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The two leading parts are played by the same actor. The twin brothers, Robert, a sober industrious chap, and William a drunkard, are both in love with Mary Leigh. Mary, appreciating the distinction in their characters, cares only for Robert. Misconstruing Mary's sisterly affection, William deludes himself with the notion that she loves him, and boasts to Robert of his good luck. Later, accidentally surprising Robert and Mary together, William discovers his mistake. Overcome with grief and regret he leaves immediately for the West. Several years later Robert and Mary are married. A blackmailing Jew gets possession of an important letter belonging to Robert and demands money for its return. Robert calls on the Jew, knocks him down in a fit of passion and regains his property. Then fearing be has killed the blackmailer he hurries back to his office in a fever of uncertainty as to what he should do next. At his office he is unexpectedly confronted by William who has returned from the West...

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