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A handmade dream, cobbled together from dirt, wood and more imagination than most of us can muster in our most fevered states. Because this Czech master refuses to work in the scrubbed, antiseptic manner of most animators, this fable comes to life as hilarious and creepy.
L.A. Weekly
Magnificently twisted black comedy.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Rife with dark humor, Little Otik presents a cautionary variation of the creation myth, and a warning that tampering with the natural order of things may not be such a wise idea.
New York Post
Subversively funny, it's a welcome alternative to the big-budget movies flooding into theaters at this time of year.
Little Otik is too outre not to turn off some, but for those who can go the increasingly macabre distance, its sheer power to confound can be enthralling.
Wickedly funny, deeply disturbing, live-action retelling of an old Czech folktale.
Austin Chronicle
Should be required viewing for prospective parents still sitting on the spermatazoan fence; after all, you're going to need a good sense of humor, aren't you?
San Francisco Chronicle
At 80 minutes, this might have been a delight. At more than two hours, it's so much of a good thing that it starts to become a bad thing.
New York Daily News
Must be the smartest -- and most disturbing -- movie about parenthood in ages.
The film does drag, particularly toward the end as the conclusion becomes increasingly obvious and too slow to arrive. For the most part, though, getting there is a wild and fascinating ride.

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