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Boston Globe
In this engaging, understated comedy, it is the journey and not the destination that matters.
Mr. Showbiz
Optimistically explores how vastly different people can come together, and how any journey is more about what happens along the way than simply getting from one place to another.
It's a distinctly French feeling -- an air of caprice and light expectations -- and a perfect prologue to a delightful film.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Poignant, funny and clear-eyed about some tough topics: homophobia, racism, AIDS.
Miami Herald
Although the movie never so much as flirts with melodrama, there is still a bittersweet undercurrent.
Sectioned neatly into chapters with titles like "Mon petit frere" and "Ma mere," the film is perhaps a little too rigid, even by the conventions of road movies.
New York Daily News
Perhaps simply discovering a film so dedicated to a different perspective is adventure enough.
New York Post
Sweet, funny, well-acted and nicely shot on locations in the south of France -- but on the dull side overall.
Austin Chronicle
Yes, this is the stuff of fiction, where individuals can drift in and out of another's life and make extraordinary, unbelievable things happen.
Portland Oregonian
Understated fun, but not much more.

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