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Season 1

11 Jan. 2000
La estela que en ti dejó el futuro
The cops Carlos and Lucía stop a car at night, but the vehicle escapes. A persecution starts and the policemen get support from a helicopter, however the criminals take out their guns and shooting at the cops they stop the car and shoot down the helicopter managing to escape. Added by they partner Mateo, Lucía and Carlos manage to rescue the helicopter passengers, but the pilot, Goyo is in critical condition. The criminals are identified as Los Guti, two brothers that have stolen various restaurants in the zone and all the force from the station are warned that they ...
18 Jan. 2000
Los errores de los otros
Vera is investigated by internal affairs due to the killing she made in her first mission and she realizes she will need the support of her partner Jaime to be acquitted, but he doesn't want to help her. Marina is called by some neighbors due to the annoyance caused by an ex circus performer who has seen his chimpanzee die, the policewoman befriends the performer. Police chief Héctor Ferrer tries to save drug addict Bolaños and forgets about an appointment with his wife who feels abandoned. Criminal brothers Los Goyo rob another restaurant where one of them is shot, ...
25 Jan. 2000
Una palabra hacia la que tú ardes
Lucía is the most important witness in a trail against a extremist that she arrested two years ago when he burned a vagabond alive, but the partners of the extremist break into her home and warn her not to testify. When she does it anyway they decide to kill her in revenge, leaving Carlos and El Ruso as part of an operative to protect her. Due to lack of results, Ferrer is ordered to drop an investigation on drug sellers in the neighborhood, but he refuses and keeps on working on his own. A Ventriloquist with a personality disorder seeks help claiming that his dummy ...
1 Feb. 2000
Un perro ladra en la tormenta
Ferrer finds out the name of the new drug dealers whose heroin is causing the death of many addicts and he contacts them at a parking lot where he offers them a deal, protection in exchange of money. A mysterious man starts shooting the dogs of the people in the neighborhood, and after a while he decides this is not enough and also starts shooting their owners. Vera informs Lucía that she is considering leaving the police since she has been unable to recover from the shock of killing a man in one of her first missions, Lucía asks her to reconsider. Later she tries to ...
8 Feb. 2000
El fantasma del beso delincuente
A news dealer accidentally runs over a little girl with his van leaving the girl badly hurt, the father of the child feeling helpless to aid her daughter decides to get revenge while police officers Jaime and Vera deal with the situation. The new drug dealers to whom inspector Ferrer has promised protection are unsure whether to trust him or not, so they ask him to help them in a operation to eliminate the rival gang; Carlos notices Ferrer's strange behavior and suspects he has been corrupted. Lucía's boyfriend visits her in Madrid and asks her to resign her dangerous...
15 Feb. 2000
Hornos de fuego abierto
Carlos and Lucía spot one of the Iranian drug dealers and try to arrest him, but El Ruso sees them and stops them by crashing their car, both cops start suspecting about Ferrer's involvement with the mob and decide to investigate him which puts in risk Ferrer's cover just as he has gained the confidence of the Iranians who offer to introduce him to their boss. Carlos has doubts about continuing his relationship with Patricia. Lucía receives some Saint Valentine's presents from her boyfriend, but she also receives a package form a mysterious admirer. Susana is robbed ...
22 Feb. 2000
Llorar ante el muro ciego
The relationship between Rafa and Mateo gets worse after Rafa is violently beaten by Cipriano, a cop from another precinct who happens to know Mateo. After learning that he sent a fellow cop to the hospital, Cipriano asks for Mateo's assistance to avoid being expelled from the force. Lucía finds Juan, the elderly man she assisted, and discovers he is trying to find a son with whom he fight and lost contact years ago, asking for Lucía's assistance the paramedic tries to help them become reconciled. Pedro finds Aurora, a kinder teacher, that vanishes while working due ...
29 Feb. 2000
Junto a mí, sin cesar, se agita el demonio
A church priest approaches Ferrer and El Ruso asking for help to stop a a young couple that attacked its church with satanic symbols, at first they are unable to help but they get interested in the case as they learn the couple is part of a big and dangerous satanic cult. Quique, Lucía's boyfriend, comes back to Madrid to inform her he has accepted a job in Morocco which requires him to leave the country for two years, this information puts strain in their relationship. Susana attends new cop Lucas after he suffers a motorcycle accident, however a mistake regarding ...
7 Mar. 2000
Despierta. Calla. Escucha
After arresting Andrés, Ferrer and El Ruso investigate the satanist sect to which he belongs and they discover their relationship with some illegal organ traffickers. Jaime continues investigating the alleged physical abuse suffered by Rubén, the kid he found in the previous episode, but the child is afraid to confess his father violent behavior, and the man discovers the cop following him which makes him angry. Pedro founds Aurora once more, and the girl accepts his help to be rehabilitated, but she is unable to get away from his drug addict boyfriend, who will go to...
14 Mar. 2000
Te forjé como un arma
Rafa's friend, Pascual is still at large and Ferrer pressures the cop to find him and turn him in. Pascual girlfriend leaves him and the escapee decides to leave the city, Rafael and Pedro know where he is heading for and go out to look for him. Ferre's wife, Carmen, gets fed up with her husband preferring his job over his family and asks for a separation. El Ruso gets a knew car and Ferrer worries about where could he get the money to buy it. Jaime continues trying to befriend Rubén so he gets the courage to admit his father is hitting him, when Rub'en's dad finds ...
28 Mar. 2000
Acechas amantes
Rocío, an a Lucía's acquaintance suffers a nervous crisis when she spots a man that raped her years ago. He has been released from prison and is a free man, but the neighborhood rejects him and Carlos and Lucía are unable to intervene. El Ruso keeps gambling and he accepts money from the casino owners, but a streak of bad luck leave him penniless and with a huge debt they want to collect at all costs. Ferrer and his wife discuss the terms of their separation. Marina, Jaime and Vera are assigned to an undercover mission in order to trap a man that is robbing couples in...
4 Apr. 2000
Los desiertos del mundo al extenderse
El Ruso tries to get money to pay his money debts as his creditors pressure him to pay. Carlos and Lucía deal with the family of a schizophrenic man whose disease led him to dangerous behavior. Quique, Lucía's boyfriend returns trying to make plans for his future with the cop. Mateo and Rafa help Dorita, the beggar whose money has been stolen. Lucía and Pedro suffer an accident while trying to get a patient to the hospital. Marina deals with an attempted robbery in a beauty parlor. The Iranian drug dealers that Ferrer infiltrated and jailed return to get revenge on ...
11 Apr. 2000
Carmín de vida renovada
After a failed attempt to stop the Iranian drug lords that have kidnapped her daughter, Ferrer is contacted by them again, and this time he doesn't let his partners know about this as he goes to face his enemies alone. Lucía announces she will leave the precinct to live in Almería, much to the surprise of all her partners. Carlos and Lucía get important information that may led to the capture of the two bank robbers that have been at large during the past episodes. While Vera struggles with her growing feelings toward her partner Jaime, she receives a visit from her ...

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