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Dark Heritage: the Hp Lovecraft adaptation you’ve probably never seen

We take a closer look at Dark Heritage, an unofficial adaptation of Lovecraft’s The Lurking Fear, to find out what forbidden delights this 1989 film has to offer…

Of the film adaptations of the influential, perennially popular horror writer Hp Lovecraft, there are no doubt some you’ve seen and fondly remember. Stuart Gordon’s anarchic Re-Animator and From Beyond no doubt fall into this category. Then there’s Guillermo Del Toro’s At The Mountains Of Madness, which falls into the rarefied category of Lovecraft films we’d love to see but probably never will. Standing apart from all of those movies, there’s Dark Heritage: The Final Descendant – a Lovecraft adaptation you might not have seen, and probably shouldn’t.

Your humble writer’s discovery of this largely forgotten oddity is itself like something from a Lovecraft story. While tidying up a dusty shelf of old bric-a-brac in the spare room,
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