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Overlooked and Hilarious!
TheCinemassacre20 October 2005
Coming from a fan of "Mystery Science Theater" and B-movies like "Plan 9 From Outer Space", I have to say "King Kung Fu" is one to see if you're in the right mood.

If you think the idea of a guy running around in a cheap gorilla costume beating people up sounds funny, then you're on the right track.

It certainly has its moments that made me laugh my ass off.

Why include a John Wayne impersonator, I have no idea, but it's hilarious! He's my favorite character and his impression is spot on, yet hysterically bad at the same time.

It's not a high class movie by any means. It's slapstick humor. I've seen it criticzed for its cheap gorilla suit and bad acting. It seems some reviews actually take it seriously and don't realize it's a comedy.

But the jokes range from clever like "I'm the karater and he's the karate" to just plain dumb "I gotta make like a banana and split." But when the jokes are bad, they're funny BECAUSE they're so bad. And that's what to expect from a movie like this.

If you like cheesy, out of control, "So bad it's good" movies, then give it a watch and you're sure to have a few good laughs.

Also See: John Landis' "SCHLOCK". Also, with a monkey running around.
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A "G" rated film suitable for everyone. A family comedy.
As the producer of King Kung Fu, I marvel at the comments about this being "Worst Film Ever". For the correct information, please know that KKF actually played in 11 theaters around the country. Also while standing in the lobby of two theaters the audience laughed their tails off during the film. They then commented that it was "corny". It has been sold to Japan, Taiwan, and Poland. It was shot on 43 locations and has over 40 speaking parts. It was shot in SimianScope. King Kung Fu is the unforgettable story of a Chinese gorilla who knows Karate. After beating up his master (a Kung Fu Master)he is shipped to the U.S. as a gift by the embarrassed master. On the way to New York, he is put on display in Wichita, Kansas where two out of work reporters set him free with plans to "capture" him and get jobs. Police Captain J.W. Duke,(who resembles a certain Western Movie star)and his first officer Pilgrim, get involved in the city wide chase along with Rae Fey and a host of others. The gorilla and the girl end up on top of the tallest building in Wichita, a Holiday Inn. It is full of clichés, spoofs, and a cast of truly memorable characters for a lot of viewing fun. If you laugh at the opening titles when it says "Filmed in SimianScope" then you'll laugh all the way thru the movie. We started in 1974 and released the movie in 1987. (ran out of money several times)If you can accept the fact that it is a guy in a gorilla suit (who by the way does not talk) you can enjoy the film. (a stream of consciousness voice does not mean the gorilla talks). Hey, it's a G rated movie. It was one of two released in 1987. The other one was a Benjie Movie. Take a chance. Bob Walterscheid
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What on Earth did you expect?
RabidNerd17 October 2009
It blows my mind how people can generally slate movies like this...

If you rent or buy a movie with the title "King Kung Fu" that should be a good implication that this movie shouldn't be taken seriously.

I mean, you're going to watch a film about a Gorilla who knows Kung Fu, you should know by now that it's hardly gonna be Oscar nominated material.

Films like these should be praised not knocked. It's a no nonsense approach to the consumer, it lets you know exactly what the films about straight from the title.

This is one of those films that.. say you're lying in bed, late at night, watching TV, channel flicking and you came across this movie, you'd sit though it and maybe fall for its charms of being absolutely daft.

Believe me, I've seen a lot worse than "King Kung Fu" and would pick this movie ahead of some of the over budgeted movies we see today and have in recent years.

If it wasn't for films like "King Kung Fu" our memory's of B-movie nostalgia would not exist.


Long Live Nostalgia!
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slayer54021 July 2009
This movie was made 33 years ago so it was not going to have great visuals like what we are used to today in more modern movies. The film has its funny moments but most of its just so slapstick that its not funny. Its hard to describe the humor of the film. Over acting is one of the funniest things to watch over and over again. B-movies sometimes are funny and this one is one of those types of films. There are lots of other factors that contribute to the film be watchable but it is something that you have to be in the mood to watch. I'm not sure if King Kong Fu was supposed to a comedy or a action flick. Its an odd combination of about three different movie genres.
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Death, destruction and despair II
eminges19 May 2001
I revisited my comments here for the first time in years, and was horrified to see that I'd misidentified it as the bad local film they used to show at the Drama Department picnic. Absolutely wrong--that was ANOTHER Wichita POS made for local TV called something like Creature From Beyond Time or similar. The Creature was Tom Leahy, the only remotely amusing actor in King Kung Fu.

I apologize to anyone who was harmed, offended, or left the profession because of my thoughtless remarks.

Otherwise, the rest stands. Bob Walterscheid said it best in his comments herein:

'If you laugh at the opening titles when it says "Filmed in SimianScope" then you'll laugh all the way thru the movie.'

Exactly. Couldn't have said it better.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Original comments:

In my decades-long hunt for the World's Worst Movie, I'm finding that there's distinct categories of Worst. There's sincere-but-lame Worst (Night of Horror), totally-inept Worst (Rat Pfink), crass-exploitation Worst (The Acid Eaters), and so on. There just isn't one standard of Worst that'll put Manos, Blood Feast, and Showgirls on the same rating scale.

King Kung Fu is the World's Worst Movie in the category, "Wichita, Kansas, In-Joke Films Made by Local Commercial Production Companies and Never Released Theatrically." All I can figure is that Bob Walterscheid, the person responsible, saw what fellow Kansas commercial producer Herk Harvey had accomplished with Carnival of Souls up in Lawrence a few years earlier, and decided to try and make his own feature-length film, and in color, yet.

To paraphrase Monster a Go Go, "It was mutilated in a horrible way no one had ever seen before."

The only public showing of this - "film" - I can document was as a running joke at the annual Drama Department picnic at Wichita State University, where you could hoot and point out everyone you recognized. Otherwise, even if you're as dedicated as I am in the hunt for the World's Worst, or, alternatively, even if you're a blood relative of one of the participants, trust me - you DON'T WANT TO KNOW. LET IT GO. PUT THE TAPE DOWN AND BACK SLOWLY AWAY. KING KUNG FU WILL SUCK THE AIR FROM YOUR LUNGS. IF THEY SHOWED THIS MOVIE ON THE BEACH AT PADRE ISLAND AT THE HEIGHT OF SPRING BREAK EVERYONE WATCHING WOULD IMMEDIATELY TURN INTO WARREN CHRISTOPHER.

I'm not kidding.
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I LOVE this movie.
RandomailProductions12 June 2011
I am a big fan of slapstick comedy's. And after seeing Cinemassacres review on, I couldn't resist. The only thing I don't like is the filler. Just cut to the dang gorilla already! And at the end when they are on the building, I love the crappy stop motion effects. And the one liners are great! This is probably one of the best movie ever made. There is no other movie like this, sadly enough. It kinda reminds me of that movie that was playing on the TV in the movie "Troll 2". I think that that movie was called "Grunt", but anyway, King kung fu is A+ entertainment, that I could watch for hours. I recommend it all the way.
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Harmlessly Goofy
DarthBill19 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Plot: When a gorilla trained in Kung Fu is sent to America, a bumbling wannabe reporter and his sidekick hatch a scheme to cash in on the one of a kind specimen. Naturally, things go wrong and all sorts of crazy shenanigans ensue once King Kung Fu himself escapes.

Not exactly a masterpiece and could have used better pacing, but on the whole a surprisingly funny one night romp poking fun at the bloated 1976 "King Kong" remake - with naturally a Fay Ray shout out joke thrown in for good measure - along with the big martial arts craze of the 70s.

My favorite scene - probably King Kung Fu fighting the baseball team.
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Kong Fu...
poe4262 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A successful send-up can be hilarious. See THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS, or KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, or TOP SECRET!, or TROPIC THUNDER, or any one of a score of such films. But don't confuse these movies with movies like THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA or ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES or SIX STRING SAMURAI or SCHLOCK or that ilk. KING KUNG FU, which probably should've been titled KONG FU, is a resounding failure. Forget the Caucasian playing the Asian or the acting that's so bad you can't help but cringe as you watch it or the total lack of coherence; this movie, shot, apparently, in Witchita, Kansas, and shelved for the better part of a decade, boasts but a single saving grace: some stop-motion sequences near the end. THESE, apparently, are the scenes shot in "Simianscope." Better than MIGHTY PEKING MAN, maybe, but still not a movie to recommend. If you DO decide to rent it, let the chimps fall where they may. By the way: is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
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where has this movie been?
xens_pineapple19 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw "Cinemassacre" review of this movie, I just thought, 'hey what the heck'. I'm fan of slap-stick, and I like to own some horrible "B" movies, plus I'm a huge fan of MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000).

Well after watching this movie, what can I say?

"Old Hags" is obviously over the top and an extreme attempt at humor. The dialog of the two instigator free-lance film duo is obviously over done, but only adds to the horrendous (and by token, great) screen play.

The crowd's enthusiasm at the unveiling is just over done boredom and actually would probably represent how most feel when they ride the "King Kong" ride at universal.. so I laughed a lot relating it. And let's not even mention the "Mickey Mouse" camera, when there was a large, better one right next to it (gotta love 70's large bulb cameras!)

It never has to be explained how a jobless man who suddenly gets a low-paying camera job can afford all of the equipment he uses to bust out the ape, then you realize it was all a fantasy and you roll your eyes.

The police chief is a terrible John Wayne impersonator, and it's never explained how the ape manage to find the main chick of the flick (to put it humorously)using the phone book; how would he know what a phone book is?

The high-speed chase in the volts wagon is anti-climactic and the stop-motion animation is very cheesy during the helicopter scene. But overall, it's a terrible "B" movie, so enjoy it for what it's supposed to be.
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Very funny and entertaining!! A silly comedy!!
smjblessing10 July 2010
It seems as though a lot of people mistake this film for actually trying to be genuine and serious. What is probably one of the most silliest films ever made has been forgotten and labeled as a horrible is a funny and highly entertaining film suitable for anyone with a good sense of humor.

King Kung Fu is the lovable story of a gorilla (man in a costume) who knows Kung Fu. After beating up his master he is sent to the US from China as a publicity stunt. On his way to New York he is put on display in Witchita Kansas where two out of work reporters set him free to get a story on him. Filled with funny spoofs, clichés, and downright silly moments and parodies, King Kung Fu is the best!

Even those who like this film still say it's cheesy. I don't think cheesy is the right word. But whatever you call it, I'm pretty sure it was meant to be by the original script writers for the DVD box describes it as a parody and spoof. It's supposed to be that!! And when you watch this your not supposed to be serious about it. Let your sense of humor come in and control you for that 95 minutes and I guarantee you will go bananas for this film!! My favorite character has to be the Sheriff, who for some funny reason does an exaggerated impersonation of John Wayne. When I watch this guy talk I cannot keep a straight face, he is so funny!! For you who like funny light comedies and Kung Fu gorillas, this film is a must see!!
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