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23 Oct. 1994
Episode dated 23 October 1994
Richard Watson reports on the increase in credit card fraud showing us how new technology can beat the criminals and Steve Annett tells us about the US tobacco industry's woes as smoking becomes less acceptable. Declining sales, price wars, and the banning of smoking from public places have all conspired to seriously damage the industry.
2 Mar. 2006
No Tax Please, We're Rich!
Some of Britain's richest people pay remarkably little tax. This episode investigates how they do it. Owner of BHS, Philip Green, and his family are cited as having saved themselves hundreds of millions of pounds by living partly in Monaco, where residents do not have to pay income tax.
7 Aug. 2006
Parking Mad
An investigation of the parking policy of UK local councils.
12 Dec. 2006
Bank Robbery
An investigation into the possible illegality of penalty charges made by banks to their customers for minor errors such as a bounced cheque or returned direct debit payment. The programme follows people such as the beautiful Jemma Miozga who is struggling to raise her child against constant bank victimization and a man who has started a website advising people how to get their exorbitant charges back.
16 Feb. 2007
The Money Programme's Max Flint investigates this new world of DIY TV and talks to those seeking fame and fortune there.
11 May 2007
The Blair Rich Project
This programme took an entertaining look at how much money Tony Blair might make after leaving office as Britain's Prime Minister.
27 Jul. 2007
Once More with Ealing
A look at the anticipated revival of Ealing Studios with a new take on the St. Trinian's movies starring Rupert Everett and Colin Firth.
5 Oct. 2007
The Fall of BP's Sun King
An analysis of the legacy of former chief executive of BP, Lord Browne.
16 Nov. 2007
Run on the Bank: Penalty Pain
A follow-up to the previous year's episode "Bank Robbery" (2006), exploring how things have developed with bank penalty charges since then. The programme catches up with Jemma, this time billed as Gemma Miozga to see how things have worked out for her.
31 Oct. 2008
HBOS: Breaking the Bank
The first in a special five-part series from the Money Programme examining different aspects of the credit crunch. Investigating the extraordinary fall of HBOS, we examine the subsequent rescue attempts to explain the seismic changes that swept through the UK's banking industry.
22 Jan. 2009
Fast Bucks: How Porsche Made Billions
Over two days in October 2008, it transpired that the luxury car manufacturer Porsche was the force behind an audacious takeover bid of Volkswagen. The price of the latter's shares rocketed fivefold, shares that had allegedly been bought up by Porsche. On a trip to Germany, The Money Programme's Max Flint attempts to glean evidence of how the car maker became so expert at playing the money market.
5 Feb. 2009
Media Revolution: Stop Press?
The first of 3 programmes about the future of media looks at how newspapers can survive in the digital age.
19 Feb. 2009
Media Revolution: Tomorrow's TV
The third of 3 programmes about the future of media looks at how television will have to continue to evolve to survive in the future.
26 Feb. 2009
James Caa's Jobs
James Caan takes a trip out of the Dragons' Den to look at the job market as unemployment figures in the UK reach their worst levels in decades.
23 Jun. 2009
Mary Portas: Save Our Shops
A retail expert analyzes how British high street shops can save themselves during the worst economic recession in living memory.
30 Jun. 2009
Gregg Wallace's Recession Bites
MasterChef's Gregg Wallace examines the effect of the recession on the British food economy.

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