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5 Key Questions Facing Sony in Wake of Hack Attack

The fallout from “The Interview” didn’t end with the R-rated comedy’s debut on-demand and in a few hundred arthouse theaters this Christmas. For Sony Pictures, which has spent much of the tail end of 2014 buffeted by a digital-era catastrophe, cleaning up the wreckage will continue well into the new year. Sony’s leaders must mend fences with top talent and theater chains, and convince the corporate brass in Japan that they are still fit to lead the studio amid all the collateral damage.

“The brand has been tarnished,” says media analyst Hal Vogel. “They look a bit incompetent in the way they handled this. They fumbled about like they had a loose football.”

As the studio digs out from what likely will be millions upon millions of dollars in damages and an endless array of leaked documents, emails and other confidential information, here are five key questions facing Sony and the movie business.
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Miriam’s Married Man Dilemma Continues, ‘Breaking Amish’ Previews Video

TV Picks: Episode of Breaking Amish Tonight on TLC at 10/9cWhat a crazy story that is unfolding on tonight’s “Breaking Amish”!Some married man totally lied to Miriam about his marital status, and the poor grl is in her bonnet at a bar – barefoot – accepting shots from strangers and drinking beer out of a bottle.Forgive And Forget The group continues to deal with the fallout from Matt and Miriam’s hook up as Miriam tells Matt’s wife the truth about their tryst. Meanwhile, Vonda gives online dating a try while Bates takes his first steps toward launching an acting career.
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The Essential Debbie Harry: Ranking Her Top 20 Songs

Blondie was one of the seminal new wave bands of the 70′s, and their influence is still felt forty years after their introduction (they were inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame in 2006).

Debbie Harry‘s solo career has not reached the same heights as Blondie, but she remains a true rock icon. Today is her 69th birthday, so let’s celebrate with a look at some of her greatest songs, both solo and with Blondie.

This is a good place to start your Essential Debbie Harry Collection.

20. For Your Eyes Only

Year: 1981

Album: The Hunter

Chart Peak: N/A

For Your Eyes Only” was originally written for the 1981 James Bond film, but the producers turned it down in favor of the Bill Conti song performed by Sheena Easton. Blondie decided to release their song on their ill-fated final album The Hunter. It’s understandable why they went with the Sheena song,
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Robert Pattinson Put Kristen Stewart "Through the Ringer" Over Rupert Sanders Cheating Scandal

Robert Pattinson Put Kristen Stewart
Forgive and forget? Easier said than done. It seemed for a while that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship was back on track after the actress' cheating scandal last summer with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, but in truth, Pattinson, 27, never really got over the incident. Sources tell Us Weekly the Twilight actor had a difficult time moving on after Stewart's fling -- and he wasn't shy about letting her know. "He really put her through the ringer," one insider tells [...]
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Dexter’s Season 8 Giftwrapped…Uh Sorta

Phrases like “tonight’s the night”, “on my table”, “dark passenger”, “kill room” and “wrapped in plastic” can all mean only one thing: Showtime’s Dexter is on its way back to the small screen. We know season 8 marks the end of a tantalizing ride, but does it also mean the end for Dexter Morgan? Why else would the network release this brand spanking new teaser poster, depicting Dex shrink wrapped, laying, one might speculate, on his own kill table?

Dexter‘s eighth and final season begins on June 30. It will be bitter sweet for this fan. Does Dexter has to pay for his sins with his life? If he’s on his own kill table, perhaps his own actions are what put him there. Then again, maybe a certain hot blonde is the one who put him there.

The beautiful Yvonne Strahovski’s killer character, Hannah, will return for
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David Beckham Named Among Hollywood's Sexiest Shirtless Hunks

David Beckham Named Among Hollywood's Sexiest Shirtless Hunks
What are Us Weekly's preferred partners buzzing about this Friday? David Beckham's shirtlessness, Kim Kardashian's ceasefire with Chelsea Handler, and Ryan Gosling's new movie. Check out more stories in the roundup below. Is it getting hot in here? Soccer star David Beckham and dad-to-be Channing Tatum are two of Hollywood's sexiest shirtless studs. Find out who else made the list! (The Stir) Forgive and forget! Kim Kardashian says she and "bully" Chelsea Handler have made amends after a long-running feud. In fact, she and her sisters are taking [...]
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'Survivor: Caramoan's' Brandon Hantz: My meltdown was 'awesome'

Brandon Hantz made "Survivor" history when his tribe forfeited the Immunity Challenge and then voted him out on the spot Wednesday (March 13). He tells Zap2it that what he did was awesome.

Walk us through what really went down -- what was your main problem with Phillip?

"He was just really aggressive. He was very animated. To me, that's disrespectful. When you talk to somebody, you don't have to have your nose right in their face, you don't have to use all the hand signals. Just the respect level. He had no respect for anybody out there.

He came out there like Boston Rob ... to me, just bullying. Boston Rob did it in a classier way. He actually did it behind your back. At least do it behind my back, don't be disrespectful to my face.

[Phillip] was trying to be somebody he's not. He can't be Boston Rob 'cause he's not Boston Rob.
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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Still Have 'Trust Issues,' Says Source

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Still Have 'Trust Issues,' Says Source
Forgive and forget? Not quite. Three months after Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal with director Rupert Sanders, the 22-year-old actress has found forgiveness from her boyfriend of three years, Robert Pattinson. But their repaired relationship is still a work in progress. "There's still healing to do and trust issues," a friend tells People in this week's issue, "but Kristen will do whatever it takes."As for why Pattinson, 26, took her back, the answer is simple, says another source: "He never stopped loving her." While the two have been busy doing separate promotional duty for Breaking Dawn Part 2, their much-anticipated red-carpet
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9 Great Movie Moments at the Video Music Awards

You might think that the MTV Video Music Awards are all about music, or more specifically, music videos. But throughout the past 17 years, there have been plenty of movie-related moments that have broken up the many Madonna performances, "Moonman" award upsets and general Vma revelry.

After all, you can't pack an auditorium full of the entertainment industry's most talented performers and not expect some big-screen brilliance. (We're already anticipating one big movie moment at this Sunday's show. Two words: "Hunger Games.")

In celebration of this year's ceremony and the big-screen moments that it will certainly bring, we've compiled the nine best movie-related Vma moments (ever!) for your enjoyment.

9. A Lesson in Humor From Eddie Murphy (1985)

It was the mid-'80s, and Eddie Murphy was hot. (Like, legitimately movie-star hot -- not just "trapped in this 'Norbit' fat suit" hot.) After successfully transitioning from small to big screen via hits like "48 Hours,
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90210 Review: "The Enchanted Donkey"

  • TVfanatic
So what do you do when you fall off a horse? Why, you get right back up on that burro. Or rather on "The Enchanted Donkey."

On the return episode of 90210, Naomi and Max finally consummated their secret love affair. And much to Naomi's shock and delight, the nerd is a stallion in the sack. Score!

Having had her mind blown by sexual "prodigy" Max, Naomi couldn't bear to be away from him for a week, so she concocted some story about needing math tutoring in order to bring Max along.

Looking more like a cougar on her way to St. Tropez than a 17-year-old high school student on her way to spring break, Naomi joined the rest of the gang on some private airport tarmac where everyone was jetting off to Cabo on a private plane.

Not quite clear whose jet it was or how they could afford it,
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Private Practice Sneak Peeks: Charlotte & Cooper Reveal Secrets

A new episode of Private Practice will be airing on February 24 and we have four sneak peeks and promo photos for you below from ABC. Here's a short description of the episode from the network:

Charlotte And Cooper Must Learn To Forgive And Forget As They Learn Each Other's Secrets, On ABC's "Private Practice"

Liza Weil ("Gilmore Girls") Guest Stars

"Two Steps Back" - Charlotte and Cooper look to forgive each another after revealing secrets during couples therapy, Violets seeks the forgiveness and approval of her fellow doctors after they learn her novel-in-progress will make all of their personal lives public, Sheldon treats a patient who claims to have multiple personality disorder, and Sam and Naomi team up on a case involving a pregnant teen with Down's Syndrome , on "Private Practice," Thursday, February 24 (10:01-11:00 p.m., Et) on the ABC Television Network.


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(ABC/Ron Tom) Matt Roth,
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Pretty Little Liars 1.10 "Keep Your Friends Close" Recap

I would like to destroy who ever pulled the hit and run tonight on Pretty Little Liars, because not only is the life of my favorite character in limbo, but I will have to wait to this winter to find out who the culprit was. Bastards! Other than that, more secrets were revealed and shameful acts pulled, but the most horrendous thing that happened was the torture of seeing Mona's name all over the place. I'm sick of that bitch. Anyone else feel the same? Anyway…

Pretty Little Liars Know How to Walk Into The Web of Danger and Get Eaten Alive in the Process

The girls start off talking about the return of Ian, Melissa's ex (and the first guy of Melissa's that Spencer fell for). Mona then shows up to invite the girls to her birthday bash, which she has dubbed Camp Mona and will feature "glamping", which is glamorous camping.
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David Hasselhoff Steps Out With Daughter Hayley For First Time Since Hospitalization

Fame Pictures

Forgive and forget? David Hasselhoff steps out with daughter Hayley … the one who called 911 during his latest incident

Looks like the Hasselhoffs are back on track, ladies and gentleman! The Hoff and his daughter Hayley were seen out and about shopping at furniture store Z Gallerie in Beverly Hills on Dec. 8. From the looks of things, they are happy, healthy and very much like family. We’re glad to see they’ve got the holiday spirit!

This was the first time we’ve seen them since Thanksgiving weekend when Hayley had to call 911 to come pick up her dad, who reportedly was having alcohol-induced seizures. The Hoff was put into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s psych ward and held involuntarily for two days. It was Hayley’s sister Taylor Ann who videotaped David in that infamous burger-inhaling stupor from May 2007.

This wasn’t the first time Hoff has landed
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'Glee's' high and low notes: Kevin McHale's Artie

This Wednesday, December 9th, "Glee" will finish the first half of its inaugural season, not returning to our TVs until next April. To toast the freshman series before its extended hiatus, we're counting down the characters' high and low notes. On tap today? Artie Abrams...

High Note: "Wheels" ...the episode as a whole

If "Glee" picked a different character to focus each episode on (like "Lost" used to do), "Wheels" would be the Artie Abrams hour. A-squared took center stage, with his disability and different challenges highlighted, while his strengths and talents were amplified as well. And along the way, we watched the love story between him and Tina grow. And it was adorable, how they looked at each other, how they bonded over their similarities. After just a few short scenes, we were invested in their relationship... well, a few short scenes and a musical performance too (see
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Mel Gibson -- Bye-Bye DUI

  • TMZ
Mel Gibson -- Bye-Bye DUI
Mel Gibson's 2006 DUI is now officially off his record. Judge Lawrence Mira just signed legal documents in Malibu, expunging the misdemeanor DUI from Mel's record. Mel's lawyer, Blair Berk, requested the motion to dismiss on September 21 after Mel successfully completed the terms of his three-year probation.So, it's kinda like a legal version of Yom Kippur ... he atoned for his sins and he gets a clean slate. Mazel Tov, Mel.

Mel Gibson
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Mel Gibson -- Forgive and Forget

  • TMZ
Mel Gibson will ask a judge to expunge the DUI heard round the world.We've obtained legal papers (on Yom Kippur, funny enough) revealing that Gibson's lawyer, Blair Berk, will go to court in exactly one week and ask the judge to remove the DUI from Gibson's record -- because he has successfully completed all the terms of his 3-year probation.You may recall Gibson was arrested in Malibu back in July, 2006 and went on
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