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wanabr16 July 2003
One of the most beautifully done and wonderfully acted movies I have seen in a very long time, years even. A movie of the such moving unselfish love. It goes to show you that you do not to have sex or even touching or kissing to feel or show the love that these two people have for each other. Due to cultural differences they can not even touch each other. The scene in which he helps her pick up the fruit that has fallen on the ground is so touching. How their hands criss cross each other without touching. See how just the closeness of their arms and hands to each other evoke such passionate feelings and the way they dig deep into each others eyes is wonderful. What an incredible movie.
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a wonderful window to a different world.
wanabr6 September 2002
When I first turned the movie on, I really did not think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did. What I initially perceived to be a movie about a group of men working at a building site, was indeed a powerful story of unselfish love. The actors seemed raw and unpolished which gave it the feeling of reality in such a harsh corner of the world. The cinematography was incredible. A building site is an usual location for a love story. The actors and director did such a wonderful job, that I did not focus that much on their dismal surroundings. With the way love and sex is treated in many movies, it was wonderful to see how one could feel the love and devotion of one person of another without as much as a touch or kiss. I was also so touched by the lengths that the young man went through to help the girl he loved and her family. It did not even matter to him that she was unaware that he had given up everything he had for them. One of the best movies I have seen in a long time.
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This film is incredible and a visual masterpiece
MollieEternity28 July 2004
This film is incredible, a visual masterpiece. Majid Majidi has the ability to make every frame and every shot beautiful and enigmatic. The story is in some scenes humorous, in others moving.

This film has lessons to teach in humanity and generosity.

It is also a window for viewers in Western countries (such as myself) whose lives are so far removed from those of the characters and real people like them. Very few films have to ability to transport you to another place so completely, as this film does.
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Simple, Human, Beautiful, Touching, Sensitive, Irresistible… A Wonderful Love Story
Claudio Carvalho12 February 2006
In Iran, when the illegal Afghan worker Najaf (Gholam Ali Bakhshi) breaks his foot in an accident in a construction of a building, his fragile son Rahmat becomes his replacement. The master Memar (Mohammad Amir Naji) makes Rahmat responsible for feeding the worker, and brings the young Lattef (Hossein Abedini), who was responsible for this task, to the heavy work. Latted becomes jealous of Rahmat, and spends a cruel treatment to him. However, when Lateef finds that Rahmar is indeed a girl called Baran (Zahra Bahrami), he falls in love for her and spends all his savings and gives his best efforts to protect her family and her.

"Baran" is a simple, human, beautiful, touching, irresistible wonderful love story. Exposing the situation of the explored Afghans refugees in Iran, after the Soviet invasion, their civil war and the Taliban regime, this movie also gives a lesson of humanity, sympathy and generosity. The actors and actresses have very realistic performances, showing an excellent direction and the character Baran does not speak any word along the story, using only her facial expression to disclose her inner feelings. And the sacrifice of Lateef to please the family of "Baran" shows the essence of a pure and platonic love. The arid and cold landscape completes the scenario of this gem. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Baran"
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hypnotic love story
cs_weaver13 May 2005
One of the aspects of this film not touched by other reviews here is the quality of the directing. it is incredible how as you watch the film your natural inclination to see the situation solved is completely drowned out by the motion of the film. Its unusual to find such a philosophical film that keeps both your eyes and heart wide awake.

The truly altruistic nature of love, the crazy things it makes you do and not regret are born out in this film in beautiful ways. From an Iranian perspective it is an interesting look at cross-cultural phenomena but I think the average American doesn't know enough about Afghani, Kurdish and Iranian culture to appreciate that.

You see this coming from the start but I'll warn you that the next thing I say might spoil part of the film for you:

My favorite scene is at the end when she drops her burka as she realizes he loves her, realizing how dangerous her beauty is, how it has left this poor boy in emotional and financial chaos and how she cannot do anything to help.
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Profound in its simplicity.
Vivek Thakur2 February 2005
There are directors who give one or two classics and are considered immortal and than there's Majid who gives classic back to back. Well I don't have word for him.

Baran is one such film from the director who has given us Children of Heaven. The simplicity of the film and the simplicity of cinematography are exemplary. Way the beauty of Iraq is captured is amazing. Each scene is aesthetic yet poignant. With minimal dialogues and no dialogues for the girl playing the title role it is quite an experimental film. If any one has noticed the film there are only on three instances that background score comes into play and during this time you will notice that we are watching a movie and not a documentary. They cast which was mostly non-professional actors looks authentic and spontaneous. The technical aspects are simple like an achievement. And last scene when rain (Baran) starts pouring down to fill the mark created by Baran's shoes is overwhelming.

To write about the director will be like undermining his work. In one word he is brilliant.

If you have not seen it you are completely missing one genre of films.
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svitor7226 December 2004
If I could give 100 points for this movie, I would, but I will just have to give it a perfect 10.

As they say, "Actions speak louder than words" and this is how I would describe this movie.

Seeing this movie makes one take account of his/her life. There is so much that us take for granted in our daily lives that by seeing this movie we can start appreciate what we have.

Latif gave everything in the name of kindness and love for his neighbor. He even risked his life in order to show his inner kindness towards others. Meeting Baran taught him a lot about how to show love and gentleness for others.
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Hats off to Iranian Cinema!
Lee-1078 August 2006
Something must be there in the air of Iran! How can they repeatedly make such good films? What is it about this country's landscape/culture/socio-economic circumstances that is so unique, that seems like it cannot be replicated anywhere else... I've watched many Iranian films over the years and each one of them has been a cinematic treat. Iranian filmmakers have truly raised the bar of cinema. If films are about capturing a slice of human life, presenting it as justly as possible and thereby helping us understand ourselves better, than I think Iranian filmmakers have done just that...over and over again!

'Baran' is again a gem of a film - basically a love story which beautifully talks about the prevailing socio-cultural dynamics in Iran at the time. Hossein Abedini as Lateef is excellent - your typical lovable rogue who has an insatiable propensity for mischief but is basically good at heart! Mohammad Amir Naji as Memar is absolutely endearing! You cannot help but be touched by this man's kindness and his subtle paternal attitude towards Lateef. Mohammad Amir Naji was also there in 'Children of Heaven' and even in that he was so amazing! He must be major actor in Iran or at least I hope he is! And Zahra Bahrami as Baran - a very controlled beautiful performance.

The "still sad music of humanity" reverberates in Iranian cinema all the time except that it is also complimented with refreshing doses of humour and joy revolving everyday situations and actions. Watch 'Baran' for another example of good cinema from Iran! Thankfully there's plenty of it there and plenty for us to see, enjoy and may be even learn...
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A Touching Film
katielubsobi20 November 2003
Baran is the story of an Iranian construction worker, Latif, who is not really doing his job - he serves tea and food to the rest of the workers, managing to avoid the really hard work. He is at first a hot-tempered, selfish youth - but then, 'Rahman', an illegal Afghanistan imigrant, comes to work. He is a young, weak worker, and is at once put in Latif's job - and Rahman does a better job, too. Jealous and angry, Latif tries to make life miserable for his new adversary... until he accidentally discovers that 'Rahman' is not a boy - 'Rahman' is 'Baran', a woman.

Latif, who even though used to be a careless youth, always had a soft, romantic spot in his heart - and when he realizes Baran is a woman, he falls in love with her. He seeks to protect and help her, and his entire life is slowly and surely changed for the better because of her.

Many people have critisized this film, saying it's poorly acted, the script is badly written, etc. Please remember: this is not a Hollywood movie! This movie is not in the least bit American, therefore the viewer needs to be open minded to the different culture of Iranian cinema. Baran never says a single word in the entire film. 'BARAN' is a beautiful romantic drama filled with angst and stunning visual scapes. I give it 8 out of 10 stars.
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Timely and Beautiful
j_tupel2 November 2001
I saw this film at a sneak last week. This is a film by Majidi Majidi the amazing Iranian director who's last film was "The Color of Paradise." At its center "Baran" is a love story that is about that most romantic of loves - the unrequited kind. What makes the film so timely is that in involves an Iranian who is in love with an Afghanistan illegal immigrant. The performers are non-pros and the effect this has upon the viewer is close to documentary in nature. We become involved in the Afghan culture in a very real and immediate way.
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