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What a droll commentator on everyday events Benchley was
Paularoc31 August 2012
I luckily caught this short on TCM as I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Benchley's observations. Benchley goes to a pet store and acquires new puppies; the focus of the rest of the story is on a Scottie. He tries to teach the Scotie to roll over and ends up rolling over himself much to the amusement, he says, to the puppy. The best bit is when he tells the audience not to drink alcohol when training because under the influence a trainer is apt to get too optimistic and is apt to think he has trained the dog better than he has. There's then an animation sequence of a well trained dog. The whole short is amusing and a reminder when funny didn't have to be vulgar. It was also an interesting short for featuring a Scottie, for I remember a time - long ago - when Scotties were very popular. Haven't seen a Scottie in years but they sure were cute dogs.
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One of Bob Benchley's best shorts;All should be gathered into one video before they're lost.
histfire14 July 2000
Bob Benchley's short films are some of the funniest ever made. Turner Classic Movies has played a few of them including How to Train a Dog, which I have on tape. The kids all love it, and I'm sure that if someone put a complete video together of all these wonderful shorts before they are lost, it would provide many hours of fun and an appreciation of one of America's true funny men.
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Cute but Not Funny
Michael_Elliott10 December 2010
How to Train Your Dog (1936)

** (out of 4)

Another entry in Robert Benchley's "How to..." series with this one, as the title says, teaching you how to train a dog. We see Benchley go into a pet shop where we're told what not to do when picking out a new pet. We then see him take several home where we learn how to make sure they know who makes the rules as well as them knowing what not to eat. These Benchley shorts are always very hit and miss but this one here is somewhere in the middle. I'd call the film a miss because it simply doesn't contain any laughs but at the same time it's rather cute and somewhat charming so on this level you could call it a hit. I think the biggest problem is that Benchley's style of humor is going to be lost on many people and I'm one of them. I think this film has several cute scenes including Benchley coming home drunk, finding his room destroyed but one of his dogs decides to keep him company. This scene works as does another where Benchley leaves his breakfast out and his dog decides to take a bite.
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Not my favorite Benchley short but worth a look
utgard1415 September 2017
Another MGM "How To" comedy short starring Robert Benchley. In this one Benchley amusingly discusses buying and training dogs. Cute stuff but not one of Benchley's best. There really weren't any laugh-out-loud funny moments. Still, these old shorts are fun and have a lot of "window into the past" moments that I enjoy.
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