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14 Oct. 1986
Grey Hairs and Growing Pains
When G.I. Joe visits a spa to investigate Cobra's theft of a special youth treatment, the team members suddenly find themselves at a disadvantage when they are transformed into little kids and old men!
15 Oct. 1986
My Brother's Keeper
In exchange for regaining use of his legs, a handicapped scientist agrees to help Cobra develop an anti-matter weapon, but the deal goes awry when his kid brother gets caught up in the fight between COBRA and G.I. Joe over the weapon.
16 Oct. 1986
My Favorite Things
Wetsuit and Leatherneck have never gotten along, but when Serpentor begins collecting artifacts from his former lives to gain more power, can the two Joes put aside their differences long enough to stop him?
20 Oct. 1986
Raise the Flagg!
G.I. Joe and Cobra mount separate salvage operations to recover an anti-matter pod from the sunken U.S.S. Flagg, only to find it's occupied by a former Cobra agent named Lakar, who has his own plans for the wreckage.
22 Oct. 1986
Ninja Holiday
Sergeant Slaughter competes in a martial arts tournament that is being hosted secretly by Cobra Commander, who is searching for someone strong enough to take down Serpentor.
27 Oct. 1986
G.I. Joe and the Golden Fleece
During a battle over the Suez Canal, a stray laser blast strikes a mysterious golden coil that transports G.I. Joe and Cobra back in time to ancient Greece. The Joes must find a way to return to the present...without changing history!
29 Oct. 1986
Nightmare Assault
Doctor Mindbender creates a device that allows him to enter the Joes' dreams and change them into nightmares, which begins to wreak havoc on the team's morale and mental alertness when they're trying to fight off Cobra.
31 Oct. 1986
Second Hand Emotions
Dr. Mindbender implants a device on a group of Joes, which allows him to control their emotions using musical tones. Meanwhile, Lifeline tries to reconcile with his father, who disapproves of his son's decision to be a Joe.
10 Nov. 1986
Joe's Night Out
The Joes' night out at a trendy new nightclub is out of this world, literally, when Serpentor blasts the club into outer space as part of his plan to obtain a valuable nitrogen-fueled engine.
13 Nov. 1986
Not a Ghost of a Chance
Cobra Commander, Serpentor, and Dr. Mindbender appear on Hector Ramirez's TV show "Twenty Questions" to clear accusations that they destroyed the prototype for a new stealth bomber. Meanwhile, the Joes try to rescue the bombers' missing pilots.
18 Nov. 1986
Sins of Our Fathers
After he's discharged from the Joe team, Dial Tone gets a job on a communications project, which unknowingly places him in the middle of another power struggle between Cobra Commander and Serpentor.
19 Nov. 1986
In the Presence of Mine Enemies
When Slip-Stream is shot down by a female Strato-Viper near an abandoned Cobra laboratory, each tries to hunt the other down...until they discover that someone else is trying to destroy them both!
20 Nov. 1986
Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep
When some of the Joes' personal items go missing, including a game program that simulates battle tactics, Cross-Country goes on a mission to track down the thieves and discovers they are robots controlled by Cobra Commander.
19 Oct. 2010
In the Cobra's Pit
Cobra schemes to use the animals of the world against humanity with a mind-control signal enabling them to make any animal do their bidding, and the device causes Junkyard to turn on the Joes. Can they defeat Cobra and get Junkyard back to normal?
20 Oct. 2010
The Vines of Evil
Part 2 of 5. The Joe team uses an energy mirror array to counter Cobra's Weather Dominator attack on Washington, D.C. When their defense is successful, the Weather Dominator explodes in orbit, scattering its vital components across the globe.
21 Oct. 2010
The Palace of Doom
Part 3 of 5. The Joe team is preparing to trek across the globe to the Island of No Return to retrieve one of the three fragments of the Weather Dominator before Destro and Cobra can get their hands on it.
25 Oct. 2010
Battle on the Roof of the World
Part 4 of 5. As the Island of No Return battle rages on, Spirit goes one-on-one with Storm Shadow for the second Weather Dominator fragment. Meanwhile, in the freezing arctic battleground, both sides fight for the final fragment of the Weather Dominator.
8 Nov. 2010
Red Rocket's Glare
Cobra uses Tomax and Xamot's company Extensive Enterprises to purchase the Red Rocket food chain and use its location as a network of secret missile launching bases. But, the JOE team catches on to the conspiracy.
9 Nov. 2010
Satellite Down
Cobra threatens to use their latest weapon, the Ion Attractor, to pull down the Aurora Borealis, melt the polar ice caps and flood the world. With every costal city in danger, the Joes head to the North Pole to try to put a stop to it.
23 Dec. 2011
The Gods Below
A mission to rescue an archeologist from Cobra's clutches leads Duke, Alpine, Barbecue and Bazooka on a strange supernatural journey through the tunnels of a pharaoh's tomb, where they have a confrontation with Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead!

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