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Very enjoyable and cheerful with a good soundtrack.
Serge Bosque5 February 2001
"Salsa (2000)" gives you what it was designed for and what you should expect: Good music, good dancing and good fun.

It is not a pretentious movie at all. The story is simple but not obvious and also contains some interesting moments and twists. The acting is good and the music excellent (Yuri Buenaventura, Sierra Maestra, Ruben Gonzales). The dancing parts are not outstanding but certainly very enjoyable.

It's also a very cheerful and energising movie so it's perfect before going dancing.

Note that this "Salsa (2000)" is much better than "Salsa (1988)", which is boring, predictable and serious ; with some good dance sequences though.

By the way don't miss the delightful "A paradise under the stars" ("Un paraiso bajo las estrellas", CUBA 2000)
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Love and salsa
Keep_Searching7 August 2005
"Salsa",directed by Luis Buñuel's daughter-in-law Joyce,is an unpretentious but pretty interesting and pleasant film. It's a story about a young and promising pianist who decides to devote his career to the Cuban salsa as he has fallen in love with this dance.He pretends to be a Cuban guy and organizes salsa lessons.Then he meets the beautiful Nathalie. Indeed,the story is simple but the films succeeds in matching romantic line, dances and comedy.Moreover,the actors are quite good and the songs are really nice.So the film gives you 100 cheerful minutes and the opportunity to learn more about the splendid culture of Latin America.
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Cuban music in France
esteban174721 September 2003
Cuban emigrants are now everywhere in the world, and not all live in US. These emigrants have been able to spread Cuban music successfully in several European countries as Spain, Italy and France. Classes for learning dancing salsa are now a good business in these countries. The present film shows to what extent this music is accepted by local people and how contagious it is. The plot is about a young guy, pianist from Toulousse, who felt in love with another French young lady and good dancer of salsa. He saw that Nathalie only likes Cuban people and its music, so for this reason he decided to present himself as a Cuban young man under the name of Mongo. At the end everything was obviously discovered, Nathalie knew that he was as French as her, and she finally accepted him as he was. The film had the participation of some Cuban artists, among them Alexis Valdes already based in Spain, who showed how to dance good salsa, and Aurora Basnuevo, who is still working for radio and TV in Cuba. Here she played the role of Cuban Yoruba Santera. Cuban nostalgia is well noted in the film, in one scene Valdes told Mongo that Cubans'smile and laugh are good to hide their pain behind it. If you like good music you must see this film, here it is mainly coming from the Cuban group Sierra Maestra.
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Forget the silly story; enjoy the music.
genevadavid14 August 2002
In the middle of a classical music competition, Remi Bonnet, a brilliant young pianist, switches from Chopin to salsa. The highbrow audience has a fit. People start throwing things. The judges faint. And Remi's piano teacher tells him that his career as a pianist is ruined. Remi kisses the bust of Chopin, asks for forgiveness, and heads for Paris. The stage is set in the first three minutes of `Salsa'.

Remi is dying to be a salsa musician. We will never know how or why Remi became so hooked on latino music. Nor do we really find out how Nathalie, a dour parisian travel agent who he meets in Paris, is transformed into a superb, sexy salsa dancer capable of winning a dance contest on the first try. But we don't really care, because this is a musical comedy looking for every opportunity to show off music and dance. And that's not bad at all.

`Salsa' reminds me of `Round Midnight', Bertrand Tavernier's homage to Dale Turner and the American jazz musicians who came to Paris in the 1950's. There, too, it is the story of a Frenchman who adores 'exotic' music from the other side of the Atlantic. Of course, `Round Midnight' is serious, whereas `Salsa' is a cliche-ridden comedy about one Frenchman's desire to join the fun that Cubans in contemporary Paris are having. Don't take it too seriously; enjoy the music.
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A Great movie!
Andreas2 August 2006
When I began to watch it I had a little doubt in my mind since the last supposed salsa movie didn't contain much salsa. But all my doubts was blown away after the three first minutes!! This movie has really captured the essence of what salsa is to me, a burning for the music! The dancing isn't incredible, there is a lot of nice moves, but nothing that really gets you going. But when Remi plays the piano, you just want to be there with him and sing and dance! I have actually started practicing playing salsa on the piano just because of this movie! If you've lost your glow, your inspiration, watch this movie, it may inspire you like it inspired me.
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Salsa and classical music do match!
hagbergm3 May 2003
Easy classical and salsa music that makes you feel good. This is for sure a cross-cultural movie. The Latin, French and Spanish culture comes across. The plot gives you a positive memory of empowerment. However although this film contains salsa dance scenes, it is no film to train and practice dancing.
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A fantastic film!
hrisunko11 May 2002
"Sala" is an excellent film!!! You must see it. It makes you feel so good. The music is great, the dance is greater! I recommend you to see it!!! All you need is salsa - the emotional, passionate and dynamic dance of Cuba!
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Amazing movie for amazing Latin dances
achkata15 October 2005
Salsa The Movie is really one of the most rare and most amazing movies about Latin dances.Watching that movie means getting charged with Latin spirits and feel for dancing.It describes the arduous life of a french artist whose passion the music itself becomes salsa dance passion. He start studying the main steps of salsa and soon he becomes sophisticated salsa dancer.In the next scene he mets the beautiful Natalie who is also dancing salsa. Together they start training for a large salsa competition. The watchers can really feel the rhythm by watching the steps of the couple. This feeling also comes from the uncountable dance scenes in the movie. The movie ends with a lot of spirits. You should really sea this film. Amazing.
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lmscheck28 May 2000
After having red the overwhelming reviews this film got in my country, I but wanted to see it. But - what a disappointment! To see a bunch of one-dimensional characters in a plot that lacks of originality is not worth the money and the time to spend. I sometimes wonder about the filmcritics in switzerland.
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Save your money
Laurence Benjamin27 July 2009
Lame plot and two-dimensional script made characters look like cardboard cut-outs. Needless to say, this made it difficult to feel empathy for any of the characters, especially the fiancé; He looked and acted more like a cartoon. In summary, I guess you could say it was on par with your typical made for TV drama. It uses just about every cliché in the book. The tortured classical musician who wants to break-out and play salsa. The free-spirited fiancée engaged to a "bean counter" personality she doesn't love. I won't list them or else it would be a spoiler because I'd be giving away the whole plot. The dancing was OK but nothing special. I've seen worse. 3 stars for good music. The band was really tight. I saw it on YouTube. Thankfully I didn't pay good money to see it at a theater. I'm still a little shocked at how many great reviews this movie has garnished.
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