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My face muscles still hurt from laughing so hard
Kim17 August 2003
All I can say is, I haven't laughed this hard in years! I had to leave the room so that I wouldn't stop breathing or have a heart attack, it was that funny!! If you've seen Titanic (1997, the Rose and Jack version) then you'll probably appreciate the humor in this movie.
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Far better than the actual movie.
Jack the Ripper188822 December 2002
Steve Oedekerk returns with yet another 'Thumb' movie. This one works much better than his THUMB WARS did, because there is a story and he can actually spoof stuff. The whole thing works perfectly because he follows the plot of TITANIC exactly but makes stupid stuff happen along the way. If you liked TITANIC, then this short is for you. Don't see it unless you have seen the actual movie. If you see this movie on the "Double Thumb Feature" then you get to see a preview for Oedekerk's latest 'Thumb' film called THE BLAIR THUMB. There is also a funny segment with a family in a movie theater.

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Who ever said 'Too many hands spoil the broth'?
studmufn10 August 2003
It just goes to show you what a little money, a lot of imagination and a lot of friends can do. My compliments to the creators of this little gem. Brought tears of laughter to my eyes; one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time. Definitely worth taking the 30 odd minutes to watch for a laugh.

If I were Ebert and Roper I'd give it two thumbs up!
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THUMBTANIC is a delightfully manicured spoof
mempho7 July 2000
I saw this on a double-bill with THUMB WARS:THE PHANTOM CUTICLE and it was one of the funniest hours I've spent at the movies in quite a while. THUMBTANIC spoofs "that movie" with hilarious insights about its silly and anachronistic use of class conflict and its basic corniness. It also had me rolling with an outrageous spoof of "that song," which in this version is apparently called, "my heart is a thumb." Oh yes, and there is also the small factor that this was a movie acted entirely by thumbs. mouths and eyes are apparently digitally projected onto the thumbs, but thumbs they are. There are some great little bits here, too. Such as a guy selling babies on deck (to help you get into the lifeboats) and also performing impromptu sex-change operations (for the same purpose). There's an absurd giant-insect subplot that adds much to the proceedings and a modern-day TV journalist modeled on either Geraldo Rivera or Rod Serling, I can't tell which. Basically its 26 minutes of clever and inventive comic delight, for fans of irreverent satire everywhere.
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definitely worth seeing
shawshank8620 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
what can i say, it's a spoof featuring thumbs! i hated titanic with a passion, this movie made that three-hour torture worth it! this series is one of the best pieces of filmography out there, if you enjoy parodies. it takes every weak point in the original, and condenses it into a half hour. somehow, this one fits into a half hour, when it could have been the original movie. normally i would have shied away from this kind of picture, but when i saw "thumb wars" i was hooked for life. the entire six-piece series is well worth your time. my favorite is "bat thumb", mostly because batman is a huge part of my childhood experience.
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Cute and funny spoof
treeline118 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
And old thumb named Geranium relives her glory days aboard Thumtanic, where she met the handsome Jake and, you know, the ship sank. There's music, romance, scrambling for lifeboats, and even a giant tarantula (Hey, James Cameron: Bet you wish your movie had one of those!)

Of course, it's not intended to be great cinema, but it is great as far as thumb movies go. The photography is crisp, the effects well-done, the voice actors play it straight and are excellent, and the dialogue is genuinely funny.

They are smart enough to keep it to 26 minutes and it is silly, good fun. Good job, Steve Oedekerk!
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the best shipwreck movie starring thumbs EVER!
MartinHafer20 August 2005
This is a brilliantly stupid movie. I mean this as a complement---really! After all, a really "dumb" film can't really be dumb if it makes you laugh so hard! This is one of several 30 minute thumb parodies created by Steve Oedekerk. The best of these, in my opinion, is Thumb Wars, but Thumbtanic is just about its equal for silliness and fun. Yes, it TRUE that the movie's actors are thumbs with computer-generated faces on them and YES I still think it's good! Try watching it and see--you just can't help laughing and isn't that why we watch comedies anyway--to laugh?! Particularly funny was the guy on deck trying to make a buck selling babies and then later by selling sex changes! Just watch it and see for yourself. BUT, only do so if you are the type person who can laugh at 100% unsophisticated but funny films.
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A well-done thumb movie
cgw-311 November 2003
Steve Oedekerk, the man behind the two `Ace Ventura' movies, `Patch Adams', and `Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius', is pleased to present a Cliff Notes version of `Titanic'...all acted by thumbs. It's actually called `Thumbtanic' and it's pretty bizzarre....and humorous. After finding a pictures of a naked woman at the bottom of the ocean (and not wearing any clothes too), the local news station interviews a very old woman by the name of Germanium, who remembers the ill-fated voyage of `Thumbtanic', which was a ship that was very big but poorly steered. Once onboard, Germanium falls in love with Jack. I'll stop right here, I don't want to go any further, except by commenting my thought and opinions of it. I thought this was actually a very clever sendoff of one of the most beloved films of all time, with a lot of jokes made not only about tee movie, but made a lot of other references (mostly sexual). There is one scene however that cracks me up in the movie, and that is when he...uh, I forgot what I was going to say. Oh, except the movie's done in flashback sequence in 1912 when old people were really young, and not very tired as old people are now. What didn't work, though, was that annoying song `My Heart Is A Thumb'. Celine Dion impersonator: not impressed, although many of the great human impersonators who have a hairball stuck in their throats are better. Hey, this is why we love Weird Al Yankovic so much. Not an outstanding comic masterpiece, but funny, funny, funny. We have `The

Naked Gun', `Airplane!', and `The Blues Brothers' among us as the real comedy classics.

Rated: NR Released by: O Entertainment ©1999 Running Time: 27 minutes Rating: **1/2 out of **** (C+)
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Just Plain Stupid
arget_aiedail26 December 2008
I watched this on a whim because it was available and I'd heard the Thumb movies were funny. This one was not. The majority of the jokes were based around "Geranium's" physique and, in turn, Kate Winslet's. I think it's really pathetic of the the "Thumbtanic" creators to stoop so low to make jabs at a respected actress just because she (heaven forbid) doesn't starve herself into the model of ideal modern beauty.

My favorite part was the line that goes something like, "Hey, I have a great idea! Let's swim over to this makeshift raft that no one else seems to see!" Thirty seconds of amusement out of a 26 minute movie does not redeem its value.
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Not as amusing the second time round.
Tintin a Tokyo22 October 2000
The Thumb idea isn't such a winner the second time round. ThumbTanic wasn't as good as Thumb Wars for a number of reasons. Primarily, I think, Mr Oedekerk had far less to work with in the Titanic send-up. Unlike Star Wars, the movie Titanic hasn't (yet?) become a cultural myth and there are far fewer references to be made which will resonate with the audience.

In ThumbTanic, the holes are filled by one-off jokes which don't really seem related to anything. For example, the hero's insinuation that the heroine isn't clean during the "jump off end of ship" scene - it's not funny. Rather, you just think to yourself, "Did I miss something in the original movie?". There were too many of these type of baseless jokes (cf. arachnid).

By contrast, the send-up of the smarmy ship's designer had meaning and was funny. Also very funny was the send up of the bloke in the movie who wanted to go "faster" as a maniac running around demanding *everything* be "faster" including the sinking of the ship and himself being the first to die. These sort of jokes meant something in the Titanic context and lent meaningful humour to Thumbtanic.

The thumb "media", the faces and the voices, are still amusing. The props and sets and the CG animation are worthy of appreciation. Overall, although ThumbTanic proves that quirkiness alone won't work, this filmette still keeps you amused and chuckling to the end.
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