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Wall Street Journal
Shrewdly conceived, confidently executed and outrageously entertaining.
The result is an intensely involving entertainment that can be enjoyed by viewers who scarcely know how their own cars work.
Chicago Sun-Times
Not a great movie, but it delivers what it promises to deliver, and knows that a chase scene is supposed to be about something more than special effects.
Something special about it. It's a formula movie, to be sure, but it's Formula One.
Boston Globe
Turbo-charged wallbanger with the IQ of a tire iron. But it jumps off the screen with the mindless panache of a good bad movie.
High-grade B flick about illegal street racing among gangs in Los Angeles applies the brakes only for the bare minimum of plot injection.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A massive compendium of youth-movie/pedal-to-the-metal cliches. But man, is it fast!
Chicago Tribune
There's some undeniable appeal to watching a well-oiled, built-for-speed machine operating with its pedal to the metal -- even if it's destined to wind up in flames before the finish line.
Entertainment Weekly
Works hard to be exciting, but the movie scarcely lives up to its title. It could have used a bit of a fuel injection itself.
New York Post
Better than any automobile flick put out by Hollywood in a while and, thanks to some genuinely exciting moments, it is easily the most entertaining so far of this summer's big, brainless action movies.
Rolling Stone
Rob Cohen, who last directed "The Skulls" --ouch! -- can consider this one another career-killing skid mark.
New York Daily News
Unless you live and breathe exhaust fumes, there isn't much to sustain a viewer through a lame story and dialogue so pathetic.

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