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Give Keanu a Break!
tmf22223 April 2001
I have read several reviews for this movie, and I am very upset by them. All they have to say is how Keanu Reeves is such a bad actor. Frankly I am sick of everyone jumping on that bad wagon. A few people say that he's a bad actor, then everyone has to jump in and say it too. Sure, he could have done a few lines of this movie with more feeling, but that doesn't mean he deserves such awful critiques. When I was in the theater, several people around me were complaining of how it was the worst movie they ever saw. Here I was, still sitting there, trying to let my face return to normal color (I had cried a little). I was outraged. The viewers should have enjoyed it for what the movie was, a light romance, nothing more, nothing less. It wasn't supposed to be Oscar-winning, it was simply supposed to be romantic. Movies aren't always believeable, but that doesn't mean that it will automatically get bad reviews. It is really disappointing, because this movie was really good (and really sad).
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It doesn't get any better than this, if you're in the right state of mind.
Tzurie10 February 2002
(10 out of 10) I just saw "Sweet November" on TV by chance. I had no idea what it was about beforehand, and I have not seen the original. The result was a thoroughly moving experience. It's amazing how the same movie can hit people so differently. It's also incredible how one's mood can affect a person's reaction to a film. In my case, the movie caught me in the right mood and at the right stage of life. Thus, it completely hit the spot. I judge a movie based on how it makes me feel, and to what degree. I was falling asleep just before the movie came on, but once it started it woke me up immediately. I then felt slight anger, then some healthy laughter, and at one point I actually cried, which for me (as a 28-year-old macho guy) is a rarity. Was it the script, the plot, the actors' convincing performances, or just my own state of mind which allowed this film to speak to me? I don't know. All I do know is that I can now go to sleep, feeling utterly peaceful and fulfilled.
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One month...
Sinbad8328 December 2005
I was never a fan of love movies, but this one hurt me so bad! Keanu and amazing Charlize gave their best and created one of the best love stories ever.

I couldn't believe that Keanu can play like that and convince me that Nelson fell in love for just one month.

I like Sara's story and the way she chooses to live. Charlize, as beautiful as always, made Sara strong and weak at the same time.

The great supporting role of drag queen Chaz Watley by Jason Isaacs. I never imagined he'd play something like this!

This is the only movie that made me cry and that's why I ranked him with the highest mark. BRAVO!!!
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I must have seen a different movie
woh1hub0212 March 2005
I really fail to see in "Sweet November" the faults that the previous reviewer saw. His cynical review does not do the movie, its story or its message justice.

The acting is excellent, no doubt, but "annoying" is a comment from someone with his emotions firmly implanted where the sun does not shine, and communicates more about the reviewer than it does about the film.

Also, it is not a fault per se, that the ending of a film is predictable and I tire of this being used as negative criticism. The message is in the story, and a surprise ending is the last thing this charming story needs, or thankfully, has.

Oh, and since I used to be someone exactly like the Reeves character is the start of the movie, I can relate to what it is to discover that there is more to life. His character is real alright, but in the surreal sort of way that only those who have actually been there and escaped, truly understand. Now, if only I had had someone as charming as Ms. Theron to show me :-)

Anyway, this is not an "epic" film or even a "great" film - its just a film with a story a few messages and some excellent performances that will tug on your emotions - not altogether a bad thing in a cynical age.
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Some people just don't get it...
nuttingd3 July 2004
I just saw this movie on line. I wanted more information and came across this site. I then read the review about how bad this movie is... What a load of crap.. This is not just a movie. This is a story about life and relationships. There is a saying that goes. "The meaning of life, is to give life meaning." I think that is the message of this movie. Too many times people get wrapped up in stuff and glitz and all technology and everything else we have in this life that we forget that in the end... all we have is each other.

The comments that the acting was not the best is crap too... it is harder to play the rolls these two actors portrayed than to play a bus-drivin super cop.

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Wonderful movie
danielkeough14 April 2007
This is a wonderful movie because it is just real. Real people have things they are dealing with and are not always making their best choices--Nelson decides to come back a couple times. I really enjoy the effort of Sara to shine a light so Nelson can see simple pleasures in life, pleasures looked over when someone is so focused on getting an account and working long hours.

I love this movie, own it, and have watched it several times. I find it rather coincidental that my refusal to watch, turning off the movie right before the end (on the morning of December 1) to remember the beauty of the movie--is the same action that Sara takes to remember the change in Nelson and the beauty of their loving relationship, right before the end.

Sweet November is a fabulous movie. I hope the film reminds you to slow down and take a look at the important things in your life when you view it again.
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This film deserves a good review...
MarieGabrielle29 April 2006
Especially since I am not really a fan of romantic comedies/drama. This is not really a comedy per se, as there is a dramatic element to it, and the performances should not be so easily dismissed.

Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves look good together; Keanu is not playing a superficial action role, so the focus is not on him. This is a good thing, especially as we can then appreciate Charlize Theron's performance as Sara Deaver, a quirky girl who Nelson (Keanu) meets at the DMV in San Francisco. San Francisco is an interesting backdrop- the positive aspects of it are emphasized, and it becomes another character in the film.

Jason Isaccs plays Chaz Cherry, the local cross-dresser who is Theron's friend and confidante. He does well in this, and last night I actually saw him in "Friends With Money", wherein his talent was literally wasted. Liam Aiken portrays Abner, who is quasi-adopted by Theron and Reeves, as their relationship develops.

There are some funny scenes, like where Greg Germann (Reeves' co-worker at an ad agency) orders cappuccino and is told off by the waitress. Also where Reeves is presenting an ad campaign for hot dogs, and he eventually flips out.

The film works because it is not a gushing romance film; I am not a big fan of Reeves but he was very good in this film. Theron was excellent, as always, and there are some beautiful shots of the Bay in San Francisco, a nice backdrop for a bittersweet romance.
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Harsh criticism not neccasary
raVeneyes10 February 2002
Perhaps those who've written all the bad commentary about this movie need to sit back and just enjoy things every once in a while. This movie is a good example of a slightly sweet and cheesy plot being centered around some average actors, but it was a really good screenplay and EXCELLENT cinematography. Cinema students would do well to watch this movie and notice how the director used sets colors and music to set the scenes and mood.
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Starts on a sour note, but sweetens up as it goes
mattymatt4ever7 August 2001
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** "Sweet November" gets off to a bumpy start. Charlize Theron's character is first established as sort of a...well...borderline psychopath. Theron bumps into Keanu Reeves during a DMV exam. The two of them have a weird encounter in the parking lot. Later on, that night, she shows up at his apartment. He doesn't know how the hell she got his address. Since she failed the DMV exam, she asks him for a ride. Now, at this point, he should be terrified at this woman! He barely knows her and suddenly she asks him for a favor? After a long period of arguing, he finally succumbs to this favor. Then she breaks into this building and steals a dog. At this point Keanu should be even more terrified! But he keeps driving her. She invites him up to her place for cocoa. Again a conflict he finally succumbs to. She explains the whole "Spend a Month With Me and I'll Change Your Life" deal. Of course, at first he says no. He's a workaholic with no time for this crap. He makes a bad presentation for his advertising firm, he loses his temper and his job. Then he thinks, "What the hell. I'll go to this crazy b*tch's place and see what this is all about." He obviously can't stand her at first. The way she lives such a simple life, totally contradictory to his. Night falls, things heat up and the two of them are already in the sack! Now that's just a cheap attempt to have two hot actors heat up the screen. Keanu's character can't even stand being near her, yet he's suddenly ripping her clothes off and tackling her to the couch? Another one of those only-in-the-movies moments.

Luckily, the film's appeal increases as it goes along. The performances by the two leads are strong, though I can't help but feel Charlize was a little miscast. For some reason, I don't picture her nebbish character as a beautiful woman with no facial blemishes. I mean, even Gwyneth Paltrow was convincing in "Bounce," because they didn't try to make her look beautiful. Half of the film she's wearing hardly any makeup. But that's a flaw I was able to look over. The point is the two characters are so likable and the two actors have such a cute chemistry that I couldn't hate this movie (past the 30-minute mark). The moments they share are genuine, and though I don't think Keanu's character arc would've been generated quite so successfully I was willing to look that over as well. Yes, this is moderately standard Hollywood fluff, but it works. And I was oddly captivated.

I also wish I could've been given a better explanation about Charlize's whole "Spend a Month With Me" deal. It's a pretty strange concept, and something that should've been explained with more detail. You mean EVERY month she can actually get a guy to live with her, no strings attached? As if she's a guardian angel and she just patrols the streets of San Francisco looking for her next customer, who seemingly needs help? And I'm sure, out of all those guys, Keanu is not the first one she had actual feelings for. Women are more libidinous than you think. I also wanted a better explanation of the Jason Isaacs character. Was he gay or what? Maybe I misinterpreted, but did him and Charlize use to go out? Is he bisexual? And what was that whole family crisis that Charlize had to deal with? There's a good deal of loose ends in this story that were either not clearly explained or not explained at all. And this is not a Hitchcock thriller, so you can't tell me the characters and plotlines were meant to be enigmatic.

I have to say, I did appreciate the ending. It wasn't overly sentimental, and I still found it sad and touching. And it sort of left things open-ended. One of those "Where Do I Go From Here?" conclusions. But someone did point out something interesting--the trailers almost ruined the film! You see, in the ads, Charlize lying in hospital bed with her face completely pale. Geez, I wonder what to expect? I assumed the plot was Charlize was dying and she wanted to spend the last days of her life with Keanu. It's times like this I wish they stuck with the teaser trailers.

"Sweet November" is not a great movie, but it's sad, touching, sometimes funny and contains two fine performances. It has an odd appeal to it. One of those films you want to keep on watching for no explicit reason. You don't know why you're into it, you just are. Maybe it's a guilty pleasure, maybe not. Who knows? But I'd be a lying, pretentious snob if I were to say I didn't like it. This is just my take.

My score: 7 (out of 10)
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Both Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron give good performances in Sweet November
bsamdahl11 February 2002
I thought Sweet November was an above average romance movie. A few qualifiers are in order here. First, I never saw the original, second, I normally do not care for romantic movies, and third, I am a big fan of Keanu Reeves. The reviews are quick to call Nelson Moss a self absorbed work-aholic. The movie does bring out a little of Nelson's past explaining how he feared he would end up like his father and the rest of the neighbors on his block. Combine that with the high pressure in today's society to get ahead, and you can understand why Nelson is obsessed with work. Sara is very original and entertaining and makes you wonder if she's all there or what is she up to. After almost 90 minutes into the film, you will see why Sara is the way she is and maybe enjoy the movie. Keanu does a good performance with Nelson, creating a believable image of a single focused Ad Executive. One can see many women saying "typical male," and many men thinking of Nelson as a typical best buddy. As is true with many things in life, Nelson goes from one extreme to the other. In the end, Sara becomes his single focus in life. Trying to find the middle road is a central theme in many of Keanu's movie roles. I liked the acting in this film. It wasn't too dramatic nor was it bland. It was right down the middle.
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