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angry and humorous racial mix on Manitoulin Island
cranesareflying16 March 2001
While the print of the film I saw was somewhat whitewashed and did not reveal the bright richness of color that dominates the landscape on Ontario's Manitoulin Island,it does reveal the difficulty of mixed races, even within one's own racial heritage, using multiple layers of memory, the subconscious, and the spirit world to project various possibilities of how the bitterness and incredible hostility from others reaches into our own spirit and must be expelled. Of interest to me was the use of humor throughout the tragedy, and the uncredited use of First Nation art, images that appear to be Norval Morriseau - also, one of the sisters is Renae Morriseau - any relation?

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Good film that portrays the unfortunate reality with Native people....
BigLaxFan9415 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this film on APTN the other night and I will say that it was well done. It's a real crying shame that Ms. Morriseau was so abused in it. :(( I was really mad when I saw her white employer rape her IN HER OWN HOME!! THEN when her husband came home from work, he found out what happened to her. That only got him even more mad since he thought that she was cheating on him when IN FACT SHE WASN'T. The white employer foolishly forced himself on her!! As a result, her husband started abusing her but deep down he really didn't want to. She then killed him although she really didn't wanna do that either.

She was also a victim of that white dumb ass cop who abused her too!! That also angered me a lot!! But what ticked me off the most was when he ended up killing her just because she refused his advances!! Like what the hell was that?!?! Fortunately he got his just desserts at the end when she came back to haunt him by forcing him to veer off the back road that caused him and his cruiser to smash and explode! What sweet, beautiful revenge that was! :D When that happened, her spirit would finally rest in peace. ;) This film is a prime example of how Natives are ALWAYS blamed for things that happen to them!! How about putting blame on the white agitators for a damn change?!?! It's THEM who are the problem causers for Natives, NEVER the other way around. And even if they do make life hard for whites, it's because whites began causing major problems for them first with the land stealing, diseases, residential schools, etc.

But.... ANYWAYS...... that's why I gave this film a 7 out of 10. It was an overall well made film and I think Shirley Cheechoo did a great job in directing it.
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