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Raj Doctor7 April 2008
I love Malayalam movies – especially the ones of 70s and 80s era; the simple and soulful. To find a good Malayalam movie on the internet is so difficult. It is cluttered with the rubbish commercial movies of this decade that render me run for cover. But in that attempt I stumbled upon this wonderful movie.

The story is about Ramu (Vineeth), a 16 year old young adolescent boy who is staying with his annoying uncle, who gets angry and often treats Ramu like a slave. In a pilgrimage trip Ramu meet 15 year old Gouri (Monisha), who has come with her grandmother. Both find likeness, and after sharing a few tender talks and moments depart without a clue that they will meet again. When back Ramu runs away from his uncle and lands up in the city with his neighbor. As fate would have it, Ramu and Gouri meet again. Good conduct and intelligence of Ramu gets noticed and he is asked by a lawyer to stay in the house, whre Gauri is a maid. The lawyer's deaf and dumb daughter Lakshmi (Saleena) gets attracted to Ramu and the lawyer fixes the marriage without asking Ramu. The triangle love story leads to a sad ending, and I won't say the ending here.

First thing, the songs and lyrics of the movie are fantastic, Ravi has rendered soul searching immortal music. This was the first movie of Vineeth and Monisha and both of them do an excellent job in showing the infallible vulnerability of adolescent love. While watching them our heart transgresses to those wonderful adolescent age.

The very talented - Monisha, a Bangalore born and groomed Malayalam girl, daughter of a leather business father, got these breakthrough through a family friend writer of this movie M.T.Vasudevan Nair. For her first movie, she bagged the Best Actress National Award for the role of Gouri – the youngest debutant recipient of the award till date. Sadly in a career spanning just 6 years, at the tender age of 21 she died in a car accident. This movie is a perfect tribute to Monisha. She looks fantastic, and speaks volumes through her eyes.

Remaining cast has acted well. Director T.Hariharan has competently handled the subject. A very good movie! (Stars 7.5 out of 10)
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