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Um... a really great movie.
Roxburyfunny130 January 2004
I thought the cast was great. You couldn't have asked for a better cast. Especially gabriel Damon, haylie Johnson, Elizabeth Huett, Ryan Francis and Tyrone Tann their characters really stood out among others and just made you think. Gabriel damon it was interesting to see him in a different movie a change of pace if you will and he did an amazing job on the role of Jason. This movie indeed is a wakeup call for everyone. Great story line and just a really great movie. i've been wanting to see this movie for awhile and i'm glad i did i thought this movie was great i really enjoyed it but it is indeed very intense. Recommended for people who want a very good and intense movie! ~!
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Stereo-types Unite.
enviouskitten3 November 2004
As a fan of movies that challenge the social norm, "Social Misfits" is by far a favourite. Based on a single weekend in March of 1997, it gives the detailed accounts of several children/teenagers and their own problems, their own distorted realities - and a surprising end. "Camp Resurrection" is a place of strict discipline - and the wrong kind for most of the children. Some of the kids band together to find a way to survive this place that's supposed to heal them of what's wrong with them. I've heard if you liked this movie you should see "Kids" but it's very hard for me to find in video stores.
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ivyfairy2330 May 2004
The best cast of young stars in the history film. I was blown away by the acting, plot, and cinematography. This movie tells the truth about what is it like to be a teenager. It tackles every issue of todays youth. Each star is vibrant, brilliant, and stunning. I had seen each one of these actors long ago, and was impressed by them. I'd hope they would have another good break, and I think that this is a hell of a breakthrough. I was floored by Tyrone Tann's work of art, and acting. I'd have to say that Social Misfits is my favorite movie! Brilliant, powerful, provocative, and real. Two thumbs way,way up!!!!!!!!!!!

MOVIE LINE: "Camp Ressurection existed, but only in my mind!"
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Odd and bluntly insightful...
innocentimmortal5 August 2003
Even if it was rented for the shallow reason of seeing a former newsie, Social Misfits is almost hysterically funny in it's blunt stereotypes and prejudice. White supremacist brothers in their swastika and confederate flag shirts, one black man convinced the white man is bringing him down, two Hispanic guys just randomly spitting up wise-cracks, one drug dealer, one suicidal kid from an abusive home, and then of course there are the random quirks such as the pyro, the nympho, the klepto, and the girl who thinks she can fly. Sob stories abound that one may find in a psychology textbook that would link to problematic children; hence Camp Resurrection in this film. It's tough love for walking, talking stereotypes. You may cringe at the Hispanic and black stereotypes, laugh at the pyro and her "attention-seeking" ways. Textbook cases and a former newsie... I was amused, and the movie should be seen solely for the ending alone. Granted, if you didn't enjoy the ending to the Attic Expeditions (with Seth Green- another amusing and utterly pointless movie to watch when feeling brain dead) then you won't enjoy the ending to this flick.

Not quite utterly pointless, but it was an after-school special with a lot of four-letter words. It was more to the point than School House Rock ("We just need attention!"), but it had its moments. The nifty camera work and added er... effects (I guess one would call them) during the sob stories was worth it.

Overall, it's a flick to see once, and maybe only once just to say you've seen it. It certainly won't be the greatest thing you've ever seen, and it won't rank up there on characterization quite like Malcom X or American History X with the racism, but it's worth a chance. Look for the good in the bad, the little moments that make the movie worth seeing.
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The idea was great!
annameghan22 December 2002
I had come across this movie in search of actors from the Newsies musical. This movie had a great concept. If it had been a book, it would for sure be a best seller. The actors in the film left little to be desired. Most were what appeared to be over-acting. It was hard to believe the actors. I put that aside and followed the movie. The end was very very good. I love a twist. For the most part I did really like this movie.
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interesting, ok acting
sub438486613 September 2002
I rented this movie soley for the purpose of checking out Gabriel Damon. I enjoyed the movie. it has an interesting premis, and good character development, however i would have prefered if it could have been done without so many monologues. as and actor and as a viewer i have never liked monologues. A few of the actors were gave really good performances, but a few didn't.
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Hmmm...nice try...
naomer15 March 2002
Whenever I watch movies, I tend to try to seek out those independent, maybe low budget type films because sometimes they are some of the best. In "Social Misfits", I admit that the plot was kind of cheesy, but that type of thing never makes me not want to watch. Most movies get much more credit than what's written or pictured on the box.

I also admit that this movie didn't have the best actors in it and many lines used were way too cliche and stereotypical for use in the year 2000, but I kind of liked the movie. Almost any attempt at a coming of age movie appeals to me. I am not so critical when I watch and I can overlook over-acted lines, mediocre acting and just straight up cheesiness in general.

As always, this movie had a good point. It may not have been displayed as well as it could have been if they could have afforded to hire better actors, but it's the lesson to be learned which was important, and I liked what they had to say. The ending was kind of surprising to me also to be honest.

If you can overlook the fact that this movie is very low budget and kind of cheesy but you can look up to the fact that someone got their work on screen despite not having the money, then I suggest checking out this movie.
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See it for Charlie, and Elisabeth, but thats the only reason.
doblerman12275 March 2002
"Social Misfits" is one of the messiest, preachiest, most mediocre acted films I have ever seen, and the writing isn't pretty either, it was just so all out of place, for something that had so much potential, I saw it just for Charlie Talbert, who broke out in "Angus", and hasn't really been heard from since, I'm just sorry, this had to be the next starring role for him, well, not really starring, he was given so little to work with, the only other reason to see it is for Elizabeth Huett, in a truly exceptional performance, but the lead character seems to be there for no other reason than to be like the referee, or the mediator, and there was NO resolution for the film, it just ended, for no reason, other than, the writers ran out of ideas, I liked this film better when it was called "The Breakfast Club", if you HAVE to see this, see it for the reasons above, other than that, stay away.
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JimBob-268 February 2002
Life is short. You only have so much time on this earth. So don't waste 90 minutes of your precious life, watching this HORRIBLE film.

I don't know where to start. The non-stop screaming and ranting. The fact that every character is supposed to be different, yet they're all screaming the same S*** "I hate my parents! I hate you!"

What is this film trying to say?

I wanted to see this for one reason. Charlie Talbert from the movie Angus. I think he's a great actor, and he gives a decent performance, given what he's got to work with. Still not even close to his performance in Angus, still it's interesting to see him older.

Elizabeth Huett, the little girl who believe she can fly, was good as well. She stood out among the surrounding S***. But then you have to ask "What is a 9 year old girl doing locked in a cell with a bunch of 18 year old crackheads?"

I bought this for 1.99 at Hollywood Video. Needless to say, it will never enter my VCR again.
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