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Worm-puking nightmare.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
20 February 2005

"The Devil" is a typical example of early 80's gross Hong Kong horror.A loving family's world is turned upside down when a stranger named Chao arrives and ends up marrying into the family.He has conned them all because he is not the kind and caring person he at first appears to be,in fact he is a ruthless devil intent on stealing everything the family has.The cruelty gets out of control and results in the death of one of the family elders.Finally the forces of dark sorcery are called upon to attempt to exact a violent revenge.This absolutely revolting horror film is definitely not for the easily offended.Bodies are ripped open to show the insect covered entrails within,blood squirts,kung-fu ghosts attack,tons of maggots are regurgitated amidst waves of green bile,faces are bashed in and many more.The death scene of the man who threatened Chao at his wedding has to be seen to be believed.He throws up live worms,centipedes and snakes,amidst slime and blood and is burned alive by some town people.The special effects by Cheng Yu Feng are surprisingly effective and the cast is pretty good.Overall,if you like bizarre Asian horror films you can't go wrong with "The Devil".7 out of 10.

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Ultra-gross Chinese horror includes worm-puking

Author: squeezebox from United States
28 February 2003

Unrelentingly bizarre Hong Kong horror movie about an ancient curse which causes victims to vomit worms, maggots and slime. There's a rather convoluted murder mystery as well, but who cares about that? It's gore you want to see and its gore that you get--and it's some of the messiest ever to ooze across the screen. There are several scenes of ascending repulsiveness in which a victim flails on the ground as (real) worms, maggots, centipedes, eels, slime, blood and pus erupt from their mouths and skin. It's even more disgusting than it sounds. But the strangest thing about this movie is how light and cheery it is between the puking scenes. People laugh, ride through the park, go to the movies together, and there's an obnoxiously spunky little bellboy named Ding Dong (!). And, of course, there's the ridiculous dubbing job which is sure to annihilate any hint of scariness or atmosphere. There's a creepy opening in which a woman is mugged and has her face bashed in with a rock, followed by a scene in which a witch cuts open a sick man's stomach and scoops out all the maggots and worms infesting his guts. Yuck. After that, the aforementioned happy-go-lucky nonsense kicks in, and we have to wait a while for the next bout of nastiness. Be prepared to fast-forward through the incoherent plot and inane dialogue, but if you're a fan of Asian horror with a concentration on worm-puking, this is the movie for you. Worthy of note is the fact that a muzak version of Billy Joel's "The Stranger" plays during a bar scene.

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Above Average Early-80's HK gore film...

Author: EVOL666 from St. John's Abortion Clinic
11 February 2006

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of this era of Hong Kong horror films. I love a lot of the CAT III sleaze/exploit/horror stuff that came later, and I love most Japanese horror/exploit/pinky stuff from the 60's through today - but I find most of the horror films that came out of the early 80's in Hong Kong to be pretty much the same story told in different ways - usually pretty ineffectively. This is no different with THE DEVIL - but this one is done better than the previous attempts that I've seen.

The story behind THE DEVIL is of a con-man who infiltrates a relatively wealthy family who owns a hotel, when the hotel bell boy, Ding-Dong (?!?), plays a little match-making with the hotel owners daughter. It's found out that the con-man has done this sort of thing before, and when he's exposed and inadvertently causes the death of the hotel owner, the matron of the family puts a curse on him. At the same time that this is happening, random people are coming into contact with some sort of witch that lives in the woods that makes her "victims" puke worms, maggot, centipedes, slime, and blood in pretty gruesome fashion when she "possesses" them...

The story behind THE DEVIL is relatively straight-forward and isn't quite as confusing as some of the other similar films from this genre that I've seen - but there were still plenty of moments when I lost track of the characters, or why certain things were happening. Luckily, there were enough worm-puking scenes (which seems to be a "staple" of these kinds of films - but THE DEVIL does them better...) to keep me relatively entertained. Unfortunately though, other than a chick getting her face smashed with a rock, and a guy having insects, worms, and snakes cleaned out of his guts in the very beginning...the worm-puking scenes are the only other type of gore scenes, and end up being kinda redundant after the first few times. Even so, this one was a little more enjoyable than some of the others I've seen, and I would recommend THE DEVIL to fans of such films as SEEDING OF A GHOST, DEVIL FETUS, or CENTIPEDE HORROR. 6/10

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An enjoyably gross Hong Kong horror yuckfest

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
24 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An evil, ugly, rot-faced witch casts spells on her victims that turn their insides into bugs and snakes. Meanwhile, a smooth con man named Chao marries into a well-to-do family so he can steal their money. Director Jen Chieh Chang, working from a muddled script by Luk Pak Sang, relates the ridiculously convoluted story at a plodding pace and fails to maintain a steady and even tone (the picture fluctuates wildly from being light and silly one moment to more grim and horrific the next moment!). Yet despite these flaws, this movie remains strangely compelling thanks to its genuinely oddball plot and offbeat "anything can happen" unpredictable atmosphere. The film really kicks to life with a series of memorably vile and revolting in-your-face graphic and unflinching splatter set pieces: a luckless lady has her face smashed in with a rock at the start of the flick, a man has his stomach cut open so various writing insects can be removed from his abdomen, a possessed guy gets burned at the stake, and a few folks vomit forth plenty of slithery snakes and grody bugs. Li Shih Chieh's acceptable cinematography, the laughably lousy dubbing, Wang Mao Shan's shivery ooga booga score, and an obnoxiously hearty little boy named Ding Dong further add to the endearingly schlocky charm of this totally disjointed, but still peculiarly entertaining junk.

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Better than The Godfather

Author: zerozed from United States
15 March 2006

First off, let me say that "The Devil" is the feel good movie of the year! It's a roller-coaster ride of thrills and chills! It's a triumph of Chinese Cinema!

After watching this film, I can honestly say it is probably the finest example of Hong Kong gore. I suspect there's actually no plot to this thing--not that it matters. If you like to see one gratuitous scene after another of people vomiting snakes, worms and maggots, then this film is for you! Oh, there's plenty of erupting boils as well. And a rather fey Chinese boy dressed like the long-lost miniature Asian member of the Village People. His name is (and I'm not making this up) "Ding Dong." Mere words just cannot do this masterpiece justice.

Sell all your worldly possessions and go see this film NOW!!!!!

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Not "The Devil's Express"

Author: rwagn from Columbus, Ohio
12 February 2006

Videoasia has just released several two-fers under the collection called "Tales of Voodoo". Be aware that Volume 3 was supposed to contain "The Devil's Express" and "The Rapist". I have been trying to find a DVD version of "The Devil's Express" for years and was ecstatic to allegedly find it here for $7.99! However upon playing the disc I was disappointed to find the movie is actually " The Devil'". The other reviewers have already given a fair description of the film. I would like to add that this DVD collection has no menu, the film just begins and replays in a continuous loop, and no extras. Actually, the packaging is the best part of the product. The box does state, "Stiff as a corpse unanimated menus and pine box quality chapter feature" so I guess they are being honest. Buyer beware!

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maggots and ding dong the annoying boy

Author: trashgang from Midian
17 October 2013

This surely is a cult phenomena. It's being searched by horror buffs world wide and so far it doesn't had a proper release on DVD. It's out on oversized US VHS release and of course a Japanese release. If you find this flick then you will have to pay mostly around 150$! Is it worth that amount of money.

If you like Centipede Horror (1983) or films involving puking of real animals then this is a must see. It's a typically Hong Kong horror flick with horrible dubbing and cheesy acting but this one goes for extreme gross-outs in the form of a virus inflicted on people by a ghost that makes them break out in boils and abscesses, burst in green goo, and vomit pus, blood, worms, centipedes and snakes. Sadly that's it, were as the other animal puking flicks did had an interesting story this is rather boring. Still it's not for the squeamish or easily offended because a snake (living) is smashed to death and living animals do crawl out of the actors their mouth.

An excellent extreme gory opening with magic rituals and a body being opened by her to reveal maggots and goo. But from there Xie Mo becomes rather boring and goes downhill especially the scene's at the hotel with Ding Dong the young boy and there are a lot! You really have to sit through tame parts to see the maggots and puking, the final is worth seeing too. Only for the buffs.

Gore 2,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 1/5 Story 1/5 Comedy 0/5

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Awful early 80s HK horror.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
21 April 2006

In the opening scene of The Devil, a woman performs a magic ritual on a man covered from head to foot in erupting boils and lacerations; she opens up his stomach with a knife, fishes around in his maggot-infested guts and removes all manner of muck before patching him up. After this promising start, the film goes rapidly downhill.

The rest of this dreadfully inept movie deals with the tale of an avenging ghost whose victims cough up bucket loads of snakes and multi-coloured goop before finally kicking the bucket. Although this sounds like a gorehound's dream-come-true, the effects are lame and the excruciatingly awful scenes between the 'mucky' bits would test the patience of even the most obsessive horror fan.

In fact, the only reason I can possibly think of for recommending this dreadful film to anyone is that you will get to witness one of the most bizarre cinematic characters ever in the form of 'Ding Dong', the annoying camp bellboy; his outfits are so gay they will have you sniggering uncontrollably.

So. if you wish to see a small boy sporting tight white shorts, braces and a cap, or a fetching Sgt. Pepper style uniform, go ahead and enjoy; otherwise, I would stay well away.

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