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Chicago Sun-Times
Rousing in an old pulp science fiction sort of way, but the climactic scene transcends the rest, and stands by itself as one of the great animated action sequences.
The emphasis here is less on cuteness and romance and more on the "Raiders of the Lost Ark"-style adventure.
Chicago Tribune
A well-told, vividly imagined movie that doesn't pretend to be more than it is and doesn't lean on pop-culture references to win over its viewers.
Miami Herald
A crackling good adventure, a visually sumptuous effort.
Baltimore Sun
Enough flair and conviction to keep the movie buoyant even when its plot is abrupt and its emotionality conventional.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Unfortunately for Disney, the real obstacle confronting the submarine isn't the giant lobster. It's a foul-smelling ogre, and it's no contest.
New York Post
Disney's disappointing Atlantis, sadly, is a lot like much of the studio's recent animated output: eye-popping visuals and great vocal characterizations sunk by a dead-in-the-water script.
Entertainment Weekly
Has my eye, seduced by the devious and tactile delights of ''Shrek,'' already evolved in tandem with the technological leaps in computer animation? Or is Atlantis simply a Disney dud?
What Atlantis gains in chills and thrills, it loses in pure emotion.
Wall Street Journal
Qualifies as a pleasant time-killer, but it's 20,000 leagues beneath what it might have been.
New York Daily News
The idea that every animated feature from Disney is an instant classic officially springs a leak with the noisily disappointing Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

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