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New York Post
The faint of heart might want to leave early. If you elect to stay, remember: You were warned.
Baltimore Sun
The images here are graphic and disturbing. But Miike somehow manages to stop just short of disgusting.
Creates an atmosphere of frenzy that is both powerful and unforgettable, providing neither solace nor comfort.
This movie can be recommended only to dyed-in-the-wool fans of the genre. Anyone who goes into one of Miike's films must be prepared to be put through the wringer.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Brazen shocker is never less than compelling -- even when you feel compelled to shut your eyes.
Somewhere beyond the extremes of "Fatal Attraction" and "In The Company of Men" festers this elegantly composed, outrageously violent psycho thriller.
One of the most shocking Japanese horror films ever. It needs to be seen to be believed, but those with queasy stomachs would do well to stay away.
Boston Globe
A long crawl from inception to climax.
The most startling aspect of this slow-building horror movie is how unexpectedly it morphs from a quietly romantic suspense yarn to a flat-out tale of terror that may have some viewers hiding under their seats.
New York Daily News
Possibly the sourest revenge movie ever, Audition starts off as a sweet, low-key romance, then abruptly turns into a grisly, sadistic thriller.

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