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Red Shield, a Cheyenne, is madly enamored with the daughter of a Sioux chief, which love is reciprocated by her. But the Sioux and Cheyennes were ever bitter enemies and a marriage between them is not to be thought of, so when he offers ponies and fur robes for the hand of the maid he is promptly refused by her father, who informs him that at no price can he marry his daughter. Big Bear Claw, himself a Sioux chief, is the successful suitor for the girl's hand, and she is then given to him. Red Shield, however, follows on their trail, and on a dark night quietly awakes her and together they fly. Big Bear Claw and his braves soon take up the pursuit, and when Red Shield and the squaw take to the river in their canoe they soon follow in their fleet of canoes. After a long chase downstream they are unable to catch up, but when Red Shield takes again to land he is hindered by the girl, who is becoming fatigued, and is soon overtaken. Big Bear Claw, wishing to be generous to the girl, ...

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