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Season 1

25 Oct. 2000
Ginger the Juvey
Ginger is invited to Courtney's surprise birthday party. This upsets Miranda who attempts to sabotage the invite.
1 Nov. 2000
Carl and Maude
The girls are doing their community service at Golden Gates Convalescent Home for stealing the sign at the bank. Ginger brings Carl along who develops a friendship with Maude, a mischievous prankster who lives there. Hoodsey is jealous of Maude and Carl's relationship. Courtney invites herself over to Ginger's house for dinner and Ginger accepts. She is nervous and everything has to be could but Carl has also invited Maude over for dinner.
8 Nov. 2000
Stealing First
The Annual Lucky Junior High Ski Trip is coming up and Ginger is avoiding getting her mother's permission to attend. Pressured by Dodie, Ginger agrees to go...despite the fact that she can't ski. Soon she has something else to be nervous about because Courtney and Miranda have a bet going that Ginger and the exchange student Jean Pierre will get to first base on the chair lift. Carl and Hoodsey want to set a world record by being stranded on the chair lift for over sixteen hours.
15 Nov. 2000
Sleep on It
When Courtney overhears Ginger making sleepover plans with Macie and Dodie, she enlists Miranda's help in hosting this novel idea herself.
22 Nov. 2000
Of Lice and Friends
When Dodie is chosen as the new school announcement person, she solemnly promises to uphold the dignity of the position but soon is delivering more gossip than needed information.
29 Nov. 2000
Dare I, Darren?
Miranda tries to convince Ginger that she and Darren should be more than just friends, thus clearing her way to Ian. Carl and Hoodsey strive to become world famous and need to borrow Blake's new telescope while he is recuperating in the hospital after a tonsillectomy.
6 Dec. 2000
Hello Stranger
When Ginger receives a belated graduation card from her father, she calls his answering machine and invites him to hear her poem. She hopes for a family reunion and writes a touching poem about her father being a stranger to her.
3 Jan. 2001
Cry Wolf
Carl, finding a toupee in the school hallway, fashions it into a mask which wakens the wolf within. He reinvents himself as "Wolf Boy" and Hoodsey organizes Wolf Boy showings in the backyard until Carl goes too far and attacks a teacher for his new wig.
21 Jan. 2001
The Right Stuff
For a science fair project, Carl and Hoodsey are set to buy Einstein's DNA when Blake Gripling gets to it first. Instead, they collect DNA samples at Macie's pool party.
28 Jan. 2001
Kiss and Make-Up
The date for school picture day has been changed and moved up two weeks. The girls are not happy and are tired of looking like dorky geeks and decide that makeup is the answer. The only problem is that Ginger's mom has forbidden makeup for Ginger until high school. The girls decide to create their own makeup and call it 'fakeup'...but no one's taught them how to apply it properly. Carl and Hoodsey go out early on 'Fat Friday' with Dwayne the trash collector and come up with the ultimate blackmail weapon to use against Blake.
4 Feb. 2001
The 'A' Ticket
Mr. Cilia, the chemistry teacher, pairs off students for lab work in his classroom. Courtney and Dodie, Miranda and Macie and Ginger with soccer jock Ian Richton. Ian starts paying attention to Ginger and she starts to fall for him but Darren overhears Ian bragging to his buddy about using Ginger to do all the work and getting an easy A. Carl, Hoodsey and Brandon compete for the privilege of playing a glockenspiel solo for Ludlow Krantz...a former student at Lucky Jr. whom Carl and Hoodsey idolize.
11 Feb. 2001
Come Back Little Seal Girl
It's time for the annual Lucky Junior High talent show and Dodie really wants she, Ginger, and Macie to win. They decide to stick with tradition and do their Little Seal Girl act but it's not long before word gets out and the other kids start making fun of it. Ginger and Dodie think it may be too juvenile to perform and want to change acts but Macie will not hear of it. Carl is fascinated by the mummified hand Mrs. Gordon brings to class.
7 Jul. 2001
The Summer of Camp Caprice
Courtney, overhearing Dodie, Macie and Ginger discuss their camp plans, decides to join them at Camp Caprice.
22 Apr. 2001
Blizzard Conditions
A fierce snowstorm is raging with winds near 50 MPH and three feet of snow expected in the next 24 hours. School is closed and Dodie and Macie are stranded at Ginger's house. Ginger hears a distress call on Carl's walkie talkie from the Griplings. Their limo is stuck in a snow bank and soon Blake, Courtney and Winston have joined the stranded trio. That wouldn't be a problem except the power goes out and their is no food to eat. Carl and Hoodsey are dog sitting Muffin for Dr. Randall.

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