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It is obvious that a master mind directed this production
deickemeyer30 December 2014
This is a picture story which lingers in the memory and which anyone would enjoy seeing over and over again. It is unfortunate that the system of daily change prevents so many people from seeing a notable film that may be highly spoken of by their friends, and such was the case with "An Alpine Echo." It is obvious that a master mind directed this production and that he appreciated the beauty and simplicity of the story and saw and grasped its possibilities. A producer will sometimes mutilate a good story, or more often fail to bring out all there is in it, through incapacity, undue haste or lack of facilities. But when so perfect a film as "An Alpine Echo" emanates from any studio as an ordinary release, without any special announcement from the makers, we gather that the work therein is only of their regular standard. And if that standard is high, it is only reasonable to expect to see it maintained throughout. Compared with some other Vitagraph releases, "An Alpine Echo" could have been announced as an "art film." It is distinctly a studio production, and, as such, the scenes presented many difficulties which would have made the film ridiculous if not skillfully handled. Indeed, great credit is due to everyone concerned in the production, which is one of the most convincing, best staged and best acted picture dramas of this epoch of progress in film making. Well done in this case means that it seemed to be most natural and real. As the highest mission of art is to conceal that it is art. the producer of this picture scored in that the details of the staging and the work of the actor are subservient to the pleasure derived in following the story. Exhibitors will do well to include this film in their programmes. - The Moving Picture World, September 25, 1909
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