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"We have a Red Sea on Earth too, . . . but it's blue."

Author: richard.fuller1
9 December 2001

Doyle and Aimee were the exchange students to Galaxy High. The roles reversed at Galaxy High; Doyle was unpopular and Aimee found the weird alien creatures inviting. Aimee made friends with Booie Bubblehead (if she stayed in the sun too long, she suffered brain damage with her transparent bubblehead), Gilda Gossip (voiced by Nancy Cartwright, now famous as Bart Simpson) and vamp Wendy Garbo. Doyle is harrassed by the sensational group of bullies, Beef (a red chicken fellow whose catchphrase is "Earth stinks!" and called Doyle "Earthworm!"), Roland Rotten Egg and the subtly scene stealing Earl, a green blob (in a visit to the Disneyworld place, the little green blob is sporting a pair of black mouse ears. Too funny!). Doyle is left to become friends with the multi armed Milo de Venus, the rotund nerd and they have to work at the pizza shop. The last stand-out character was the Creep, a flying yellow sponge puff with big feet who croons like Perry Como and falls in love with any girl who notices him. Much of the adult crowd, such as faculty, were cliches, but the "students" more than made up for that. This cartoon, like Dungeons and Dragons, was just too good to be true. Amazing that much of what passes for mature cartoons now is still on a juvenile level while Galaxy High and Dungeons and Dragons were aimed at higher audiences than grammar school age, obviously. And when these shows had the slightest hint of failure in ratings, it was concluded they weren't what people wanted. Other good jokes; the talking lockers (those were grand!), a teacher shows the class how to make ice scream by squeezing the ice cube while Doyle runs from Beef and his gang behind her, "Land Shark! Everybody into the water!", and the Gym's name was Jim of course. An absolutely favourite episode was Doyle and MIlo baby sitting alien kids. A really cute talking baby with tentacles who grabbed anyone who went by and a lizard girl with a blonde haired, blue eyed baby doll were hysterical.

If Galaxy High airs anywhere soon, record the episodes to keep.

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80's Style

Author: Richard Pullen ( from Westbury. England
20 December 2002

I cannot believe this cartoon was made so few times! I must have seen every episode ten times! Not because it was my favorite, it's just because it was on every saturday for like 10 years! Well close enough anyway! The theme tune was brilliant and so were the characters! Doyle I felt sorry for! I know, I know it's just a cartoon but a phrase reversed "From hero to zero!!!" ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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An all around great Saturday morning cartoon,that was sadly cut off too soon.

Author: Fire_Seraph from The Devil's Nest
5 September 2003

This cartoon was one of my childhood favorites,along with Muppet Babies,Garfield,Dungeons and Dragons,and The Real Ghostbusters.There is many others,but it would take too long to list.Here's why I like the show so much and what I remember about it.Its about two teen, exchange students from Earth,named Aimee and Doyle.They are going to attend a highschool on another planet,called Galaxy High.Doyle was a cool, blond headed student on Earth,and very popular.Aimee was kind of a wall flower,who was quiet and kept to herself.I guess she wasn't really anything special to the human students on Earth.And Doyle didn't seem to care too much about his grades or learning,just about girls and basketball.Well,the next thing you know,the red, royal carpet is rolled out for Aimee and she's treated like a queen.She is well liked by everyone,and she even gets a brand, new space vehicle.Doyle on the other hand,gets treated like crap by most of the aliens,including many of his teachers.All he gets is a stupid,wussy space scooter for kids.And many of the aliens laugh and make fun of him because of it.He finds out later from Milo De Venus,a six armed nerd with glasses,that they treat the girls better here than they do boys.Milo is one of the first aliens to become friends with him.The whole "We treat only certain people better,because of their gender",is a sexist idealism that has existed in a lot of schools for many years;most treating guys better than girls.Which is where the show got its idea from,reversing the roles so to speak.But you can't help but feel sorry for Doyle,because he's being treated unfairly by the school.It makes you wonder why he didn't try to go home,but then there wouldn't be a show.He does need a kick in the a%&,to make him do his school work though.Aimee also gets the last and only talking locker,that likes humans.Doyle gets stuck with a rude,human hating locker that gives him a hard time,and b@#$%^s about every little thing he despises.Man,I kind of thought that locker really needed some Midol and Prozac,it was so irritable.Doyle decides to make the most of it by having to work at Bouncing Luigi's Pizza,and saving the money to get a real space vehicle;eventually.Aimee on the other hand joins a cool clique of female students,named Wendy,Buoy,and Gilda.Wendy Garbo is a vamp female alien,who looks like your modern,stereotypical martian; complete with green skin and pointy ears.She's pretty though,with a suave sounding voice.She wears a long fur stole,that resembles a Siamese cat thats actually alive!Then there's Buoy Bubblehead,who isn't the brightest person in the world.She's more or less the dingbat of the group.She looks like a fluid filled,yellow balloon with her brain showing.She has freckles on her face,wears a big ponytail,and she's kind of a plain Jane.And last but not least there's Gilda Gossip, who as you can tell by the name,gossips.And gossip away she does wether it involves a breakup,or a love triangle.She looks kind of like a pink octopus,only in reverse.Her tentacles are on top with her head,with red lips on them;I guess so she can talk away.They take her to this place in the space mall,to help her get an updated look,starting with her clothes.Some of the clothing the machine put on her, including the leopard costume,made me laugh it was so hilarious.Then she got a cool, metallic, blue dress that's real short and looks New Wave.She also has her long, brunette locks cut for a shorter hairdo,that looks chic.She even gets sprayed with a blue color,making Doyle I think jealous.All Doyle gets is a run in with the bullies,Beef Bunk and the Bunk Bunch.Beef is an ill tempered rooster,who hates Earth and has a chip on his shoulder about lots of things,including Doyle.He gets a thrill out of making Doyle miserable,and threatening him.His two buddies,Rotten Rolland and Eric Euucchh join in the browbeating.Rotten Rolland is an ugly looking,overall wearing,blob that has a thing for rotten eggs.In fact he does look like rotten scrambled eggs..And Eric is a grouchy,slimy space slug that always gets stepped on by Doyle.Beef has a crush on Amiee,but she always tells him off.Some of the other characters include,the Creep who looks like a puffy, white cloud with big feet,wings,and the voice of a lounge singer.He always seems to sing many times about people,and stuff going on.He too has a crush on Aimee,and she nearly got stuck with him, because of his chain of love.Thankfully,the hairstylist cut it off for her.Don't stare at the screen like that,its not what you think.Its an actual chain made with hearts on it,not anything dirty.Then Ms.Mcbrain is a gigantic, green brain with eyes,who has kind of given Doyle a hard time.She's the school principal,and has punished the Bunk Bunch for their evil deeds.There's coach Frogface,who croaks a lot,and catches flies.He looks like the creature from the Black Lagoon.Then there's the female coach who's a Centaur,and I can't remember her name.There's Professor Iceinstien,Doyle's science teacher,who has to have the room at freezing temperatures or he'll melt.He's made of frozen water,and hasn't been too harsh on Doyle.Everyone has to wear jackets or coats because of the room being an ice box.Then there's Flat Freddy,a red headed, freckle faced boy who's flat.He too becomes one of Doyle's good friends.He can flatten himself to get out of tight places.Then another character who was very popular with the students,but was gone on a long hiatus was Reggie;a half human half motorcycle.He maybe rich in money and looks,but he's really whiny and immature.He not only develops a crush on Aimee,but acts like she's a possession that can be bought and owned.Another alien creature,who's name I can't remember was a large, cat like creature who wore glasses and Hawaiian shirts.He came to Galaxy High because of being expelled from other schools,as a result of playing pranks.He also became one of Doyle's good friends,but it was short lived because he had to leave.Then there's the mutant bulldog,who looks like a puppy,but changes into a giant monster when angered.Then there's the wacky, married couple that Doyle always runs into,who has tubes connecting to each other.They always fight and argue.Last but not least is Bouy's crush,the famous alien rockstar who's like Mc Jagger.His name even sounds like Mc Jagger,but I don't remember what it is.And the least memorable is Bouncing Luigi,who owned the pizza place,bounced and yelled at Doyle.And not much else.It's a real shame that the show didn't get a second or third season,it was a really good show.I have many favorite episodes,like Martian Mumps,Pizza's Honor and many others whose names I can't remember.As I said before,not everyone was mean to Doyle.He and Aimee are some what friends.Gilda Gossip has a crush on him,and loves smooching on him.And I don't think the others in clique hate him,I think they kind of treat him like another classmate.And so did the Creep.I'd like to say I wish they have a new series to put it back on,but it wouldn't be a good idea.It might be overrun with toilet humor,something this show never had.They might do a hack job to the characters,and their personalities.They might make the show too nice and saccharine sweet,and make Doyle and Milo too hip and perfect.I wouldn't mind finally seeing a movie made based on the show,as long as they don't do what I mentioned above.Tim Burton,if you ever read this here is an idea for a great movie.Making one based on this show,because I know you'll add the right touch.Please Mr. Burton,do it for the show and do it for the fans.

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My All Time Favorite 80's Cartoon

Author: CocaCola18 ( from England
17 June 2003

...I loved this show much I think I shall sing you the song...


(something like this anyway!)

Doyle was a High School Star

Everybody thought he'd go real far

But he didn't learn a thing from the classes he took

You know, he just wasn't int-er-rest-ed in his books

Amy was the smartest girl in school

Not very popular, Not very cool

Two kids will be chosen from earth to go to school at Galaxy High

(80's Electric Guitar Solo)

Traveling millions of miles through space

To go to school in a far out place

Amy is the sweetheart

Doyle's got a lot to learn

Here at Galaxy High

(Galaxy High, Galaxy High, Galaxy High)

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ....hahahaha and I think the lyrics sum it all up the best! I cannot believe there were only thirteen episodes all together... I must have seen all of them a million times over! BRILLIANT! 10/10!

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One of the greatest and most innovative Saturday morning toons ever!

Author: brownbunnyboy from Los Angeles
15 June 2001

I absolutely loved this show when I was younger, even though I still wasn't that young when it was on. Along with "Pee Wee's Playhouse", "The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse", "Dungeons and Dragons", and "Gummi Bears", this was the coolest and wackiest show around. I thought "Alf" was different when I saw the 1st episode as a kid, but then after the 1st season it turned into absolute garbage. "Galaxy High" was not like that. This is one of the most forgotten cartoons ever. I want the freakin' dvd! Some one pick this stuff up, and release it. While you're at it, please release "Eraserhead" on dvd, and put "The Hardy Boys" tv series out too!

Somebody listen to me!


Ramzi Abed

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Great show

Author: natman34 from United States
12 January 2006

I have always loved this cartoon. I hope enough people remember it and there's a DVD in the near future. Join and vote for it. With enough people clamoring for Galaxy High, I know we can make it happen. Tell your friends and anyone who will listen. The children of the 80's should know what I'm talking about. He-Man, Transformers, G.I Joe and countless others have made the leap forward why not this show. Any fan of Nancy Cartwright will giggle with delight when they hear her as Flat Freddy. Come on guys and gals we need Galaxy High now more than ever.Galaxy High Galaxy High Galaxy High Galaxy High!!!! One of Chris Columbus' first project and he has and outstanding track record of great work.

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1980's Cartoon Classic

Author: Richard Pullen ( from Westbury, England
25 July 2002

I cannot believe this cartoon was made so few times! I must have seen every episode ten times! Not because it was my favorite, it's just because it was on every saturday for like 10 years! Well close enough anyway! The theme tune was brilliant and so were the characters! Doyle I felt sorry for! I know, I know it's just a cartoon but a phrase reversed "From hero to zero!!!" ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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A Travesty That This Cartoon Was Shortlived, Galaxy High Was Fab

Author: waiching liu from London, England, UK
23 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Galaxy High was an 80s cartoon which centred upon the antics of two humans: a girl named Aimme and a guy named Doyle, who attend a high school in outer space named 'Galaxy High'. Thus, the two couldn't be any more different. Before they arrived, Aimme was not having the best of both worlds, whilst Doyle was the popular and cool one, but by the time they arrive on another planet, Doyle and Aimme's lives are reversed- hence, she was now well loved and respected by the kids at Galaxy High and Doyle was very much dismissed as an idiot and is subjected to various taunts by a bully going by the name of Beef Bunk and his bully cronies. They of whom go out of their way to make Doyle's life as a student hell on earth- no make that, hell on galaxy high. Though all is not lost as he eventually befriends a six arm geek, Milo De Venus.

The school itself has its interesting set of alien characters in all shapes and sizes, all with numerous sets of personalities.

This cartoon isn't so much a depiction of what life would be like living and working in another planet; it is mainly about the trials and tribulations of two human beings in Doyle and Aimme and their attempts in fitting in with the so-called 'crowd' and acclimatising to their new found life in outer space.

I am still bewildered as to why this show didn't last as long as it should've done- in fact, it is bewildering, as well as a travesty to say the least that many great 80s cartoons only lasted a few seasons.

This was funny, fun and very, very original and the characters and the design of the characters and the futuristic settings were the most creative and inventive around. Saturday mornings were never the same again once Galaxy High and many other cartoons went off the air during the 1980s and early 90s. The synth title theme tune with the vocoder-like vocals rocked too.

Overall, Galaxy High was a great animated show and one worth purchasing on DVD. Though I wished this would come out in the shops here in the UK.

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Galaxy High School on DVD!!!

Author: philly_dawg from United States
19 April 2006

Blast off to the outer space high school where the students come in all shapes, sizes and every color of the rainbow! At Galaxy High the junior class president has six hands. The local pizza parlor is as close as the nearest satellite and when the science teacher gets mad he melts! Join two earthing exchange students as they encounter a crazy collection of cosmic kids from all over the universe.

Galaxy High has been announced for release on DVD. The release is being produced and distributed by Media Blasters through their AnimeWorks division (the same company previously responsible for the release of Invader Zim). The series will be split across two volumes. The first volume, containing episodes 1 through 7, will be released June 27, 2006, while the second will be released July 25, 2006, featuring the remaining episodes 8 through 13.

(copied from Wikipedia:

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Galaxy High School Should Become A Movie

Author: TheFutureSelf from United Kingdom
22 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Who would believe that the writer and developer Chris Columbus aka harry potter director for the first 2 movies had took part in this.

For years i have been looking for a copy of the series, i grew up with this, it is all that stands for what was the 80's.

Looking back and looking forward with all the recent remakes of films, Galaxy High would of been achievable as a movie, you would only have to see the film Sky High to see how this could be achieved, What would be great is to have a live action movie of Galaxy High with the director as Chris Columbas, that would rock.

We need this movie, for all that is the 80's we need to preserve the past.

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