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Frankenstein’s Army (2013) Movie Review

Director Richard Raaphorst’s “Frankenstein’s Army” has had a long and arduous road to screen, and thanks to the promise of a bizarre plot and Nazi biomechanical monsters, has built up a definite sense of anticipation amongst horror fans. The film is Raaphorst’s first feature, following up on a series of popular shorts charting back to “Zombi 1” in 1995, and a career in the art department, having worked on “Beyond Re-Animator”, “Dagon” and others. Having finally emerged, the film has played at a variety of genre festivals, largely to fan approval, and lands shortly on region 2 DVD through Entertainment One. Behind the amusingly pulpy premise of having a descendant of Frankenstein (Czech actor Karel Roden, a recognisable character actor seen in the likes of “Hellboy” and “A Lonely Place to Die”) working for the Nazis during World War II to create a monster army lies a very basic story,
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Frankenstein + Hitler = Teaser Trailer Brilliance

Oh, Hitler. What will that wacky dictator think of next? He’s become such a web celebrity (or welebrity if you’re a moron) in recent years, that most high school students probably don’t even realize he initiated the deaths of millions upon millions and millions of people. Those same high school students probably also don’t realize that Hitler once had the Nazi forces dig up dead bodies in order to reanimate them. Because he didn’t. Even though I now choose to believe he did. Back in 1995, Richard Raaphorst directed a short called Zombi 1, and it looks like he’s trying to get back to those genre roots (and a job as a director) with Frankenstein’s Army. Raaphorst has done a healthy bit of work as a conceptual artist and title designer, but he’s yet to tackle a feature length film as a director. That
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