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Season 1

4 Sep. 2000
My Best Friend/Cleo's Fair Share
My Best Friend - Believe in yourself Emily decides that she must find something "special" for Show and Tell. But after an exhaustive search of Birdwell Island for the perfect thing to share, Emily learns that sometimes the best things in life are right under your nose. Cleo's Fair Share - Share Cleo gets a new toy and doesn't want to share it. Cleo learns it's not as much fun playing with a new toy without your friends.
4 Sep. 2000
Special Delivery/A Ferry Tale
Special Delivery - Be truthful Clifford accidentally breaks a present he was supposed to deliver for Emily, then allows Cleo to convince him to try and hide the fact from Emily. Clifford learns that it's best to be honest, right from the start. Ferry Tale - Believe in yourself After Emily grooms Clifford in preparation for Prize Pooch Magazine's "Dog of the Year" contest, he is expected to "stay clean" until the contest judge, Lily Lavalley arrives. Clifford struggles to stay clean for Emily, but getting dirty gets the better of him. In the end, Clifford learns that ...
4 Sep. 2000
And Birdy Makes Three/Home Is Where the Fun Is
And Birdy Makes Three - Share; Believe in yourself; Help others Emily finds a baby bird and has to take care of her until she can learn to fly. This doesn't leave her much time to play with Clifford. Clifford learns that even when she's busy with other thing Emily never stops loving him. Home Is Where The Fun Is - Believe in Yourself; Be a good friend Emily feels a little jealous that Jetta gets to go see the amazing titanic tower in the exciting big city. Emily learns that there are some pretty amazing things right in her own backyard.
4 Sep. 2000
Clifford's Carnival/Clifford's Doggy Reunion
Clifford's Carnival -Work together; Be responsible Everyone, including Clifford, must work as a team to put on this year's Fall Carnival. But it isn't fair that Jetta sees herself as more of a "boss" than a team player. Jetta learns the importance of doing your part as a member of a "team." Clifford's Doggy Reunion - Have respect; Be a good friend Clifford and Emily are excited - Cousin Laura and her dog Rex are coming to visit! They haven't seen each other since Clifford was a little puppy! When they arrive, however, Emily and Clifford find Laura and Rex are ...
8 Sep. 2000
Great Race/Tummy Trouble
Great Race - Believe in yourself T-bone finds himself in a contest with Mac. He doesn't win, but he does his best. T-bone learns that you don't have to win to feel good - you just have to do your very best. Tummy Trouble - Be responsible The dogs convince themselves that its okay to keep eating treats as long as they've done something "special" to deserve them. All three learn that too much of a good thing can be bad.
11 Sep. 2000
Cleo Comes to Town/False Friend
Cleo Comes To Town - Believe in yourself; Be a good friend In flashback we see how Cleo shook things up when she first moved to the island. T-bone learns to accept a new friend in the neighborhood and also how to share an old friend with a new one. False Friends - Be a good friend Cleo gets a new doggie playground and suddenly Mac is her new best friend--and she starts ignoring Clifford and T-bone! Cleo learns that good friends stick by you through thick and thin.
12 Sep. 2000
Clifford and the Beanstalk/Itchy Patch
Clifford And the Beanstalk - Be responsible Emily works hard to prepare for her audition for the lead in the school play, but loses the role to Jetta. Jetta, however, worries more about what she'll wear than about learning her lines. Emily is able to step in and play the lead role at the last minute - and Jetta learns the hard way that hard work and preparation are the things that make you successful. Itchy Patch - Believe in yourself; Be a good friend Clifford is itching like crazy but tries his best to stop when he hears Emily say that she'll have to take him to the...
13 Sep. 2000
A New Friend/Stormy Weather
A New Friend - Have respect There is a new dog in town - and he has only three legs. Clifford, Cleo and T-bone really like K.C., but they feel uncomfortable and unsure of how to act and what to do. One minute Clifford is totally overcompensating for K.C. and the next Cleo is fretting that his "difference" might be contagious! Ultimately, the dogs happily learn that differently-abled persons want to be friends, just like everyone, that they do not want people to feel sorry for them, that whatever is different about them is not contagious, and that they are able to do ...
14 Sep. 2000
Circus Stars/Limelight Fright
Circus Stars - Help others When Clifford's hero Gordo the elephant, star of the circus, comes down with a cold, Clifford volunteers to step in and help out. Starstruck Clifford learns that "stars" are just regular people and, like everyone else, they sometimes need a helping hand. Clifford also learns that good friends don't clown around when it comes to sticking up for each other. Limelight Fright - Work Together; Believe in yourself Emily and Charley recruit the dogs to help them with a show and scene-stealing Cleo is surprised to discover she has stage fright! But ...
15 Sep. 2000
To Catch a Bird/The Best Party Ever
To Catch A Bird - Be a good friend When Jetta's trophy and locket go missing, all fingers and paws point to Emily - all of them except for Clifford's! The dogs, led by Clifford, take it upon themselves to prove Emily's innocence. When they finally prove Emily didn't steal anything, Clifford learns the value of having faith in a friend. The Best Party Ever - Be a good friend Jetta ridicules Emily for not planning enough exciting activities for her "homemade" birthday party. Assuming that Jetta doesn't want to come to the party, Charley convinces Emily not to invite her...
18 Sep. 2000
Come Back, Mac/Boo
Come Back, Mac - Be Honest Mac tears one of Jetta's favorite sweaters and feels so terrible he runs away. Clifford and friends seek him out and convince him to return and face the music. Mac learns that he's more important to Jetta than her sweater, and that facing up to your deeds is the wise thing to do. Boo! - Be truthful It's Halloween and Jetta can't stop bragging about how brave she is. When the whole town gets a little spooked after watching a scary "ghost" movie together, Jetta learns that it's okay to have fears, admit them out loud, and to let the people who...
23 Aug. 2002
Doing the Right Thing/The Dog Who Cried Woof
Doing The Right Thing - Be truthful When T-bone inadvertently "steals" a squeak toy, he experiences a guilt-induced dream where his conscience tries to show him the right thing to do. T-bone learns that it's always best to just do the right thing. The Dog Who Cried Woof - Be truthful After overhearing Samuel tell the kids a scary story about Whiffy the Skunk Ghost, Clifford and T-bone get a bit spooked. Cleo takes the opportunity to play a series of naughty tricks on them, but then finds them not believing her when she really needs them! She learns that it isn't nice ...
21 Sep. 2000
Leaf of Absence/Nobody's Perfect
Leaf Of Absence - Be responsible T-bone asks Clifford to keep an eye on a pile of leaves he has collected, but even though he knows he shouldn't, Clifford simply can't resist jumping into them. When the wind picks up, Clifford realizes he hasn't taken his responsibility seriously enough. Clifford spends the afternoon re-collecting the pile and T-bone is truly grateful when he returns to see his leaves are okay. Clifford learns the importance of keeping a promise. Nobody's Perfect - Believe in yourself It's Silly Sports Day at school and everyone is looking forward to ...
22 Sep. 2000
Teacher's Pet/Islander of the Year
The dogs attend obedience school. The school has an essay competition to name the Birdwell Islander of the Year. Clifford's Big Idea is being truthful.
25 Sep. 2000
Clifford's Big Surprise/The Ears Have It
Clifford can't find anyone to play with because everyone's getting ready for his surprise party. It's time for the Birdwell Island Founders' Day Fireworks, but T-Bone is afraid of loud noises. Clifford's Big Idea is believe in yourself.
26 Sep. 2000
Tough Enough/Stars in Your Eyes
Tough Enough? - Believe in yourself Thinking that it'll make him more appealing to Sheriff Lewis, T-bone decides to "toughen up." T-bone eventually learns that it's much nicer to be nice than to be tough-and everyone loves him just the way he is. Stars In Your Eyes - Have respect; Be a good friend; Believe in yourself Charley gets a new telescope and offers to bring it to Emily Elizabeth's "space" theme party. When Jetta mentions that the telescope might get damaged at the party, Charley changes his mind. Thinking that his friends won't want him at the party without ...
2 Sep. 2002
Mac's Secret Dog Club/The Dog Park
Mac's Secret Dog Club - Be a good friend Mac starts a club and tries to exclude T-bone. When Cleo and Clifford refuse to join without T-bone, Mac gets lonely being the only member of such an "exclusive" club. Mac soon realizes that it's not fun to be left out and he opens the club to everyone. The Dog Park - Be Kind; Share It's a beautiful day at the park, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the dogs are playing-much to Mr. Bleakman's annoyance! Mr. Bleakman manages to make the park "off limits" to dogs only to discover that he misses them when they're gone.
28 Sep. 2000
Fluffed Up Cleo/Team Spirit
Fluffed Up Cleo - Be a good friend; Have respect When Cleo wins the esteemed honor of Fluffiest Dog of Birdwell Island, it's all she can talk about! Clifford and T-bone bear with the new star, but it takes a lot of patience. When Cleo gets a dose of her own medicine from Mac, she learns that bragging all of the time can be boring--it's okay to be proud of an accomplishment, but be careful to be respectful of others. Team Spirit - Work together After Jetta tells Vaz that his poor soccer skills are holding back their team, Vaz tries to sit out the rest of the game. In ...
5 Sep. 2002
Clifford on Parade/Follow the Leader
Clifford On Parade - Help others; Work together Emily and Charley are having a hard time deciding what kind of float to make for the annual Birdwell Parade. But, with a little help from Clifford, they learn the importance of compromise in making everyone happy. Follow The Leader - Work together; Be a good friend Cleo has a hard time giving up her role as "leader" in a game of Follow The Leader, but soon learns that playing with friends is more fun when everyone cooperates and takes turns with one another.
7 Sep. 2002
Good-Bye T-Bone/The Truth About Dogs and Cats
Good-Bye T-bone - Be a good friend Clifford and Cleo misunderstand a conversation they overhear, and think T-bone is moving away. They vow to make T-bone's last day on Birdwell Island extra special. They eventually learn to listen to a whole story before jumping to conclusions-but the good friends enjoy a truly special day nonetheless! The Truth About Dogs And Cats - Have respect When two cats "move in" to the tree next door to T-bone, the dogs try to everything to get rid of them, but they soon discover that they have no real reason not to like the cats. The dogs ...
9 Sep. 2002
The Big Sleepover/Dog for a Day
The Big Sleepover - Work together Emily is going off the Island for a night and asks Charley to babysit Clifford. The day goes pretty well, but when night falls Clifford really misses Emily. The whole town bands together to get the big red dog through the night, and they learn that this community has the kind of spirit that can accomplish anything if they put their minds to it! Dog for A Day - Believe in yourself Fed up with his "responsibilities," Charley decides he would like to lead a dog's life--no chores, no school, no problems. But courtesy of a hilarious dream ...
11 Sep. 2002
T-Bone, Dog About Town/Clifford's Big Heart
T-bone, Dog About Town - Believe in yourself; A cute little poodle named Mimi comes to Birdwell Island on vacation and T-bone gets a crush. He starts trying to be the kind of dog he thinks she will like, but learns that it's always best to just be yourself. Clifford's Big Heart - Be a good friend Clifford works hard to try to make Emily the perfect Valentine to show her how much he loves her. In the end, he learns that it's his presence, not presents, that means the most to Emily Elizabeth.
10 Jul. 2001
Who Me, Jealous?/A Bunny in a Haystack
Who Me, Jealous? Believe in yourself; Be responsible Mrs. Diller is taking care of Susie, her sister's adorable little puppy, for the weekend. To Cleo it appears that Mrs. Diller likes the cute little puppy better than she likes Cleo! So Cleo determines to "out-cute" the puppy and win back Mrs. Diller's affection. But she soon learns that Mrs. Diller thinks Cleo is perfect just the way she is. A Bunny In A Haystack - Be responsible When Emily brings home the class bunny, Clifford, Cleo and T-bone learn what a big responsibility it is to take care of a pet!
15 Sep. 2002
Clothes Don't Make the Dog/Short-Changed
Clothes Don't Make The Dog - Believe in yourself T-bone gets a new sweater, but when Mac teases him about it he gets too embarrassed to wear it. He soon learns that it's not what you wear that makes others like you. Short-Changed - Believe in yourself When family friend Skyscraper Jackson comes to visit, Emily worries that Clifford prefers the attentions of a super-tall basketball player to the attentions of a short little girl. But Emily soon learns that love comes in all sizes.
17 Sep. 2002
The Kibble Crook/Screaming for Ice Cream
The Kibble Crook - Be truthful; Be responsible T-bone can't resist sneaking a bite-well, okay the whole bowl-of Cleo's new dog food. When Cleo gets upset, T-bone blames it on another dog and sends our fearless friends on a wild goose chase. But T-bone ultimately confesses that there is no other dog, and he learns that he must take responsibility for his own mistakes. Screaming For Ice Cream - Have respect; Be responsible Charley and Emily Elizabeth find themselves up to their elbows in ice cream when Charley takes it upon himself to serve ice cream while his father is...
26 Jan. 2001
New Dog in Town/Get Well
New Dog In Town - Have respect; be kind In a heartwarming flashback story, we learn how Clifford's enormous size frightened T-bone when they met for the first time. T-bone learns that "you can't judge a book by it's cover"--and friends come in all shapes and sizes. Get Well - Be a good friend Emily Elizabeth comes down with a bad cold and Clifford and friends want to help her feel better. Using their imaginations, creativity, and the resources around them, they create a card, collect flowers and fashion a small gift. When they present their offerings to Emily ...
21 Sep. 2002
Babysitter Blues/Saturday Morning
Babysitter Blues - Be a good friend; Be kind Mr. Bleakman is ready for a quiet relaxing weekend of oil painting. But a monkey wrench is thrown in the works when he is asked to babysit Clifford for the day. Mr. Bleakman struggles to find a way to keep Clifford out of his way, but soon discovers that the big, red dog has much to teach him about being spontaneous and having fun! Saturday Morning - Be a good friend When T-bone's "special Saturday time" with Sheriff Lewis doesn't turn out the way he expected one week, he goes on a quest to see how others spend their ...
30 Jan. 2001
Best Paw Forward/Then Came Bob
Friends, Morning, Noon, And Night - Have respect; Be a good friend Cleo and Clifford are excited to learn that Cleo will be Clifford's houseguest for a weekend while her house is being painted! But soon Cleo is filling Clifford's doghouse with her stuff, taking over his bed, and butting in on his time alone with Emily Elizabeth. It takes time, but Cleo eventually learns that being a good houseguest means respecting the needs of your host. Mr. Bleakman's Special Day - Help others Mr. Bleakman appears to the dogs to be particularly grumpy one day. At first they are ...
10 Oct. 2001
Welcome to the Doghouse/Promises, Promises
Clifford's Hiccups -Help others; Be a good friend Clifford gets a bad case of the hiccups - and that's a real problem with a dog the size of Clifford! His dog friends work together to come up with various remedies for Clifford. They are not successful and the hiccups eventually go away on their own. But Clifford expresses to his friends how good it feels to know they care so much about him. It's My Party - Have respect; Be a good friend When Jetta throws a "movie-watching" party, she expects everyone to do things her way - which in this case means watching home-movies...
31 Oct. 2001
Jetta's Tall Tale/The Big Fetch
Jetta's Tall Tale - Be truthful Jetta feels a twinge of jealousy when the other children make a fuss over Emily Elizabeth's wonderful big pet Clifford, so she blurts out a story about her own wonderful big pet - a huge parrot named Lulu. But the little lie quickly grows into a big mess, forcing Jetta to dress Clifford up as a bird to keep the lie from being exposed. Her conscience finally makes her do the right thing and she apologizes for having created the lie in the first place. The Big Fetch -Help others Vaz is new at being a paperboy and is struggling with ...
7 Nov. 2001
Potluck Party Pooper/The Best Gift
The Howards are having a party and everyone they know will be attending. Everyone but Mr. Bleakman, that is. The old "party pooper" insists that he'd rather stay home and do his usual Saturday afternoon routine. But Clifford and Emily Elizabeth and her friends won't give up on trying to convince Mr. Bleakman that trying something new can be fun! Finally they are able to convince him to join them and a great time is had by all. The Best Gift -Believe in yourself Emily Elizabeth believes she has the perfect gift for her mother's birthday. She plans to spend the entire ...
14 Nov. 2001
Two's Company/Fairweather Friends
Two's Company - Be a good friend All of the dogs are so excited that their old friend K.C. is back on the island for a couple of days. Cleo, however, is particularly excited and focuses all of her attention on him - at the expense of ignoring T-bone and Clifford. She discovers that being a good friend means you should be kind and considerate to all your friends and not take any of them for granted. Fairweather Friend - Be a good friend; Help others Mac is particularly disappointed when rainy weather threatens to ruin the upcoming Back-To-School Barbecue held every ...
3 Oct. 2001
Doggie Garden/Captain Birdwell's Treasure
Doggie Garden - Help others; Work together It's "Keep Birdwell Beautiful" month and the kids are doing their part by planting a flower garden. Seeing this, the dogs decide to create a doggie flower garden of their own. But when Cleo hears that "almost anything grows" in Birdwell Island soil, she decides she'd much rather grow a garden full of dog toys! She soon learns, however, that working alone for a selfish end is not nearly as rewarding as working together for the whole community. Captain's Birdwell's Treasure - Be truthful Clifford and his dog friends find the ...
21 Nov. 2001
Topsy Turvy Day/Clifford's Charm School
Topsy Turvy Day - Be kind; Be a good friend Jetta and Emily trade dogs for the Island's annual Topsy Turvy Day, a day when everything gets turned around. Jetta learns that being kind and thoughtful gets you a lot farther than being bossy. Clifford's Charm School - Help others; Believe in yourself Mrs. Bleakman is having a very special party for her book club members and Cleo and Mac convince Clifford that his regular good manners won't be good enough for the event. Clifford believes he is just fine the way he is, but Cleo and Mac insist on teaching him some special "...
28 Nov. 2001
Forgive and Forget/Mimi's Back in Town
Forgive And Forget - Be a good friend When Clifford forgets a play date, Cleo gets really upset. After all, she would never do that to a friend. Cleo won't even accept Clifford's apologies. But T-bone points out to Cleo that maybe she is the one who isn't being a good friend. After all, Clifford did apologize--and a good friend would never hold a grudge. Cleo learns that good friends forgive (and forget!). Mimi's Back In Town - Be a good friend; Have respect T-bone's really likes Mimi, the little brown poodle who visits the Island on occasion, and is very excited to ...
5 Dec. 2001
Blanket Blues/Dino Clifford
Blanket Blues - Have respect; Be a good friend Cleo spies Clifford's favorite blanket - one he has had since he was a puppy - and proclaims it the perfect cape for Super T-bone. Clifford reluctantly allows his friends to use the blanket, if they promise to be very careful. The game turns rambunctious, the blanket gets dirty - and Clifford gets upset. Cleo and T-bone realize that to be a good friend you should listen to and respect the wishes and property of others. Dino Clifford - Believe in yourself; Work together Vaz's big sister Teresa is home from college and ...

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