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True Vinyl review

Author: lynx1995 from United States
7 April 2005

The only reason why I watched this movie was because of Eric Szmanda of CSI. The movie itself was not the greatest, and viewers pretty know how the movie is going to end within 30 minutes of watching the film. However, I think the film is still above average because of the awesome music played throughout the film. The dance music featured during the rave at the barn and the DJ competition was great, and I wish a soundtrack was available.

The actors did an average job given the script they had to work with. Eric did a nice job with his character, Billy Thompson, but there were times when his character was a little too cheesy (i.e., dancing with Maya). However, Eric Szmanda fans (and I am one of them) should enjoy the movie with Eric being the lead character of the film. I think my favorite character from the movie was Night Owl, Billy's roommate during the DJ competition. He was hilarious and provided genuine comic relief to the film.

The movie itself was above average due to the fabulous dance music. Unfortunately, the cheesy dialogue and the predictable plot and ending keep the movie from being truly great.

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Wonderful movie

Author: cocofam from United States
24 December 2005

I would ignore any comments about this movie being a teenage flick only. More than teens will love this movie! I'm 29 and I absolutely loved it. Local farm boy has a dream of becoming a DJ and he will go to a great length to make it come true despite the disapproval of his father. Along the way he finds love and friends. He learns lessons about life and love and who he should and should not trust in life. Also, we get to see Eric Szmanda as a leading man and he does an excellent job! I loved seeing him DJ in the movie because even the actor seemed to have a real love for the music and it showed. I got this movie for $10.00 off of ebay from the movie studio that put it out and it was well worth my ten bucks! It is a movie that will stay in my permanent collection and I will watch over for years to come. My advice: see this flick!

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Author: Vicky Hayes (Orangeorange2003) from Southampton, England
29 March 2005

I first wanted to watch this film because I was really getting into everything that Eric Szmanda was doing. Having loved him in CSI,I thought I should watch some of his films. This was the first of his I watched.

The storyline is good. You have the country boy(Billy) who wants to go and play in the big DJ competition in the city. There he meets a black guy who becomes a very good friend to him. He also meets a lovely girl who falls in love with him.

Billy has to beat all the competition,including a very nasty guy who will do anything to have Billy taken out of the competition. Billy isn't scared and he.............I wont tell you. You have to watch this film.

Overall a good feel good film. One to watch with your mates.

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Like a danish, sweet but cheesy

Author: Butterflychaser85 from United States
20 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is probably the cheesiest movie I've ever seen, but for some reason I can't help but love it.

Billy Thompson, or DJ Billy T, (Eric Szmanda) is a wannabe DJ from Ogallala Nebraska (seriously) who comes to LA for a DJ competition. Billy's father is against his entering the competition, saying that he's a farmer, Billy argues that his love for music is only natural as his deceased mother was a musician. You then find out that Mrs. Thompson was actually good enough to make a record, but never received a copy. Billy has apparently been looking for this record.

Within his first day there, he befriends a fellow DJ, Nite Owl, (Romany Malco). Nite Owl is a DJ from Detroit who has spent a great deal of time and money developing a device that he says will revolutionize the club scene. He spends most of the movie trying to network and sell this device, which we don't actually see until the very end of the movie.

And what movie would be complete without a love interest. In this case, Billy falls for cute New York dancer Mya (Bree Turner) Mya comes complete with trust issues and an over protective best friend Travis, which happens to be Nite Owl's cousin, (Carlton Wilborn).

Much to the surprise of the other DJs, this farm boy is actually pretty good. Making it through round one he's all ready made some enemies. One such enemy is Power Z (Sticky Fingaz) who is so eager to see Billy fail, that he bribes a female judge to poison Billy and keep him out of the second round.

This poisoning backfires, as Billy (with Nite Owl's help) makes it to the competition. This little episode (which involves Billy being seemingly naked on the woman's sofa) only succeeds in making Mya made at Billy.

When this attempt fails, Power Z has Nite Owl and Travis attacked, putting Nite Owl out of the completion, but forces Mya to talk to Billy.

At this point, having lost his love and seen his friend attacked, Billy has decided to go home, forgoing the final round. As his is about to leave the hotel he gets a message that the record store has found his mother's record, he just has to come find it in all the boxes.

Looking for Billy, Mya runs into the Judge who explains what really happened. She finds Billy at the record store and tells him Nite Owl needs him to use his machine in the completion, or he'll lose his deal with the company that has agreed to produce it.

Billy is convinced and enters the final round. As Billy spins, Power Z tries everything in his power to stop him. He of course fails. Billy wins the competition, seals Nite Owl's deal, and gets the girl.

Billy, with new love and friends in tow, returns to Ogallala to build a studio (supported by his father whom he is now able to help financially).

The entire movie takes place over 5 days, which only adds to the cheesiness. However, this movie is full of wonderful music, fun dance scenes, and tolerable acting.

For fans of Eric Szmanda, I would highly recommend this movie...others maybe put off by the utter cheesiness of it all.

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well worth a try

Author: patras from london, england
6 April 2005

Nice, clean and simple plot, entertaining movie overall. Full of music, could easily be watched just for the soundtrack, a definite choice of the story writer who is no other than Alec R. Costandinos, once the king of the euro-disco sound in the 1970's, composer of many of Dalida's hits, and of some of the greatest euro-disco tracks of all time ("I've Found Love," "Romeo and Juliet", "Thank God It's Friday", etc).

His tracks having vanished since his last release "Americana" in 1981 just as disco was nearing its final days as a mass movement, Alec resurfaces in this 2000 movie. The dance scene will perhaps never see another music producer of such magnitude. Luckily we have his legacy to ponder.

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teenage flick

Author: liveheroes from Brussels
26 November 2002

14 year old girls will probably like this movie. Dj-lovers all over the world will laugh at it. The story? A farmer's kid from Nebraska who's musically talented mother died when he was young goes off to Los Angeles to compete with the best Dj's of the States. There he meets a cool black kid, a pretty dancer from New York whom he falls in love with and some evil competitors. He wins of course.

Nothing wrong with a standard formula and Eric Szmanda is okay as the lead actor, but who chose the soundtrack? there's no way that a dj could ever win a contest playing the old fashioned pophouse Eric's character spins... it's just not right... I know the dj scene in the States is way different from the one in Europe, but hey, that's no excuse for having the best dj of the competition play stupid popmusic.

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