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Funny and cute
annalisa24 September 2003
I really enjoyed this one, it gave me a good mood for the rest of the day! Nabbie's love is a cute story with a lot of Japanese music (+ some Irish) and naïve humour. And let's not forget the beautiful bougainvillea flowers that seem to flourish like everlasting love.

Nanoko (Naomi Nishida) was my favourite character, she was so lively and honest. Nanoko's grandfather, Keitatsu (Seijin Noborikawa) gave me most of the laughs.. I gave this movie 8/10.
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Story embedded in Okinawa's folk culture
ebiros216 July 2009
Nabbie no koi (Nabbie's romance) is a story that spans 60 years. Nanako (Naomi Nishida) returns to Agunijima island in Okinawa where her grand parents lives. On the ferry to the island she sees an elderly gentleman in a white suit.

Nanako is greeted by her grand mother Nabbie (Tomi Taira) and grand pa (Seijin Noborikawa). Along with few people that came on the ferry, people of the island share joyful time with the visitors.

But soon Nanako realizes her grand mother is acting strange. The gentleman in the white suit was grand mother's former lover Sanra (Susumu Taira). Sanra says "I came back to fulfill the promise I made 60 years ago". Pandemonium breaks loose among the people of the neighborhood.

Nabbie no koi has strong flavor of folk culture especially music. You might say that it's a musical drama/comedy. There're people playing music at every turn. Some of the most talented musicians in Okinawa was called in to make this movie, so no wonder.

Nabbie means pot in Okinawan language and was a common name for a woman in old Okinawa. The shamisen music played at the final scene is Okinawan folk music that's usually played at celebration or a party called Kachassi. It has distinctive rhythm, and played often at the opening of weddings.

One of rare folk movie depicting the culture of Okinawa. A must see if you're interested in Okinawa.
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