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Who Me, Jealous?/A Bunny in a Haystack
Who Me, Jealous? Believe in yourself; Be responsible Mrs. Diller is taking care of Susie, her sister's adorable little puppy, for the weekend. To Cleo it appears that Mrs. Diller likes the cute little puppy better than she likes Cleo! So Cleo determines to "out-cute" the puppy and win back Mrs. Diller's affection. But she soon learns that Mrs. Diller thinks Cleo is perfect just the way she is. A Bunny In A Haystack - Be responsible When Emily brings home the class bunny, Clifford, Cleo and T-bone learn what a big responsibility it is to take care of a pet!
Two's Company/Fairweather Friends
Two's Company - Be a good friend All of the dogs are so excited that their old friend K.C. is back on the island for a couple of days. Cleo, however, is particularly excited and focuses all of her attention on him - at the expense of ignoring T-bone and Clifford. She discovers that being a good friend means you should be kind and considerate to all your friends and not take any of them for granted. Fairweather Friend - Be a good friend; Help others Mac is particularly disappointed when rainy weather threatens to ruin the upcoming Back-To-School Barbecue held every ...
Topsy Turvy Day/Clifford's Charm School
Topsy Turvy Day - Be kind; Be a good friend Jetta and Emily trade dogs for the Island's annual Topsy Turvy Day, a day when everything gets turned around. Jetta learns that being kind and thoughtful gets you a lot farther than being bossy. Clifford's Charm School - Help others; Believe in yourself Mrs. Bleakman is having a very special party for her book club members and Cleo and Mac convince Clifford that his regular good manners won't be good enough for the event. Clifford believes he is just fine the way he is, but Cleo and Mac insist on teaching him some special "...
Forgive and Forget/Mimi's Back in Town
Forgive And Forget - Be a good friend When Clifford forgets a play date, Cleo gets really upset. After all, she would never do that to a friend. Cleo won't even accept Clifford's apologies. But T-bone points out to Cleo that maybe she is the one who isn't being a good friend. After all, Clifford did apologize--and a good friend would never hold a grudge. Cleo learns that good friends forgive (and forget!). Mimi's Back In Town - Be a good friend; Have respect T-bone's really likes Mimi, the little brown poodle who visits the Island on occasion, and is very excited to ...

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