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Stephen Dorff and Brad Renfro star as Leon & BobbyThe DeucesNORMAN REEDUS, MATT DILLON and STEPHEN DORFF (left to right)BRAD RENFRO and FAIRUZA BALK star as Bobby and AnnieFRANKIE MUNIZ, STEPHEN DORFF and BRAD RENFRO (front left to right) STEPHEN DORFF (left) and JAMES FRANCO as Leon and TinoJAMES FRANCO (left) and STEPHEN DORFF star as Tino and LeonFAIRUZA BALK and BRAD RENFROStill of Brad Renfro, Stephen Dorff, Danny Cistone, Michael Endoso, James Franco, Ronnie Marmo and Shamus Murphy in Deuces Wild (2002)STEPHEN DORFF (left) and BRAD RENFRO star as Leon and BobbyBRAD RENFRO stars as BobbySTEPHEN DORFF and DREA DeMATTEOStill of Stephen Dorff in Deuces Wild (2002)Left to right ­ CLAYTON BARBER, JAMES FRANCO, SHAMUS MURPHY, DANNY CISTONE, STEPHEN DORFF, MELVIN RODRIGUEZ, BRAD RENFRO, RONNIE MARMO, FRANKIE MUNIZ, MICHAEL ENDOSO and ALEX CITYJoey Pants (Paul Sampson) delivers a shocking end to MGM's drama Joey Pants (Paul Sampson) pays an unexpected visit to the Senta residence in Stephen Dorff, Christopher Gambale and Scott Kalvert at event of Deuces Wild (2002)Deuces Wild (2002)Deuces Wild (2002)Deuces Wild (2002)Deuces Wild (2002)Deuces Wild (2002)Deuces Wild (2002)
23 photos


Two brothers, Leon and Bobby are members of the street gang in Brooklyn known as the deuces. Their brother was killed by a drug overdose a few years earlier and the gang is determined to keep drugs off their block. Another more vicous gang known as the vipers is a possible threat to Leon and Bobby's efforts. The deuces are determined to do whatever is necessary to keep drugs off their block even if that means dying.

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