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Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Is a New Lease on Life Enough?

If we were to isolate Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 1 from the entire series starring a charismatic Lucy Hale, the show would be a delightful triumph, breezy and fun and easy on the eyes with that CW sheen and glow of beautiful people on our screens. 

Life Sentence is a charmer about one woman facing down the prospect of life after having come to terms with her death and the relationships built in just an hour feel lived in, well rounded and cared for by actors who already feel at home in the skin of the character. 

But this isn't merely a one hour story, nor is it a mini-series.

Instead, it's only just the pilot of the latest CW series, and while that charm is apparent and striking, there's only so much it can do to power along a show whose shelf-life seems rather limited. 

There is an issue where
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The Tao of Keanu Reeves, From 'Whoa!' to 'John Wick'

The Tao of Keanu Reeves, From 'Whoa!' to 'John Wick'
The appeal of Keanu Reeves – philosopher, lover, martial artist, musician, motorcycle enthusiast, movie star – is that he carries himself lightly, even in the movies that require him to turn from "cool breeze" (the Hawaiian translation of his first name, for those of you playing at home) to howling tempest. He's the type of guy who's had to deny being Buddhist, even though he's played the Buddha onscreen – because it's just widely assumed that he would swing that way religiously. ("I haven't take refuge in the dharma," he has assured us.
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Mommie nearest: match the mother to the movie – quiz

As Mila Kunis and her suburban cohorts go wild in raucous comedy Bad Moms, how well do you know other movie mums?


A Nightmare on Elm Street

Friday the 13th


Young Adult


Little Children

The Skeleton Twins

22 Jump Street

The Five Year Engagement

Bad Neighbours 2

The Wedding Ringer

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

All That Heaven Allows

Imitation of Life


Bad Santa

Bad Teacher

Wedding Crashers

Observe and Report


Event Horizon

Alien: Resurrection


The Heartbreak Kid


I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

There's Something About Mary

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore


Hannah and Her Sisters

Ordinary People

The Mirror Has Two Faces

My Fellow Americans

The Walker



Guardians of the Galaxy

The Fault in Our Stars

Sweet November

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Celebrating the movie roles of Jason Isaacs

Mark Harrison Aug 5, 2016

Hello! From Armageddon to Harry Potter, we salute the screen work of Mr Jason Isaacs...

This feature contains spoilers for Event Horizon and the Harry Potter films. This spoiler warning contains spoilers for the list.

Hello to Jason Isaacs! Through roles in an impressive array of movies, from indies to massive blockbusters on both sides of the pond, he's become one of our favourite character actors. We've found that no matter how the film turns out, you can guarantee that if he's in it, his performance is going to be one of the highlights.

Off-screen, Isaacs has a whole other profile of popularity. Out of several prominent celebrity fans of Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's film review show on BBC Radio 5 Live, he's the patron saint of their “church of Wittertainment”, and “hello to Jason Isaacs” is the show's first, most popular catchphrase.

Some might argue
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Josh Wiggins and Odeya Rush In First Photo From The Bachelors

Fortitude International has released a first look photo from The Bachelors.

The movie stars Oscar winner J.K. Simmons (Whiplash, Terminator Genisys, Juno), Golden Globe and Oscar nominee Julie Delpy (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset), Josh Wiggins (Hellion, Max, Lost In The Sun) and Odeya Rush (Upcoming Hunter’S Prayer, The Giver, Goosebumps)

Hoping for a fresh start, a widower and his 17-year-old son move from a small northern California town to Los Angeles, where a new job, a new school, a wry old friend and two extraordinary women play a transformative role in the reshaping of their lives.

Fortitude is handling international rights to the film in Cannes.

The comedy drama is written and directed by Kurt Voelker (Sweet November, Park) and produced by Matthew Baer (Unbroken, Maggie, City By The Sea), George Parra (Joy, The Descendants, Silver Linings Playbook), and Windowseat Entertainment’s Joe McKelheer (Barely Lethal, The Hammer) and Bill Kiely (Chasing Giants,
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J.K. Simmons and Julie Delpy to star in drama The Bachelors

Deadline is reporting that J.K. Simmons (Whiplash) and Julie Delpy (Boyhood) have signed on to appear in writer-director Kurt Voelker’s (Sweet November) upcoming drama The Bachelors.

The film follows “a widower and his 17-year-old son who move from a small northern California town to Los Angeles hoping for a fresh start. With a new job, a new school, an old friend and two extraordinary women coming into their lives, they find their lives transformed.”

The Bachelors is being produced by Matt Baer (Unbroken), George Parra (Joy), Joe McKelheer (Barely Lethal) and Bill Kiely (Chasing Giants) and will go into production next month.
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Hong Sang-soo, Leonardo DiCaprio, and More Developing New Projects

Not exactly slowing his roll, Hong Sang-soo is already shooting the follow-up to last year’s Right Now, Wrong Then — one of the finest films we saw in 2015, and one likely to end up on a few best-of-2016 lists if it actually gets released — all the while reuniting with leads Jung Jae-young and Kim Min-hee. Information on his 18th feature remains essentially non-existent to outsiders, but such is my enthusiasm for his work, arguably the best streak in modern cinema, that even a brief notice seems worthwhile. [Korean Film and Keyframe)

Also vague is a report from The Wrap that Leonardo DiCaprio will reunite with Revenant scribe Mark L. Smith for Conquest — a project about which nothing else (save for the involvement of Paramount and producer John Davis) is known. But there you have it.

Here are two casting stories out of Berlin: first, THR tell us Brendan Gleeson, director Jonathan Teplitzky (The Railway Man
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J.K. Simmons & Julie Delpy To Star In ‘The Bachelors’ From ‘Unbroken,’ ‘Descendants’ Producers

J.K. Simmons & Julie Delpy To Star In ‘The Bachelors’ From ‘Unbroken,’ ‘Descendants’ Producers
Exclusive: J.K. Simmons and Julie Delpy are set in the drama The Bachelors which just secured financing and is heading before the cameras next month. The story, which is said to be similar to the powerful drama Ordinary People, was written by Kurt Voelker (Sweet November) who will also direct. The Bachelors follows a widower and his 17-year-old son who move from a small northern California town to Los Angeles hoping for a fresh start. With a new job, a new school, an old…
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Jk Simmons, Julie Delpy To Join "Bachelors"

J.K. Simmons and Julie Delpy are set to star in the drama feature "The Bachelors" at Windowseat Entertainment. Shooting kicks off next month in Los Angeles.

The story follows a widower and his seventeen-year-old son who move from a small northern California town to Los Angeles hoping for a fresh start.

With a new job, a new school, an old friend and two extraordinary women coming into their lives, they find their lives transformed.

Kurt Voelker ("Sweet November") penned the script and will direct while Matt Baer, Geoge Parra, Joe McKelheer and Bill Kiely will produce.

Source: Deadline
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Jk Simmons To Star In Indie Comedy ‘The Bachelors’ – Afm

Jk Simmons To Star In Indie Comedy ‘The Bachelors’ – Afm
Jk Simmons has been set to star in the The Bachelors, an ensemble comedic drama written and to be directed by Kurt Voelker (Sweet November). The film is slated to begin shooting in spring 2016 in Los Angeles. Fortitude International is handling foreign rights at this week’s American Film Market. Plot: After the loss of his wife, Bill Ponder (Simmons) and his 17-year-old son move out of their small town into the big city to get a fresh start. As they begin to adjust to…
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J.K. Simmons to Star in Comedic Drama ‘The Bachelors’

J.K. Simmons to Star in Comedic Drama ‘The Bachelors’
J.K. Simmons will star in the ensemble comedic drama “The Bachelors,” which will begin shooting in the spring in Los Angeles.

Matthew Baer and George Parra are producing and Jennifer Kelly is exec producing. Kurt Voelker is directing from his own script.

Fortitude International is handling foreign rights and will launch sales at the upcoming American Film Market, which opens Nov. 4. The Gersh Agency is representing North American rights.

Simmons will play a character dealing with the aftermath of the loss of his wife. He and his 17-year-old son move out of their small town into the big city in an attempt to get a fresh start. They both find comfort in newfound romance and grow apart and then back together again, discovering their true selves in the process.

Simmons won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar this year for “Whiplash” and was recently seen in “Terminator Genisys.” He will be
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10 Best Roles From The World’s Worst Actors


It’s never nice to be disappointed by a reliable or well loved actor, but even Hollywood royalty have their bad days. Most viewers cringed at Leo DiCaprio’s uniquely ill conceived turn in notorious cult flop The Beach, while many fans will never forgive Charlize Theron for Sweet November. Luckily, this sort of regrettable surprise is rare. After all, a decent hit-maker in Hollywood can usually be depended on to make savvy career choices and to light up screens with their talent.

Sometimes an even rarer phenomenon occurs, though, in the form of a much more welcome surprise. A terrible actor, universally panned and relied on to produce material that’s trite at best and unwatchable at worst, will pleasantly shock audiences with a memorable and commendable performance.

At such a potentially career-defining moment, a flailing actor’s future rests tenuously on the brink of greatness. It can go either way.
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Private Peaceful | Review

Brother to Brother: O’Connor’s Rudimentary Look at Familial Ravages in WWII

His first film since that ill-advised 2001 remake of Sweet November, which sought to rekindle interest in possible on-screen chemistry between Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves, Irish director Pat O’Connor revisits darker, historical themes with Private Peaceful, a WWII tale as told through the eyes of two brothers from Devon. It’s perhaps the most serious subject O’Connor has tackled since some of his more celebrated 80s titles, like the Ira romance thriller Cal (1984) which nabbed Helen Mirren one of her two Best Actress wins at Cannes. And yet, while it’s great to find O’Connor avoiding the type of soapy schmaltz he careened into during his last several features, his dip into the over explored WWII era never manages to register as emotionally, thematically, or narratively resonant.

Private Tommo (George MacKay) sits in a British army cell,
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Keanu Reeves is 50: 5 of his best films from The Matrix to Bill & Ted

Keanu Reeves is 50: 5 of his best films from The Matrix to Bill & Ted
Despite looking exactly the same as he did 20 years ago, Keanu Reeves celebrates his 50th birthday today (September 2).

Since making his debut in 1985, Reeves has climbed the ranks to become one of Hollywood's biggest stars, with movies that range from comedy to sci-fi, from romance to Shakespeare.

To mark Reeves's milestone, Digital Spy has selected just five of his finest performances from The Matrix to Bill & Ted.

1. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)

'Wooaah'. After a handful of roles on TV and the big screen, Keanu got his mainstream break in this surprisingly awesome sci-fi comedy. Opposite Alex Winter as Bill, he was perfectly cast as the air-headed heavy metal-lover Ted. Its sequel Bogus Journey has also become a cult classic, and a third movie has long been mooted. It's a shame that he hasn't shown off his comedy chops on a more regular basis.

2. Point Break (1991)

Reeves achieved full heartthrob status
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Richard Griffiths’ World War I Drama ‘Private Peaceful’ Gets U.S. Distribution

BBC Worldwide North America has acquired all rights in the U.S. and Canada to “Private Peaceful,” featuring the final performance by the late Richard Griffiths.

The World War I drama, based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo, is directed by Pat O’Connor (“Sweet November”). The all-British cast includes Jack O’Connell (“Unbroken”) and George MacKay (“How I Live Now”).

The film will have a national release in the fall.

“On the heels of our World War I commemorative screening campaign in August, we are continuing to bring captivating films with exceptional storytelling from across the pond to the big screen,” said Soumya Sriraman of BBC.

Morpurgo’s novel, published in 2003, is a followup to his 1982 novel “War Horse,” which served as the basis for Steven Spielberg’s 2011 movie.

Private Peaceful” begins in rural England in 1908 and ends in the First World War trenches of Europe. MacKay and O
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'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure': 25 Things You Didn't Know About the Doofus-Duo Comedy Classic

Just as Rufus (George Carlin) predicted, Bill and Ted have had a profound influence on our culture. Maybe not as the rockers who would inspire a utopian global society by the 27th century, but look at how many other dumb-duo movies there have been since the release 25 years ago this week (on February 17, 1989) of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" -- there's "Dumb and Dumber," "Beavis and Butt-head Do America," "Dude, Where's My Car," "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion," "Dick," and all of Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob" offerings, for starters. Plus, "Bill & Ted" launched a franchise and made a leading man out of Keanu Reeves.

Still, as often as you've traveled back in time and revisited the "Excellent Adventure," there's probably still plenty you don't know about the movie, including where it was filmed (hint: Not in San Dimas, California), which historical figures almost found their way into the film,
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Wamg Goes Back In The Day With Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum and the gang are taking a trip down memory lane in the all new side-splitting comedy Back In The Day and because I like you, you’re coming along for the ride. Recently, I sat down with Michael Rosenbaum, to talk about his experiences tackling his first feature as both the writer and director. Not only that, but he stars in the film as well. Michael is a buddy of mine, but we never talk shop so this was a real treat for me.

Back In The Day is the first feature film written and directed by Rosenbaum. He also stars in the film alongside Morena Baccarin Harland Williams, Sarah Colonna, Nick Swardson and Isaiah Mustafa. The film was acquired by Screen Media Films in early October, and will be making it’s way to theaters on January 17, 2014. Can’t wait that long? Well, you are in luck!
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Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Attended Couples Therapy

Therapy isn’t rehab — but it’s a step in the right direction. Khloe and Lamar reportedly attended a couples therapy session on Nov. 8 to try and work things out. Would you be thrilled if they got professional help to save their marriage, HollywoodLifers?

Khloe Kardashian, 29, and Lamar Odom, 34, have begun spending time together again after being separated for weeks. Besides going on their first date on Oct. 28 since Lamar moved out, or having a romantic dinner and sleepover for Lamar’s birthday on Nov. 5, they reportedly went to see a marriage counselor — which is perhaps the most meaningful thing they could do together.

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Went To Couples Therapy

Khloe and Lamar went to see a marriage counselor in Beverly Hills on Nov. 8 for couples therapy — and their session lasted for more than two hours, according to Us Weekly.

“It was very emotional,” the outlet reports. “They
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Khloe Kardashian Gets Huge Rose Bouquet: Lamar Odom Showing Love?

Are Khloe and Lamar on the mend? Signs may say yes. The reality star received an impressive bouquet of flowers on Nov. 8 — so who do You think they were from?

After being separated for weeks, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have begun spending time together again — a sign that he may be turning the corner. And on Nov. 8 there appeared to be another sign of reconciliation when Khloe Instagrammed a huge bouquet of flowers. Were they from Lamar?

Khloe Kardashian Gets Flowers — From Lamar?

Khloe posted the picture of the flowers — not just a dozen, more like four or five dozen of dark pink, light pink, and white roses — along with the caption, “Sweet November.”

The researcher in us has to point out that Sweet November is a classic romantic comedy about a couple who fall in love after spending the whole month of November together. We’re not saying
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Exclusive: Liane Balaban Talks Finding Joy, Sexual Knuckling and Menstruation

Exclusive: Liane Balaban Talks Finding Joy, Sexual Knuckling and Menstruation
Liane Balaban made an impression as Dustin Hoffman’s sweetly sad, set-to-wed daughter in “Last Chance Harvey,” and will be recognizable to plenty of folks from her recurring role on the small screen’s “Supernatural.” In her latest film, however, Balaban gets to channel a wild, daffy femininity whose unhinged, slightly damaged siren call will strike a chord of familiarity in many a guy. In the vein of “Mad Love” and “Sweet November,” “Finding Joy” finds disillusioned author Kyle (Josh Cooke) returning home and having to cope with various indignities tossed his way by his estranged father (Barry Bostwick) and new stepmother (Lainie Kazan), when he meets Balaban’s spunky bohemian title character. Frustrated, [ Read More ]

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