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Simple, but loaded. It celebrates the humanity and humanism at the heart of Iran's remarkable flow of films, but it's also more of a rebuke to materialistic values than any ideologue could ever hope to be.
Expressively filmed story of rivalry, romance, and cultural conflict.
Chicago Sun-Times
The latest in a flowering of good films from Iran, and gives voice to the moderates there. It shows people existing and growing in the cracks of their society's inflexible walls.
Majidi tells his simple story with dazzling vision.
A film that uses beautiful tableaux and convincingly raw actors to build to a climax of shatteringly understated poignancy and power.
Charlotte Observer
The director lingers over images, watching builders at work or Baran at her chores; the camera often seems to daydream, like Lateef. No grand climax caps the film, but the small incidents have a cumulative effect.
Entertainment Weekly
There are moments in Baran as wholesomely heart-tugging as any involving Charlie Chaplin and a blind girl, but the film is saved from aren't-kids-cute sentimentality by a warmth that isn't faked and a stately sense of composition.
Each frame is exquisitely framed, the acting is superb -- Abedini deserves to be a star -- and the impermanence of the lives of displaced Afghans is hauntingly expressed.
Can and should be appreciated as a work of delicate and unmistakable beauty.
New York Daily News
Yet another deceptively simple, supremely moving film from Iran.
New York Post
A far more impressive and affecting piece of filmmaking and storytelling than most movies put out by Hollywood this year, and offers, as a bonus, a glimpse into a fascinating, contradictory society.

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