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Author: Big Movie Fan from England
6 March 2002

It's always fun to watch somebody inherit a famous superheroes mantle and the result is always fresh and exciting.

Terry McGinnis is the new Batman and a very interesting character. It's also interesting watching an elderly and cynical Bruce Wayne act as mentor to Terry. Boy, hasn't Bruce become miserable in his old age?

The new Batman is fresh, young and raring to go and he honestly believes that he can change things. Terry has had some great adventures fighting the criminals of the future especially the Jokerz. This is an intelligent cartoon and very dark just like it's predecessor. This is an awesome cartoon with several years ahead of it. It actually came out in 1999 but I only actually watched this movie and subsequent episodes at the end of 2001. I now catch the episodes whenever they are on.

All in all, a great series but I do have one question; Is Superman still around in the future?

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Batman: Phase II

Author: xindi005 from United States
24 December 2005

I have always been a fan of Batman, from the first Batman movie(1989) to the recent film (Batman Begins)< so it was natural that I would follow the adventures of this new batman....I have mixed reviews.

First and foremost, this a very cool series and it deserved more respect that it got. Though I have to admit that I was just as concerned as many "Bats" fans when I heard the first cut of the title, "Batman Tomorrow"....."Batman Tomorrow"? Even the name sounds stupid and badly planned. Well, with a much needed name change and some well-placed faith(on my part at least), the show came on and I was impressed.

Though, I did like the series and the very cool animated movie that followed, I did think that the series reminded me too much of the "Spider-man" TV series that came on FOX just a few years before(now that show was cheesy). I mean the protagonist got away a bit too much and the series seemed a bit cookie-cutter like that( no real drama). In the end of it's run, the series got a lot better at catching you by the sack and keeping your interest.

The movie, like the series' final seasons, did not disappoint and the uncut version made it even better(if you buy the movie, buy that version).

So, if you haven't seen "Batman Beyond" because you did have the KidsWB network then or because you're just being stubborn, then take a look....I guarantee you will like least a little.

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A wonderful take on the Batman

Author: Inque from Providence, RI
14 September 2000

I don't know about you, but I like my superheroes to be a bit dark, and my animated programs to be more than kiddie fare. This 2-part intro to the Batman Beyond series excels on both counts.

The animation won't win any awards, but it is consistently stylish and interesting. There is plenty of action and humour. But what really makes the show great is the real human drama it portrays. The show introduces us to Terry McGinnis, the new Batman, a headstrong teenager of the near future who takes up the cowl after a personal tragedy.

But the real focus of this episode is the original Batman, Bruce Wayne, now a lonely old man. For those of us who are fans of the Batman (especially those of us who loved The Dark Knight Returns, which should be animated into a nifty movie), this makes beautiful sense. The characters are well realised and, even better, well acted.

If you're afraid of anything that isn't classic Batman, I still urge you to check out this show. It has an engaging story, believable characters, and enough face-kicking to keep everybody happy.

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Batman: The Next Generation

Author: mack3175 from Metairie, Louisiana
14 June 2002

It's 30 years in the future, Bruce Wayne is in his mid seventies, and realizes he can't continue as Batman anymore, enter 16 year old Terry Mcginnis, a troubled youth who seems to have no fear of anything and always seems to have a nack for adventure. Batman got an upgrade. Great animation, and a great story line, cool action, and a great soundtrack. Kevin Conroy is great has the voice of Bruce Wayne. Will Friedle(best known from Boy Meets World) is also great has the voice of Terry Mcginnis. I hope they make a live action Batman Beyond movie.

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Batman Beyond The Movie

Author: adonis98-743-186503 from Greece
28 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Batman Beyond: The Movie s basically the first few episodes of the Batman Beyond Animated TV Series edited together and made out as a movie it's not something that you haven't seen before so you might actually be disappointed but in the end this is the same exciting show that we all loved just it's first episodes mixed together made out in a movie. You know the story it takes place some decades later where Bruce Wayne is old and Batman is retired and after Terry's dad gets murdered he chooses to steal one of Wayne's suits and become The Batman. The impressive thing about this show and movie is not only that is awesome and reaches the heights of the Animated Series but also the cast the voice cast that is here you have Kevin Conroy, Linda Hamilton, CCH Pounder, Seth Green, Michael Gross and many many more. In the end Batman Beyond is a fun mix of the episodes that you have already seen and it's totally worth your money but between this and Return of the Joker we all know which one is the better movie but also the better story.

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pretty good beginning to a promising, if flawed, Batman series

Author: MisterWhiplash from United States
15 August 2008

I didn't watch Batman Beyond when it aired on kids WB on Saturday morning years back as I thought, frankly, I'd grown out of Saturday morning cartoons. As it turns out, my suspicion was partially correct: this is much more of a 'kid-friendly' series than the original Batman animated series (if not by much, though it's slightly more serious-minded than The Batman series of the past few years). These first several episodes do demonstrate the promise of the series, if also certain liabilities. It's also curious that this 'movie' isn't exactly linear; episodes that don't have a lot to do with the running current between Terry McGinnis (the new Batman and apprentice to old curmudgeon Bruce Wayne) and the dastardly villainous CEO of Wayne/Powers inc, Derek Powers, tend to be hit or miss, while the central storyline involving Powers is much stronger.

As it turns out McGinnis becomes Batman by slightly similar circumstances, as it's out of revenge for the death of his closest (his father). Also McGinnis is tough and out for blood, while continuing his life as a regular teen, but following the tenets of the Batman code: don't kill anyone, but do your best to stop the bad guys. In this case, McGinnis is up against Powers, who becomes a radioactive man after an incident involving his planned noxious chemical deal, a squadron of thieving card-player-disguised bandits (one of whom McGinnis starts to date unbeknownst to him), Mr. Freeze (yes, he's back by a stroke of genius contrivance), and Bane's legacy of Venom. This last one actually brings the series down to the level of an after-school special- it's a surprise Bane doesn't pop up at the end saying 'this is what happens when you take ster-I mean Venom'- though it isn't as conventional as the Nerd & Robot Golum' vs. the school bullies.

So, as you can imagine, it is a little more geared to the younger crows, and it also features a repetitive, mediocre heavy-metal score. But aside from these faults, it still is an exciting program, and works very well for kids by having the "message" element mixed with a cool character like McGinnis and an aged Bruce Wayne (still, very thankfully, voiced by the master Kevin Conroy). There's even some inventiveness with the animation, mixing with futuristic elements with the Batman world we all know and love from the previous series. If it's not as brilliant as the former, it still presents itself as a pretty good 'next generation' saga.

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Will Friedle is a hero to all

Author: freakfire-1 from Texas, United States
2 March 2008

Sometimes, I don't know what is going on with TV shows. But this movie, which was the beginning of a next-generation Batman, was something I liked. Even though I was in high school at the time time this came out, it was pretty good.

Gone is the caped version of Batman. But in his place is a stealthy, higher firepower version. But then again, so are his enemies. So it all fits in. Will Friedle plays the teen who accidentally becomes the next one. He puts on the suit and plays the Batman. The old man, old Batman, tries to stop him, but lets him go and lets him be Batman, with his help.

Of course I am leaving some things out. Lauren Tom, notable for her incarnations in other shows like "King of the Hill" and "Futurama", plays Batman's squeeze, and does a good job of it. New faces, a few old, and nice acting. "B"

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After giving up his life of vigilantism, Bruce Wayne trains a new Batman.

Author: c-blauvelt from Evanston, Illinois
27 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Batman Beyond: The Movie (1999) by Curt Geda--Batman Beyond: The Movie is the compilation of the first two episodes of the Batman Beyond TV series. The show alternates awkwardly between brilliant exploration of the nature of vigilantism (what it means to be Batman), with insanely over-blown action sequences, and Dawson's Creek-style teenage angst. The premise for the show is that Bruce Wayne ended his career as Batman when he was forced to use a gun for the first time to save his life. Many years went by and in his 80s he is a bitter old man living out his waning days remembering the past, usually by staring at his little museum of super-hero suits, Miss Havisham from Great Expectations-style. After much initial reluctance he begins to train a new Batman, a teenager named Terry McGinnis, whose own father suffered a similar fate to Bruce's parents. The premise of Bruce training Terry to be the new Batman allows for some probing psychological exploration of what it means to be a vigilante who dresses up in a Bat-suit. But the psychology of the characters isn't as richly explored as it could be, due to the emphasis of extraordinary over-the-top action sequences usually involving gang members called the Jokers who pattern themselves on Batman's old arch nemesis. Much of the initial episode focuses on Terry's love interests as well, a waste of time that could have been spent developing more of a relationship between Bruce and Terry. The animation style isn't nearly as compelling as Batman: The Animated Series or Batman: Gotham Knights, with its emphasis on extreme action and characterization. The style of this show leaves no room for nuance, as opposed to the phenomenally detailed, probing nature of the cartoon-noir Batman: The Animated Series. Ultimately, this show leaves the viewer with the same dissatisfied effect of watching a Batman film directed by Joel Schumacher: a lot of fast-paced action and thrills, but little heart. B-

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Not a Bad Installment to the batman cartoons.

Author: kyle-mcdonald from Canada
4 January 2008

This Batman movie isn't quite as good as Batman mask of The Phantasm and Batman and Mr. Freeze subzero But it is still a good installment to the Batman cartoons. And Another reason why it is not quite as good as the other two is because that there is a new character taking on the role of batman but he still does it pretty good so that does not really matter and Bruce Wayne is still in it so that good. This movie is good for all the same reasons The storyline is good not quite as good as the other one's but still pretty good it has lots of action in it The Cartoon effects are good The voice of actors are really good such as Kevin Conroy as Batman/ Bruce Wayne, Will Friedle as Terence "Terry" McGinnis/Batman. The villains are good such as Michael ansara as Mr. Freeze etc. So I am sure you will not be disappointed with batman beyond the movie. So make sure that you rent or buy batman beyond the movie because it is really good.

Overall score: ******* out of **********

*** out of *****

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An Enjoyable TV Movie

Author: somecompany
28 April 2003

'Batman Beyond' is a unique idea. Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) hung up the Bat suit once and for all years ago but new kid on the block Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle) takes over the Batman identity in the not so distant future. Off course, it's a spin off from the hugely succesful 'Batman: The Animated Series' and this TV Movie takes the difficult job of introducing the new Batman, his real identity, new villains and the future itself. It's nowhere near as succesful as the original animated series and to be honest, although I loved the other feature length adventure 'Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker', this film and the TV series just didn't do it for me. The Bat suit isn't that great and I miss the bit for the mouth. All the gadgets are just too high tech for me even though it is set in the future. Terry McGinnis also seems very unlikable in this TV movie. He's a real smart *ss and very unlikable. That useless kid shouldn't be taking over the famous bat suit. Any kid but him. Of course, it does have it's good points. The overall look of the show is quite nice and I like the darker tone (although some is very weird). Will Friedle is great as the rather unlikable Terry McGinnis and, as always, Kevin Conroy is a great Batman. So, check it out but if you want to see Batman Beyond's real capabilities then check out 'Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker'. It's much better.

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