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Los Angeles Times
A gorgeous film with a vision strong enough to sustain heart-tugging, heightened by San Bao's romantic score, that verges on the sentimental.
Wall Street Journal
The result is an enchanting story of love from an idealized past that endures in the mundane present.
A beautifully textured, disarmingly simple movie about romantic devotion.
Christian Science Monitor
Has a graceful simplicity that many will find hard to resist.
It's a sweet tale, but the movie's real subject is Zhang, the camera's muse that the lens adores.
Boston Globe
As luminous as the star presence at its center. It's at once a touching teacher movie and an even more touching love story.
The result is an interesting, if slightly unbalanced, hybrid: a social problem film with the warm heart of a deeply felt love story.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
Predictable, not so much from his (Zhang Yimou) previous movies as from the work of the many sentimentalists who have already plowed this well-tilled turf.
Village Voice
The Road Home is foremost enthralled, however, with its lead actress -- wide-eyed and pigtailed, revered in close-up after stunned close-up.
New Times (L.A.)
Sad to say, the story is simply too slight to sustain the film.

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