Ghosts of Mars (2001) Poster

Plot Keywords

martian mining
future police
ghost nipples visible through clothing
brawl fistfight
hand to hand combat mixed martial arts
showdown outer space
flashback within a flashback leg wound
told in flashback thrown from a train
throat slitting survival
stabbed to death stabbed in the chest
slaughter shotgun
shot to death shot in the head
shot in the chest shot in the back
shootout severed finger
seduction robbery
punched in the face punch into the camera
police station police station attack
police officer killed pistol
outnumbered nuclear reactor
massacre machine gun
loss of brother locked in a closet
knocked out impalement
hung upside down hot air balloon
hit with a rifle butt held at gunpoint
head on a stake handcuffed woman
grenade gash in the face
gang flashback
finger cut off fight to the death
explosion exploding body
dumb criminal deception
cut arm corpse
climbing up a wall brother brother relationship
breaking through a door box office flop
blood spatter beaten to death
battering ram 22nd century
rock music score electronic music score
female dominated society uniform
policewoman killing martial arts
cult director anti hero
space western severed face
train futuristic train
ghost town miner
lesbian nuclear
blood archeologist
matriarchal society gunfight
drugs knife
death severed arm
person on fire decapitation
self mutilation atomic bomb
alien organism cavern
drunkenness mountain
gore hallucination
terraforming mars the planet
murder suicide
gun king
jail possession
music score composed by director stabbing
insanity dismemberment
zombie fight
severed head violence
death of friend

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