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Rough around the edges, but interesting nonetheless
MikeJackKearney11 February 2002
Say what you want about Andy Milligan - but if his family was even 10% as deranged as the one in this film, well then I guess he could have turned out worse. Unfortunately, the video print of this film contains sex scene inserts originally shot by the distributor to boost the picture's box office appeal. Several times during the film Milligan's ugly camerawork and silent film music abruptly ends, and suddenly good-looking stand-ins for Milligan's homely actors take over and start doing it to psychedelic 60's guitar rock. It's pretty easy to fast-forward through if you're trying to pay attention to Milligan's original film, which, unfortunately, is missing quite a bit of action that was cut to make room for the added sex scenes. What remains, however, is still compelling stuff. I don't think I've ever seen a more hateful mother in any film before.
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Insult to Injury
Flixer195723 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
**Possible Spoilers**

A recently re-discovered black and white murder melodrama, shot in the same Staten Island house where THE GHASTLY ONES was made (I recognized the tacky wallpaper) and featuring it's star, Maggie Rogers. This time she plays an alcoholic old biddy whose twisted daughter (Candy Hammond) holds a family reunion without her permission. Come to think of it, I wouldn't want a family like this around either; they're the worst bunch of liars, thieves, arsonists, psychos, satyrs, nymphos and all-around perverts ever congregated under one roof. Various siblings lust for each other, even as they despise each other. One of them is also a killer and various victims are electrocuted, hacked, stabbed and strangled. One woman has her face eaten away by acid (no home should be without it) in one of Andy's goriest scenes ever. A victim in a wheelchair is rolled down a staircase–a startling scene, but Richard Widmark did it better in KISS OF DEATH. Milligan's sordid story on it's own should have been enough to please sleaze-hounds but it's prefaced and punctuated by near-hardcore sex scenes -- 21 minutes worth altogether--featuring actors not related to anything else in the picture. These inserts feature primitive Sixties "mod" music rather than Milligan's peculiar library music, are garishly lit and were obviously shot by someone else. They destroy whatever sense SEEDS OF SIN might have had and their only purpose, other than padding out this feature, is to demonstrate why the fast-forward button was invented. Milligan regular Neil Flanagan (GURU THE MAD MONK!) appeared in trailers to this film but not the padded, re-edited version just discovered by Something Weird Video. While I'm always grateful when one of Milligan's rarities surfaces, I would have liked to have seen this picture as he intended it. Previews for GURU THE MAD MONK, LOVE HUNGER and other obscurities appear at the end of the tape. There's even a trailer for SEEDS OF SIN, showing scenes that were cut out of the re-edited print. Talk about adding insult to injury..
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Ugly people doin' ugly things.
ninjas-r-cool23 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Unlikeable characters. Seems like that's the one thing many people nowadays just can't tolerate in movies. Well, if you're the kind that prefers their characters to be warm, fuzzy and lovable, then stay right the hell away from this flick. In fact, you may as well just stop reading now. There's nothing you'll enjoy in this movie. Trust me. For here we have an early foray into the seriously unpleasant world of Andy Milligan. A world totally devoid of any kind of positivity towards or from the human race.

Of all the holidays, Christmas might be the one that most revolves around family. Seeds of Sin begins with young wackjob Carol gathering the family together at Mother's house for Christmas lunch. Whilst most families spend this occasion catching up, getting plastered and eating til they can't move, this particular dysfunctional family express their feelings through lies, emotional blackmail and abuse, both verbal and physical. Not to mention that one of them is going around trimming the family tree via electrocution, poison, acid to the face and other atypical Christmas activities. This mob are all spiteful, selfish creatures who utterly despise each other, even the married couples. The only two who show any fondness at all are the brother and sister who've been having sex since they were teens.

Worst of all is the family matriarch, a wheelchair bound lush who constantly guzzles booze, spews bile at the fruit of her loins and breaks stuff in tantrums. Her vile behaviour reaches its pinnacle when she taunts her youngest son about his failed suicide attempt, encouraging him to try harder next time. Almost certainly based on Milligan's own mother, she's one of the most repulsive characters you'll ever see.

No doubt a little taken aback by Milligan's relentless negativity, the producers of the film decided to splice in softcore sex scenes at inappropriate times. Fortunately it's done quite seamlessly. You can barely notice the change in film quality (the porn scenes are actually of higher quality than the film itself). Nor will you notice that the porn involves new actors with little resemblance to their non-porn counterparts. And it's quite difficult to fault the way the movie's dramatic classical score is often cut off MID-NOTE and replaced with stereotypical porno music, complete with groovy bass line and even a touch of wah-wah. Yep, the producers had total respect for Milligan's dark vision. (/sarcasm)

Taken as a whole, this all adds up to quite a bizarro oddity from an era and niche world of filmmaking that we'll never see again. However, if you disregard the crappy porn scenes, you have possibly the ultimate anti-Christmas movie; a vicious glob of hate from one of cinema's most misanthropic miserablists. If you can handle Z-grade movies with a budget in the hundreds of dollars, then maybe give it a shot. Just don't expect to like anyone in it.
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Surprisingly good! Miles better than Blood Rites...
The_Void20 October 2006
I saw this film as it was the second feature on a disc containing the previously banned Video Nasty 'Blood Rites'. As Blood Rites was entirely awful, I really wasn't expecting much from this film; but actually, it would seem that trash director Andy Milligan has outdone himself this time as Seeds of Sin tops Blood Rites in style and stands tall as a more than adequate slice of sick sixties sexploitation. The plot is actually quite similar to Blood Rites, as we focus on a dysfunctional family unit, and of course; there is an inheritance at stake. The film is shot in black and white, and the look and feel of it reminded me a lot of the trash classic 'The Curious Dr Humpp'. There's barely any gore on display, and the director seems keener to focus on sex, with themes of incest and hatred seeping through. The acting is typically trashy, but most of the women get to appear nude at some point and despite a poor reputation, director Andy Milligan actually seems to have an eye for this sort of thing, as many of the sequences in this film are actually quite beautiful. The plot is paper thin, and most of the film is filler; but the music is catchy, and the director also does a surprisingly good job with the sex scenes themselves, as most are somewhat erotic. Overall, this is not a great film; but it's likely to appeal to the cult fan, and gets a much higher recommendation than the better known and lower quality 'Blood Rites'.
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For Milligan fans only
dbborroughs26 August 2007
Dysfunctional family goes home for the holidays and murder and mayhem result. Violent sexy Milligan at his most home made. Little better than a home movie (as much of Milligans films are) this is a trip into depravity 1960's style. Notable for the copious nudity and sex this film is neither sexy nor gruesome, playing now more as quaint.(though decidedly r rated). The film suffers from its uneven cast and from the cheapness of the production.(No one was ever sure where the money went on his movies since he was always broke). Its a bad bad movie thats not worth seeing except as a Milligan completeist or because its got some good looking people fooling around.
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Fast forward button is a must
lastliberal14 August 2008
This is another cheapo by Andy Milligan, but it is actually a fair story about a highly dysfunctional family.

It was certainly made for the Grindhouse circuit, as the actual story has sex scenes inserted instead of commercials.

Don't get me wrong, this is high class acting, but it certainly was better than The Ghastly Ones in that regard. The stay-with-mom daughter invites all of her siblings home for the holidays. This causes mom to go ballistic, as she hates all of them. It's not enough to cause the old biddy to have a heart attack, so she is there throughout the film yelling and screaming at her children.

They certainly are the weirdest bunch I have ever scene - one is 17 and gets kicked out of every school mom sends him two; one married a woman who lied about a pregnancy to get out of the house, and away from his sister, who was having regular sex with him; one just wanted love and married the first man who would have rough sex with her - a real happy family.

But someone is killing them off, one by one, in between the almost hard core sex scenes.

Yes, I actually fast forwarded through the sex to get the story. It wasn't bad if you can stand the 16mm camera-work and the horrid music played during the sex. I fast forwarded just so I would have to listen to it.
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Yeah it's bad but has some moments--dramatic and sexual
preppy-324 December 2010
A HEAVILY dysfunctional family gets together for the holidays. This leads to multiple murders (all badly done) and quite a few sex inserts that feature none of the original cast! This was originally shot as a straight-forward exploitation film with little skin. The producers saw it and decided to change it. They cut out key scenes that explained the plot, inserted some seriously terrible music that occasionally drowns out the actors dialogue, inserted some soft core sex scenes (seemingly at random) with two people who aren't even in the movie! They turned what MIGHT have been an OK movie into an incomprehensible mess. Still the script (or what's left of it) isn't bad, the acting is pretty good (even though some actors REALLY chew the scenery) and a lot of dramatic sequences really work. However the sex scenes the producers inserted pop up all over the place and go on for up to 5 minutes! The two actors (a guy and a girl) ARE attractive and have nice bodies so they're not a chore the watch...but their scenes totally destroy the flow of the story. So what's left is what might have been a pretty good film destroyed by editing and inserting pointless sex. A 3.
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Go With the Director's Cut
Michael_Elliott28 February 2008
Seeds (1968)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

A mother, an elderly and alcoholic mother, is outraged when her children are invited over to her house for dinner. This here sets loose a lot of old rage and before long everyone is being killed off one by one.

Andy Milligan's SEEDS got a brief theatrical run back in the day but it was a major flop so another company bought the film, took out forty-minutes worth of footage and then filmed around forty-minutes worth of sex scenes. This version was released as SEEDS OF SIN and this is what most people have seen. In 2016 a restoration was done to try and complete Milligan's original version of SEEDS and that's what is reviewed here.

I must say that I think Milligan was a horrible filmmaker but his films are quite interesting to watch and there's no doubt that the man himself was quite fascinating. SEEDS is a rather interesting film because it features some awful acting, lame dialogue, bad camera-work and I'd argue that on most levels you'd consider it a bad film. However, it's actually rather entertaining because of all of these things and I must admit that it help my attention because this family drama, a real train wreck of a family, pretty much explodes on the screen like a train wreck.

I called the performances awful and that's a bit too extreme. They certainly aren't Oscar-material but at the same time they are all interesting to watch. They are bad and some are over-the-top but at the same time it adds an interesting element to the characters. The characters here seem like from an alternate universe and that's basically what Milligan's film seems like. Strange characters in a strange world and it's got some very nasty and mean things going on. In a Milligan type of way, SEEDS works.

Seeds of Sin (1968)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Somewhat of a producer's cut of Andy Milligan's lost film Seeds, which adds various sex scenes in so that the film could be sold to sex theaters. With all the added sex scenes it's really impossible to judge Milligan's original film but for this here it isn't too bad. The sex scenes will certainly keep you interested and they're actually better done than what you'd normally see in a film like this. I'm still new to Milligan's work and I've heard it can have its certain charm but I've yet to witness any of that.
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Watch the Milligan sample reel in the extras
doug1963-178-18259723 December 2012
If you really want to see what Milligan intended, skip the main film. It is cluttered with boring softcore inserts that are tedious. Seeds is an interesting film about a dysfunction family gathered for Christmas as the home of an almost insane Matriarch (Maggie Rogers) One of the family is killing off the family. It's a crude but fascinating look at palpable hate and loathing. There is not one character who is a positive person the viewer can like. One character, Carol, is interestingly played by Candy Hammond, who was briefly married to Milligan. As mentioned, the producers, concerned the film was too dark and not sexy enough, all true, inserted the straight, boring softcore stuff. It doesn't come close to matching the characters. As mentioned, go to extras and watch the Milligan print; you'll see a unique film that's not for all tastes but is a great sampling of Milligan's art.
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