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Chicago Tribune
The movie delivers on its own terms. It may emerge a bit bruised and tattered around the edges, but its ever-beating heart provides the ultimate Proof of Life.
Baltimore Sun
Fortunately, this film doesn't have to depend on off-screen dalliances to prove its worth.
Mr. Showbiz
Proof of Life won't hold your heart hostage for very long after it's over, but here's looking at Russell Crowe -- he's the real deal, sweetheart.
USA Today
It's never enough of a grabber to keep the mind from wandering to the romance it apparently sparked.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Whatever romantic tension the film has is communicated in the coiled-spring performance by Crowe, one of the most remarkable actors working.
New York Daily News
The romantic subtext of their characters' relationship is the film's chief liability, and feels forced and undeveloped.
Chicago Sun-Times
I was interested all through the movie--interested, but not riveted. I cared, but not quite enough.
New York Post
Disappointingly routine kidnapping thriller with soap-opera trimmings.
Entertainment Weekly
When it's dull, which it is too often for a kidnap caper, this movie is about a woman chirping ''notice anything new about my outfit?'' to a man whose idea of style is a jacket not crusted in human blood.
Rolling Stone
Slim pickings.
San Francisco Chronicle
A hostage drama that oscillates between soap opera and action flick.

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