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Season 2

14 Sep. 2000
Vivir se ha puesto al rojo vivo
Lola, a new policewoman, arrives to the precinct and is assigned to patrol with a grieving Carlos, but soon they have disagreements about their methods of work and Lola is unaware that her partner previous partner was killed last season. Ferrer is leading an operation to arrest "El Gallego" a drug trafficker, but a carefully designed operative goes awry and the detective suspects he has a mole. El Ruso is back at his gambling problems and he seems to be protecting the drug traffickers. In a private school Eugenia, a new student, is forced to drink enormous quantities ...
21 Sep. 2000
Perfume que sobre mi carne ha quedado
Ferrer, Ruso and Nerea continue the investigation about the girl strangled with her own bra, and all the leads point to her boyfriend. But a new victim murdered with the same modus operandi shows they are on the wrong track. Susana helps a woman to give birth to a girl, only to find out she intended to sell the boy to a childless couple, but when she has second thoughts the adoptive parents kidnap the baby and Carlos and Lola are called into the case. A criminal that robs mature closeted gay men is on the loose, and Mateo and Rafa are forced to impersonate a gay ...
28 Sep. 2000
Velocidad de fuga entre sus fauces
Comissar Clavijo orders Ferrer to drop the case of the bra strangler, and the precinct focus instead in stopping a band that robs stores at midnight by crashing cars into their main entries to make a quick entry. Carlos ex-wife, Patricia is kidnapped by the Colombian drug traffickers who want to get hold of the blackmail video she filmed for them. Inma has a conflict with her father Mateo and decides to leave her house to live with Rafa, who is not very happy about this turn of events in their relationship. Jaime is visited by his mother who lets him now his father, ...
5 Oct. 2000
Caerá la espada sin filo
Carlos and Lola have to stop a robbery in the same place were Lucías was killed last season. Remembering how he lost his partner Carlos struggles with the memories and ends up getting in trouble with a girl he met at a bar. Ferrer Ruso and Nerea go back to investigate the case of the bra strangler by trying to find out how were the two victims connected, their research lead to a suspect. Lola and Marina deal with the case of a stripper dancer whose life's been menaced. To catch the guilty they are forced to infiltrate the night club and pose as strippers, but the case...
12 Oct. 2000
Corro por los sueños sin falda
After taking a fencing class with Pedro, Nerea recognizes a corpse as a fencer she briefly met at the sports club. Ferrer and el Ruso join the investigation that leads to the discovery of an illegal ring of fencing combats and that puts both Pedro and Nerea into mortal danger. Rafa tries his best to help Lidia, a prostitute that has been severely beaten by a client at a night club. But afraid of the close watch kept by her employer the girl refuses to give information on the case. Susana discovers she has fallen in love with Carlos, but her feelings are unrequited. ...
19 Oct. 2000
Algo fieramente puro
Unable to find evidence to put JC behind bars, Rafa promises prostitute Lidia to protect her until she is safe, but after taking her to his apartment he soon sees he is putting in risk the safety of his roommate Pedro and her Girlfriend Inma, trying to end all of this he plans an illegal way of collecting evidence against her pimp. The man that seems to have ties with the bra killer is obsessed with his neighbor, and ends up attacking her. As they find the new body Ferrer, Ruso and Nerea think for a moment they are closing on the serial killer. But soon they release ...
26 Oct. 2000
Astro negro
The judgment of JC over the forced prostitution of Lidia finally takes place, but the lack of evidence and witnesses and the work of his lawyer seem to put everything in favor if his innocence, and Rafa is unable to further help the girl. Due to Rafa's suspension Mateo patrols with Marina, and they investigate the case of a immigrant from Benin which seems to be the victim of voodoo magic by members of her community, when the case is revealed to be related with a Spanish man romantically involved with the girl, Ferrer and Ruso join the investigation. After Carlos ...
2 Nov. 2000
Era mi dolor tan alto
A woman is stabbed in an attempted robbery, and Carlos identifies her as the girl she saw having sex with Ernesto, Lola's husband. Not only is he the principal suspect of the crime but his relationship with Lola is strained as his unfaithfulness is revealed. Jaime and Vera are ordered to patrol alongside Víctor López, an actor who is making research to play a cop in a theatre play. While Jaime is constantly annoyed at the forced interference of the actor, Vera is quite interested in his profession, but Víctor may have further interests in the policewoman. Mateo and ...
9 Nov. 2000
La voz que aún no ha sonado
Lola deals with her crisis relationship with her husband, and is thinking about divorcing Ernesto or not. While that happens she and Carlos deal with the son of Carlos's friend who is in a crisis due to his own parents splitting their relationship. Joe, a hustler who has been in business as long as Mateo's has been a cop, suffers a heart attack, and this leads Mateo to reflect about their relationship and his age. Marina's friend, Mónica is in a new relationship with a Cuban he met trough an Internet agency, but Marina feels bad about her friend because she feels the ...
9 Nov. 2000
Sus labios ennegrecidos a besos
While patrolling the streets Carlos and Lola arrest a man that they later discover to be an international professional murderer. In order to save a life and stop the employer of this killer Carlos need to impersonate him and pretend that he'll have the job done. Marina, Vera and Jaime infiltrate a night club as civilians to locate some drug dealers that are distributing a potentially mortal new drug to young people. Mateo and Rafa deal with a married couple that often violently argue disturbing their neighborhood, but as the cops fail to stop them the problems between...
23 Nov. 2000
Hombres sin lágrimas
After his wife murder, Ferrer promises his daughter Chus to trap the killer and lets Clavijo know he won't be moving to another precinct anymore. With the help of Ruso and Nerea they go back to the investigation and discover that in every murder the victim had been seen arguing with their couples before getting killed. Jaime's father disease takes a turn for the worst and the policeman has to come to terms with their difficult relationship as they wait for the unavoidable death. While dealing with this He and Vera try to help a woman abused by his husband. After a man...
30 Nov. 2000
A través de la noche urbana
A man blaming a former associate for stealing his business, appears on a bar with a baseball bat and menaces the owner, Carlos and Lola intervention avoids further damage, but decided to get revenge the man will return later. Ferrer and Ruso investigate the murder of a gang member in which an ex-convict is the main suspect, however they are unable to find a witness until Ruso overhears a conversation between the ex-convict and his lawyer who he has been dating. He will have to choose between the ethic of respecting the confidentiality of the conversation or finding ...
7 Dec. 2000
La memoria desfallecida
Carlos attends the trial of a case in which he worked some years ago. The three men accused of murdering a young girl are left free due to lack of evidence, and with Lola's help he decides to return to the case to find some definitive evidence. As they work on the case Carlos and Lola discover the romantic feelings that have arisen between them. After months taking care of her baby Susana must return the baby Luna to her mother, but the doctor discovers she has grown fond of the little girl and wants to find a way to keep her. Mateo and Rafa are called to stop a ...
14 Dec. 2000
Laberinto de la máxima destrucción
After spending the night with Lola, Carlos is hopeful about their relationship growing and Lola seems to feel the same. But Carlos will discover that his partner is also considering going back to Ernesto despite his infidelity in order to protect their daughter. Sebas is once again assigned to patrol with Marina and both are asked to follow a lead on some money counterfeiters that Mateo and Rafa were trying to trap. Annoyed by this Mateo gives his partners a fake lead that takes them to a neighborhood were policemen are not welcomed, but what was intended as a ...

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