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Season 1

5 Feb. 2000
A group of friends , who all have physic/ supernatural abilities, all meet up regularly, an old man called elmer Crabtree with multiple abilities, a medium called satori, an empathetic doctor called mark, a blind man who's sensitive called Albert, warren, and a college professor of folk lore and myths, already part of the group, get a new member called Marian kit - a university student who has strong abilities but refuses to believe it, so the group help her to learn to use her gifts & understand them.
12 Feb. 2000
The group help a mother locate her missing son who was abducted 3 years earlier. Which leads them to a warehouse where a murderer is keeping the young boy to use him for his supernatural abilities.
19 Feb. 2000
A man starts seeing demons after getting laser eye surgery. Albert learns to deal with his own demons.
26 Feb. 2000
Souls on Board
The Others are on their way to a paranormal conference in Sedonia, Arizona. But the professor has other plans for them. The Others see ghosts of a former plane crash on the plane.
4 Mar. 2000
The Others try to help a woman who cannot get over her husband's death and harbors anger, which keep him from moving on to the other side.
11 Mar. 2000
Marian moves into her new apartment and starts trying to avoid the others. She notices that Albert and Warren are following her but they aren't trying to scare her- they are protecting her from the evil force living in her bedroom wallpaper.
18 Mar. 2000
Marian tries to help a sorority girl who appears to be causing serious harm to others, but may be harboring a dark secret.
25 Mar. 2000
Don't Dream It's Over
Mark consistently dreams about a woman who he falls for, but is from another time.
22 Apr. 2000
The Ones That Lie in Wait
On a stormy night- the group are trapped by an entity that wants to learn about the group and find what it is that they want from life. Elmer has faced this particular entity before- & knows it means that trouble is on the horizon.
29 Apr. 2000
Till Then
Men from the government come to Elmer seeking help finding a pilot who has been shot down in Iraq, before the sun rises over there, but he is kept from helping from a spirit who insists on reaching Elmer.
6 May 2000
$4.95 a Minute
A fake phone physic calling himself Simeon Nigh, begins to give people real readings- all ending badly, which scares him. So satori tries to help him. They soon realise it's the spirit of a dead physic from years ago, coming back to clear his name as a fraud.
13 May 2000
Life Is for the Living
Elmer ends up in hospital, meanwhile his friends,the others, begin getting what they've always wanted from life. Elmer realises there's something sinister going on, but they think he is just bitter because he doesn't want to be alone. By the time they begin to see that he may be right - it might be too late for them all.
10 Jun. 2000
An old Russian legend the mora- begins killing people at the hospital Mark works at. It's not long before Mark falls ill too, so the gang have to find out who brought the curse into the hospital in time to save him.

 Season 1 

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