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Two-night rental, ha! I couldn't take it back quick enough.

Author: J_Carls from Nashville, TN
29 May 2004

Over several years of looking for half-decent films to rent for my kids, I've developed a sixth-sense for spotting the really cheesy, direct-to-video efforts that are really painful to sit through (for anyone over the age of eight). I dropped the ball on this one and the kids spent half the movie asking me "what did she say that for?" and "why did he do that?" and my eyes got sore from rolling them every minute or so as characters did a really bad job of introducing seemingly random plot changes. And the next time someone decides that having absolutely no skill with a sword is simply "bringing realism" to a film, please run them through with a dull butter knife. "Prehysteria!" was head and shoulders above this. Arrgh.

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Author: jessicawoods16 from United States
23 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

honestly, where can I begin! This was a low budget, HORRIBLY acted film, it was so cheesy it had us all bursting with laughter to how completely retarded it was! the sword fighting scenes weren't even sword fights, they were playing around with some plastic swords they bought at wal-mart and all they were doing was just moaning to try and make it look like they were struggling!! Me and my family was in the mood for a really good action movie one day, so we decided to go to the store and look for one, and there it was The Sawtooth Island movie. I mean it looked so great but when we watched it at home I practically died after the first scene.

Oh and the plot of the film, the story board, the script, etc..was a bunch of garbage that I don't even know why the director and producer even wasted their time making it!! But if you happen to stumble upon this not get it!!!!!

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Author: ggnutsc from United States
15 January 2007

Certainly not a high end movie, but quite watchable as far as I'm concerned. I purchased this for a whole $3.88 at Walmart so my expectations weren't that high, but it entertained us for and evening and it was a lot better than some of the stuff that I might have found channel surfing. Some movie snobs might scoff at this but I felt like it was better than a multi-million dollar movie that uses tons of special effects, but has nothing else. This movie reminded me of the kinda shows I saw at the theater when I was a kid when they showed free movies during the holiday season. It brought back those feelings and I liked it!

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Great family movie!

Author: Kat from United States
7 July 2006

I just rented this movie and i loved every second of it! I watched it with my dad because we both love treasure movies and this looked like a great family-type movie (and it is). There's no swearing or sex or any really violent scenes, but it's still very entertaining. It's a good movie for kids, but there are a lot of things in it that will make the older crowd laugh because it's so ridiculous (but still good), like "Have a cookie,".

The characters are really fun! there's lovable old Toby and his niece with an attitude, Smokey Jean. The main character, Danny, is a little awkward (and it's pretty funny to watch him sword fight)...i think the best character (for me) has to be 'Doc', who is a creepy, CREEPY man. I wouldn't want that crazy man after me with a sword, that's for sure...

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A waste of an amazing actor.

Author: Cimmerian_Dragon from Marcy, NY, USA
11 February 2007

The only reason I elected to give this flick a shot was due to the presence of Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine. All I can say is, it was the greatest waste of a good actor ever put to film. As far as I could tell, Borgnine was the ONLY actor in it. The other performances were so uniformly terrible, I am amazed a studio would actually pay the "performers" to appear. Couple this level of talent in the acting department with a story so plodding and insipid that I thought my eyes were going to start bleeding by the time the credits rolled, and you have a perfect cinematic disaster. Obviously the movie was made to appeal to an audience of children, and to its credit, it was better than most of the original programing on the Disney Channel and similar kid-focused networks. But honestly, that is not saying much.

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Thank God I'm not a kid anymore

Author: JoeytheBrit from
11 July 2002

If you ever doubted that the tastes of children are less demanding than those of us adults then all you need to do to convince yourself is watch a few of the profusion of kiddie flicks that litter Sky movie channels' daytime schedules - assuming, of course, that what the kiddies receive is what they actually want, and that they're not conditioned into accepting sloppy efforts like this. The fact that a movie is aimed at the pre-teen set should be no excuse for poor acting (and timing), sloppy editing, and horrendously choreographed swordfight sequences (although they, at least, make you appreciate how difficult the good ones must be to stage).

192-year-old Ernest Borgnine receives top-billing, probably because he is the only recognisable actor in the entire picture, but he meets a watery end in the first 15 minutes, abandoning us to the dubious talents of the teenage leads (canny leading 'man', feisty leading lady, and slightly geeky best friend), and an excitable old boy who acts as if he's vocalising for a Warner Brother's cartoon of the 40s. To be fair, the male lead is quite likeable, but he lacks the necessary charisma to carry the film (I can't see any kid relating to this guy), but the girl (or, to be kind, her character) is just irritating, and only Randall Godwin, as the evil Doc Biehler, comes close to passing muster, although he's far too puny to be an intimidating presence.

Sadly enough, there's the seed of a good children's story cocooned within the sluggish pace and dearth of action, it's just a shame that writer Terry Caszatt lacks the necessary experience to give it life and avoid leaving so many things unexplained

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