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Watch out, it's Noseybonk!!!
nickjstone12 July 2006
I would bet big money that any child who grew up watching Jigsaw will have one distinct memory of the show. Not Wilf Lunn with his handlebar 'tache and funny straw boater. Not Janet Ellis in her first role before moving up to 'Blue Peter'. But 'Noseybonk' - a nightmarish creation of Adrian Hedley's, who donned a scary white plastic mask with a huge proboscis, and went snooping around poking it where it wasn't wanted, jumping out of bushes and generally scaring impressionable young children. Think Michael Myers from Halloween for the under fives! My brother, now a sane-ish, level-headed adult, still shivers at the mention of this segment of the show, and its freakish character with black suit, bulging eyes and Einstein-like hair. Amazing what the BBC thought would be a good way to educate kids in the Seventies!
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