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Fabien and Louis are twins and so close is the tie that binds them that the emotions of one are immediately shared by his twin brother. Consequently, when Louis falls in love with Emilie de Lesparre, Fabien at once follows suit. Emilie and her father return to Paris and Louis decides to follow. Fabien remains home with his mother. Arriving in Paris, Louis receives a warm welcome from Emilie, much to the chagrin of M. Chateau Renaud, who, thinking he had won Emilie's love, sees in Louis a rival. His fears are soon realized, for Emilie turns from him. Out of revenge he decides to compromise her, and to this end, he induces her, under a pretext, to attend a Bohemian supper to be held after a masked ball. Not content with this, and in order to still further humiliate her, he makes a wager with one of his friends that he will bring her there by four o'clock. He had not foreseen, however, that Louis would attend the supper. On the stroke of four, Renaud and Emilie enter the supper room. ...

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