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Watch Out for Maude's Dad
Michael_Elliott12 January 2012
Maude's Naughty Little Brother (1900)

*** (out of 4)

This Edison film clocks in at just 87-seconds but it makes for a fun time. Maude is sitting at the table waiting for her male guest and when he arrives they sit down for something to soon. Soon her little brother decides to tie the man to the table and then daddy walks in and trouble follows. If you're looking for some sort of slapstick comedy then this certainly isn't it but the movie has a certain charm. The type of comedy was certainly the norm for this era as the majority of the jokes comes from the boyfriend falling every which way possible and of course you've got Maude's father not being too happy for him being there. The final sequence with the brother getting beaten would have people today outraged but this was 1900 after all.
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Subtle family entertainment!
MartinHafer1 April 2014
"Maude's Naughty Little Brother" is a completely ridiculous film and it lacks subtlety and believability. However, back in the day, folks probably laughed at this one—though its style would soon be outdated by better and more subtle humor.

A man is passing the time with a lady who you assume is his girlfriend. However, her little brother is on hand to make a mess of things. He climbs behind and under the table—tying string all over the man's chair so that when he tries to stand, the table will be upset. However, there is no way the 'kid' could do this because he's quite large and climbing under the table is silly as he's just too big and his clever plan is inconceivably impossible. So, when another man (perhaps her father) enters the room and the table is upset, it seems awfully contrived and rather stupid. And, in keeping with slapstick humor, the 'dad' ends the film by slapping the crap out of Maude's little brother. Bizarre when seen in the 21st century and very primitive.
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