starting to notice me. I like this show so much it influences me to make a show kind of like this one but different people. I might not though but it would be very cool. I only have one question though: where can people buy the seasons for this show? i really want them. I looked on every website and i can't find them. I would appreciate it if you could tell me. Thanx
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Love it!
diamonds1718 July 2002
As Told by Ginger has to be the best nicktoon Nickelodeon has produced in a while. I love it! It's cute, it's funny, and it's down-to-earth. I was exactly like Ginger when I was her age, and I think a lot people were too! I definitely recommend this show for younger teens. It's all about growing up! Great show!!!
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