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Though Kidman doesn't hesitate to make Grace high-strung and as tightly wound as they come, she also projects vulnerability and courage when they're called for. It's an intense, involving performance, and it dominates and energizes a film that would be lost without it.
Rolling Stone
Only some bumpy, arid passages in the script keep The Others out of the master class occupied by the likes of "The Sixth Sense" and, my favorite, 1961's "The Innocents."
Miami Herald
A fiendishly subtle horror movie, a goosebump-inducing exercise in suspense that uses your own imagination to scare you silly.
Charlotte Observer
The most sophisticated and satisfying ghost story on film since "The Sixth Sense."
Wall Street Journal
You can't take your eyes off Ms. Kidman; she has never played a role with more focused energy.
Entertainment Weekly
The gimmicks, in the end, are too arbitrary to tie together in a memorably haunting fashion, though they do culminate in a Big Twist, a nifty one that almost -- but not quite -- makes you want to see the movie again.
New York Daily News
The suspense is as tingly as jalapenos on the tongue.
A classic haunted-house story enshrouded in fog and steeped in portentous atmosphere. It gives you a case of the creeps oh-so slowly, then hits you with a clever, mind-warping way of saying, "Boo!"
Kidman gets kudos for giving the enterprise a touch of class, while the film gives the studio's library a rare pedigreed addition.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Beautiful to behold but lacking in any kind of palpable dread or suspense.
Chicago Sun-Times
In drawing out his effects, Amenabar is a little too confident that style can substitute for substance. As our suspense was supposed to be building, our impatience was outstripping it.
The Others is great as a collection of acknowledgments, but a ghost story made of a bunch of ghoulish thank-yous isn't that haunting.

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