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WWE SmackDown Live Review 28/11/17 – Tag Team Split, New Women’s Faction Gets a Name, Further Friction Between Shane and Daniel Bryan

Liam Hoofe reviews this week’s edition of SmackDown Live…

This week’s SmackDown once again opened with Shane McMahon in the centre of the ring. Shane was out to address the events of last week, which saw Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens pick up a victory over The New Day in a lumberjack match. Shane talks about how the match was Daniel Bryan’s idea, and that while it was great on paper, it failed in practice. He then invited Bryan out to the ring.

Bryan says that as someone who has been fired a few times himself, he believes in second chances and that Shane needs to stop letting his temper get the better of him. He says that firing Owens and Zayn would be a stupid move and that the duo would just jump ship to Raw. Shane says this would be fine as they would then become Stephanie’s problem.
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WWE SmackDown Live Review 21/11/17 – Survivor Series Fallout, Surprise Debuts, Main Event for Clash of Champions

Liam Hoofe reviews this week’s WWE SmackDown Live

Like Raw, this week’s SmackDown started with a McMahon in the ring. Shane was out to address his team’s defeat at Survivor Series and from a storyline perspective, to move everything forward following the show. Shane cuts a fairly standard promo where, instead of really seeming bothered by the loss, he expressed his pride in his brand’s performance on the show and claims that SmackDown is the best brand. It’s slightly odd that he takes this approach, considering the whole idea of Survivor Series was to prove who was the better show, and SmackDown lost, but whatever. Shane calls out Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and runs them down. Owens and Zayn, as usual, were great here and Zayn has improved so much as a character since his heel turn. Shane is about to fire the duo
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Ronda Rousey Tag Teams With 6-Year-Old Fan to Adorably Beat Up Security Guard

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_kl32w5nb"]] Ronda Rousey has a brand new tag team partner -- a 6-year-old girl -- and together they get some adorably violent revenge on a wrestling event security guard!!!   Here's the deal ... Rousey was in the crowd at the WWE SmackDown Live in Vegas on Tuesday when she was spotted by a 6-year-old fan who wanted a photo.  An arena security guard stopped the girl from getting to Ronda (basically, he did his job) -- but
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John Cena Spends 30 Minutes Shaving His Entire Body Every Single Day: "I'm Man-Scaped From Head to Toe"

John Cena isn’t what you’d consider low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. In fact,the recently-engaged WWE superstar takes it so seriously that he dedicates a considerable chunk of time to it everyday.

“I’m completely man-scaped from head to toe — from the ears down — so that takes a bit of time,” the wrestler and actor tells PeopleStyle in a new interview, adding that he spends 30 minutes to an hour a day shaving. “I’m constantly trying to stay up on fine lines in my skin and that stuff, so I’m a lot more grooming-centric than you would realize.
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Daniel Bryan Talks Paternity Leave and Returning to the WWE: 'We're Both Home to Raise This Baby'

Daniel Bryan Talks Paternity Leave and Returning to the WWE: 'We're Both Home to Raise This Baby'
Daniel Bryan is loving his paternity leave! The WWE SmackDown Live General Manager, 36, welcomed his first child, Birdie, with his wife, Brie Bella, in early May, and has been enjoying family time ever since.

More: Brie Bella Celebrates Daughter Birdie's First Month: 'She's Been So Good to Me'

In a new interview with Sports Illustrated, Bryan opened up about life since baby Birdie.

"My wife and I are very blessed. I am very grateful for the life that we lead,
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Mauro Ranallo Out As WWE Smackdown Live Announcer

Newsweek is reporting that Mauro Ranallo, announcer for WWE Smackdown Live as well as boxing and Mma organizations, has left the company. Last seen on WWE television on March 7th, speculation has run high as to the reason why Mauro had been off the air. Some speculated it was due to his bi-polar disorder, which Mauro has been open about. Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, one of the preeminent wrestling news organizations in the country, has been adamant since the story broke that the reason for Mauro leaving was due to bullying from Jbl. Citing the March 13 episode of Bring It To The Table, starring Peter Rosenberg, he cites that Jbl's verbal jabs at Mauro for winning the Best Announcer Award from the Wrestling Observer were cause for Mauro to leave. Mauro had this to say to Newsweek about his departure.

WWE and I have mutually agreed to part ways.
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Christian Bale Comments On His Interest In Future Superhero Roles

Collider recently spoke with Christian Bale about the opening of his new movie, The Promise. Among the topics discussed for the interview, one question that came up was Bale's interest in working in a Marvel movie. His answer may surprise you.

No, I’m not interested in doing that. I’ve never seen — I’m trying to think if that’s correct, I think I’m actually correct, I can’t remember a single superhero film that I’ve ever watched. Apart from the ones I made and like, the Christopher Reeve Superman films.

Interesting comments from someone that defined superhero for an entire generation of movie fans. Yet I think they speak to his skill as an actor as well. Going into the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, a long time fan may have preconceived notions as to how to play the character. Bale went into the movies with his own ideas,
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WWE remove Jbl signs at Smackdown, Finn Balor injured on Raw | WrestleTalk News

Oli Davis rounds up the biggest professional wrestling news in his daily WrestleTalk column…

It’s Ok everyone! The Face That Runs the Place, the former Champ that Runs The Camp, The Phenomenal One That…Don’t Want None Aj Styles is staying on Smackdown Live!

Reports that Styles would go to Raw, in exchange for Roman Reigns to Smackdown, date back to late last year, with a WWE game preview showing The Phenomenal One’s silhouette as drafted to Raw up until the weekend. Wrestling News World are reporting the Aj trade was switched for Bray Wyatt in “a last minute change.”

Instead, we ended up with Styles on the same brand as Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. I think Vince McMahon has gotten hold of my fantasy non-WWE roster from 2012.

Joining Owens and Zayn on the blue brand are The Shining Stars Primo and Epico,
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Movie Review – The Marine 5: Battleground (2017)

The Marine 5: Battleground, 2017.

Directed by James Nunn.

Starring Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin, Bo Dallas, Anna Van Hooft, Nathan Mitchell, Naomi, Heath Slater, Sandy Robson, Curtis Axel, and Maryse Mizanin.


While working as an Emt back stateside Jake Carter after responding to a distress call, finds himself caught up protecting a person of interest from a biker gang ruthlessly hunting them down.

Bikers, street thugs, and Marines… *in Michael Cole voice* Ohhhhhhh Myyyyy!!!

To say I love The Marine franchise would be a bigger bullshit lie than Michael Cole professing that he “Loooooooves Final Fantasy” at this past Sunday’s WrestleMania 33. The truth is, these movies are sleep inducing and the complete opposite of exciting, but The Marine 5: Battleground actually isn’t too terrible. It’s certainly not a good movie, but there are aspects to admire.

Directed by James Nunn (not to be confused with James Gunn
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Wizard World Portland Comic Con This Weekend

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Oregon Convention Center, the Wizard World Comic Con will take place and Lrm will be there to cover the proceedings. With guests such as Nicelle Nichols from Star Trek, John Barrowman from Arrow and Doctor Who, Aj Styles and Becky Lynch from WWE Smackdown Live!, and others, the event is sure to excite fans of pop culture in the Portland area. 

One event I am looking forward to is a special showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with original cast member Barry Bostwick in attendance. There will also be costumes from the movie there for viewing as well.  

So come to Wizard World Portland Comic Con this weekend and partake in the festivities. If you happen to see me around, feel free to say hi and your picture may just end up in an article covering the event.
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WWE Smackdown Live!! Reaction 2/14/2017

Another Valentine’s Day is over for another year and what better way to celebrate the holiday than by talking about professional wrestling. WWE SmackDown Live! is over for another week. Coming out of the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, how did the Blue Brand of the WWE stack up this week?

I enjoyed the match between Becky Lynch and Mickie James. This was the match these two should have had on the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View. The match these two had just two days later had more impact because one, the action in the ring was solid from bell to bell and two, the right person ended up winning the match. In order for people to take Mickie James seriously for her return, she has to get some wins over credible opponents. This match against Becky Lynch was great to showcase Mickie being a ruthless villain. If they are going
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WWE Smackdown Live! Reaction 1/24/2017

WWE Smackdown Live! is in the books for the week. The Blue Brand of the WWE wrapped up their go home show, preparing for the Royal Rumble. How did the show do this week?

To start, I really enjoyed the verbal exchange between John Cena and Aj Styles. What I loved about it was some of the unspoken subtext Cena sprinkled through into the mix. If you listen to the promos that both men gave, on paper you’d be hard pressed to find an excuse for why Cena is being presented as anything but a bad guy. Whether it be a build up to an actual heel turn or more likely, microphone work that is being used to manipulate fans like myself into reading more into a feud than is actually there, Cena is walking a fine line between a confident good guy and someone who is just a plain,
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WWE Smackdown Live! Reaction 1/3/2017

WWE Smackdown Live! emanated from Jacksonville, Florida tonight. The show saw the contract signing between Aj Styles and John Cena for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. We saw Natalya give a rather horrendous promo in the ring which resulted in Nikki Bella slugging her. And we ended the show with The Miz vs Dean Ambrose facing off for the Intercontinental Championship.

I can’t say enough about the final match. While it won’t go down as a modern day Flair vs Steamboat, Ambrose and The Miz played their parts beautifully. The Miz in particular has really grown as a heel this past year, getting much better in the ring as well as on the mic. To me, it seems like he’s finally found just what it takes to get under people’s skin in the right way. In a lot of ways he’s emulating the
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USA Network Tops Ad-Supported Cable for Record 11th Straight Year

  • The Wrap
USA Network Tops Ad-Supported Cable for Record 11th Straight Year
At least 2016 has been a good 12 months for someone. USA is on track to top ad-supported cable entertainment networks for an 11th consecutive year — that’s a new Nielsen record for any channel. (Of course, last year’s decade-long claim was the reigning record.) “Colony,” “Queen of the South,” “Shooter,” “Mr. Robot,” “Suits,” “Chrisley Knows Best” “WWE Monday Night Raw” and “WWE SmackDown Live” led the way, delivering an average of 1.68 million total viewers every Monday-Sunday throughout the year. “We are so proud to end 2016 at No. 1 for the 11th straight year,” said Chris McCumber, president, entertainment networks for...
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WWE Smackdown 09/20/16 Review – John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose, The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship and more

Shaun Eddleston reviews the September 20th edition of WWE Smackdown Live!…

This week’s Smackdown promised a strong lineup of matches that would set up for the upcoming No Mercy PPV rather nicely, with an Ic title match between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler, American Alpha seeking retribution against The Usos for their heinous attack a couple of weeks ago and a main event that would see John Cena face off against Dean Ambrose.

Contract signing: Becky Lynch & Alexa Bliss

Daniel Bryan introduced Becky Lynch to the WWE Universe for the contract signing between her and Alexa Bliss. Bliss claimed Lynch was not born to be a champion; she was a lovable loser. Lynch responded that she was not born to be a champion, but she proved all doubters wrong and became one anyway. Bliss countered, promising to expose Lynch for what she really is: a one-hit wonder. She blasted her with the contract holder,
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Alexa Bliss to face Becky Lynch for the Women’s Championship at WWE No Mercy

On last night’s WWE Smackdown Live, a new number one contender was crowned when Alexa Bliss won a five-pack challenge to face Becky Lynch for the Women’s Championship.

The match also featured Nikki Bella, Carmella, Natalaya and Naomi, with Bliss scoring the pinfall on Bella. Carmella had the match won after a superkick, but Bliss threw The Princess of Staten Island out of the ring to steal the pinfall. It’s a big win for Bliss, who was called up to the main roster as part of the Brand Split a few months ago.

Both Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella sported their DC cosplays from Backlash last Sunday.

See Also: Nikki Bella and Alexa Bliss cosplay as Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn at WWE Backlash

Bliss will now face the current WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch at the next Smackdown exclusive PPV No Mercy, which
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Syfy picks up 'Friday Night Smackdown'

There's nothing more sci-fi than ... competitive wrestling.

Syfy has announced a multiyear agreement bringing World Wrestling Entertainment's "Friday Night SmackDown" to the network starting in October. The move will shift the network's longtime Friday night drama series block to Tuesday nights.

It's just the network's latest step away from its sci-fi roots, a transition that began in earnest last year with the rebranding of the channel to Syfy.

"WWE is the ultimate in imagination-based sports entertainment," Syfy programming president Dave Howe said. "The fantastical thrills of 'Friday Night SmackDown' provide an ideal addition to the Syfy slate, as it targets the younger male and female demographics, which are the fastest-growing categories for WWE."

Adding wresting to the network's Tuesday nights should help its series "Caprica" and "Stargate: Universe" reach a larger audience, he said.

The "SmackDown" franchise helped bolster lineups at the CW and MyNetworkTV. The series averages about 3.4 million
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CW announces fall lineup

CW viewers will see a pretty familiar schedule next season.

The network is leaving Monday and Thursday nights intact, while adding only three new series to its weeknight schedule: the Beverly Hills, 90210 spinoff, dubbed 90210; drama Surviving the Filthy Rich (formerly How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls); and reality show Stylista.

Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill will keep their Monday perches at 8 and 9 p.m., respectively, while Smallville will continue to lead in to Supernatural on Thursday nights.

Tuesday night will feature the all-new lineup of 90210 at 8 p.m., leading into Filthy Rich. On Wednesdays, Ameica's Next Top Model is staying put at 8 p.m., followed by Stylista, a reality show from the creators of Model and Project Runway that will feature contestants competing for an editorial job with Elle magazine.

Comedies Everybody Hates Chris and The Game will relocate from Sundays to Fridays, filling part of the void that will be left after SmackDown's move to MyNetworkTV. The comedies will air from 8-9 p.m., followed by a repeat of Model. The move is being called a "counterprogramming makeover" by the CW, which pointed out that it will offer the "only comedy option" of the night.

MyNetworkTV to air 'WWE SmackDown'

MyNetworkTV to air 'WWE SmackDown'
News Corp.'s MyNetworkTV will be the new home of World Wrestling Entertainment's WWE SmackDown starting in the fall after the sports entertainment powerhouse's show ends its run on the CW Network.

Industry observers have in recent weeks increasingly expected a deal with MyNet, but WWE management had said as recently as two weeks ago that various networks were in the running. The two parties made things official Tuesday morning.

"This is a big, bold franchise with huge awareness in the marketplace," MyNet president Greg Meidel said, noting that the deal came together quickly. "The brand is recognized by both men and women (in the key demos of) 18-34 and 18-49, so it will give us a huge locomotive to drive our schedule and build it out at a much faster rate."

Meidel said SmackDown will remain a two-hour program, airing on Thursday or Friday night. That means the series will displace one of the network's two movie nights, which could move to Saturday.

CW, 'SmackDown' part ways

UPDATED 2:10 p.m. PT Friday, Feb. 8

World Wresting Entertainment's "SmackDown" is coming to an end on the CW on Sept. 12.

The companies issued statements late Thursday saying they "have agreed to conclude our partnership," with WWE adding that the CW's exclusive negotiation period ended Jan. 31.

The WWE said negotiations have already begun with other networks but didn't offer specifics. Among the possibilities are NBC Universal, which already is in business with the company through two of its cable channels: USA Network, which airs "WWE Raw", and Sci Fi Channel, which has "ECW".

Viacom's Spike TV also aired "Raw" for five years between its previous and current run on USA.

Another option is News Corp.-owned MyNetworkTV, whose reality-heavy programming slate has many shows targeted more toward males. Many MyNet affiliates also aired "SmackDown" previously when they affiliated with UPN.

Meanwhile, the CW's move effectively will free up two hours on its primetime schedule for other programming. "Smackdown" had been a two-hour block on both the CW and its predecessor, UPN, for the past decade; it currently airs from 8-10 p.m.
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