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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Brainless, but enjoyably over-the-top, the retro gang melodrama, Deuces Wild represents fifties teen-gang machismo in a way that borders on rough-trade homo-eroticism.
With a couple of plot twists and a few powerful performances, Deuces Wild is worth checking out -- but only on home video.
Director Scott Kalvert returns to wring every last cliché out 1950s juvenile delinquent movies, without adding anything particularly fresh to the formula.
USA Today
It would appear that director Scott Kalvert never met a cliché he didn't like. No telegraphing is too obvious or simplistic for this movie.
New York Post
Sort of "West Side Story" set in 1958 Brooklyn -- minus the music or competent storytelling -- is clearly not dealing from anything close to a full deck.
Entertainment Weekly
If you put the scripts for ''West Side Story,'' ''Mean Streets,'' and ''The Warriors'' in a blender, you might wind up with something like Deuces Wild, a preposterously melodramatic paean to gang-member teens in Brooklyn circa 1958.
New York Daily News
Deuces Wild is the worst thing to have happened to Brooklyn since the Ice Age severed it from the mainland.
Just about the only things that remotely redeem this movie are the solid acting performances by the principals, who make the most of the one-dimensional material given them.
Miami Herald
At the very least, Corman would have remembered to make the movie fun.
Austin Chronicle
Would have been smart to fold before it let its hand go this far.

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